We Climbed before the Klimb 4 Kim...

We Climbed before the Klimb 4 Kim...
1997's Climb

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Another Beautiful Day

   Sunny, blue skies, 75 degrees...and Kim was as beautiful as the weather!  We got up and cooked a big breakfast for the kids - Kim chopped onions, avacados and tomotoes and I made eggs, toast, hash browns and cut up oranges.  Kim got another great night's sleep and was feeling pretty good as the bambini's wheeled her around the house in her wheelchair so she could help prep breakfast, eat and then go shower.
   Our dryer had stopped drying some time ago...we finally had a guy come look at it, he pulled off the front panel and vacuumed it out.  Then, he disconnected the vent hose from the back and let it run for a few minutes, declaring 'you need to climb up on the roof, take off the vent cap and blow out the lint with a leaf blower...I'm not allowed to go on the roof.  That'll be $90".  I'm in the wrong business.  So, my neighbor Brian and I set about going on the roof to do that today, right after breakfast.  Brian and I pulled out two Fry's bags of lint - he fashioned a de-linter using an electrician's wire fish and I shot the leaf blower in from down below, shooting lint 3' in the air.  This took a good two hours, but the dryer works great!
   By this time, it was nearly time for lunch, and Kim was getting hungry...so we made minestrone soup - she chopped the ingredients with Autumn's help and we cooked it up.  Angie dropped by with a huge jug 'o honey for us - Kim and the kids go through that stuff like water!  Then, Kim headed off to her Lazy Boy for a nap.
  It was such a nice day, so I took the bambini's for a bike ride through the desert - warning Antonio to watch the corner when we leave the pavement and enter the desert...he didn't make it...it looked like a rough landing, but he bounced back up, wiped himself off and declared 'I'm allright, I'm allright'...so off we went.  Cody and Autumn being much faster, Tonio and I get to take in the sights, discuss the birds we see and hope for a coyote sighting...not today.  They had a nice ride.  Cody went straight to Amy and Tom's house when we returned, to play with his friend, Alex.  Alex was playing in a basketball tourney tonight at the Univeristy of Arizona and Amy and Tom invited Cody to go watch.  His other friend, David, was also playing (Andrea and Mario's son). 
   It always seems like we are eating...and it was dinner time - we received another huge box of Omaha steaks, this one from my Aunt Jean and family.  I grilled up some steaks, potatoes and made a salad and we had a feast!  Thanks Aunt Jean!  Kim, Autumn and Tonio headed off to the bedroom to watch some Christmas movies and get settled in.
  We were grateful for another good day for Kim - and thanked God for this blessing.  One more day to wait to hear the results of the blood test and we are looking forward to Kim's chemo treatment on Monday...Kim's already planning what I should pack us for lunch and snacks while she is receiving treatment!  She has remained off oxygen since she was released from the hospital and her lower legs look like they have returned to normal.  Her upper legs are coming down slowly.  They will be re-checked on Wednesday by Dr. Namanny.  And, not to be left out of Dr. appoinments - time for Bella to have a check up with Dr. Burrows - Kim was a vet tech, prior to having Cody and worked with Dr. Burrows at Ventana Animal Hospital - she is an incredible Dr. and we always take our pets to her.  Bella's hoping no shots are involved.
  Thank you again for all that you do!


  1. How awesome!! So glad to hear about these continued great days! You make us all appreciate the little things in life, even more! And I'm particularly glad to hear the dryer is working well again! :)

  2. Good morning all! It sounds like another busy day at the Conca house. Kim your breakfast sounds delicious I wish I was there to enjoy your cooking. Dave, glad to her that you didn't have to get a new dryer and that you were able to clean out the vent before a fire could be started. I make time clean out the dryer and vents every other year. My Friend in CT had a lint fire, destroyed everything.
    I was talking to Tim today and were both were thinking how Antonio reminds us of Morgan when he was little. Morgan was always falling off his bike till about 7th grade. I remember when I use to ride bikes to school with Morgan and they were doing construction on Rita road and 3 times Morgan ran into the Caution signs.(I warned him each time too :-)

    I miss walking in the desert, I use to believe the desert was lifeless until I had moved to Tucson. But everything God creates is beautiful.

    Isaiah 35:1 "The wilderness and the waterless region will exult and the desert plain will be joyful and blossom as the saffron."

    Praying for good news tomorrow!