We Climbed before the Klimb 4 Kim...

We Climbed before the Klimb 4 Kim...
1997's Climb

Friday, March 4, 2011

Soccer in Tucson?

    Ahhhhh yes - Tucson let Spring Training go...and minor league baseball (yes, we are still paying for Tucson Electric Park)...all we have is the U of A - thankfully, they put some great teams out there for us!
    But tonight and tomorrow night, Tucson has MLS soccer, played right at Hi Corbett field! 
            FC Tucson, our new semi-pro team, takes on the NY Red Bulls!  And they were handing out FREE Red Bulls to the crowd!  Good stuff!  The grass looked better than I can ever remember it and the level of play was outstanding.
            Back when I managed Toys R Us's on the east coast, they were a sponsor of the US men's soccer team and we'd get tickets all of the time.  Kim and I saw the U.S. play the U.S.S.R., or what was left of it, at Lehigh University.  We saw the U.S. play Sheffield of the English Premier league at Vet Stadium - stopping off on 9th street for a cheesesteak at Gino's on the way down!  We saw the U.S. play Uruguay, also at the Vet.  They packed the stadiums and the fans were great.
           When I played soccer, Kim would come and watch practices and make it to the games.  One time, as I was running at Nitschmann Junior High School, by myself and just kicking a ball and getting some conditioning in - I saw Kim appear on the top of the hill leading to the school - she surprised me and went out and bought herself a pair of cleats and a soccer ball, to be able to run with me!  So, we used to go down to the soccer field and pass around - she was pretty good!
           I was thinking, as we enjoyed tonight's games (Sporting KC of the MLS, defeated the Arizona Saguaros 6-1 in the first match and the Red Bulls were up 1-0 at the half when we left - we knew we had to get up early tomorrow for Kim's Klimb), that Kim sure would have had a good time out there tonight...the weather was perfect and the soccer was great.
          We started out by getting some good food over at Rubio's!
                                                Lexy and Autumn enjoy rice and fish tacos!
Tonio goes for the taquitos and Cody got the nachos.

               Angie, Andrea, Breanna, Cody, Autumn and Lexy at Hi Corbett field - we had some pretty good seats!!  Courtesy of Sean Smock, GM of the Tucson Toros - thanks Sean!  We had a great view of the field and avoided the bleacher seats.  There were about 5,000 fans in attendance tonight.  The kettle corn was delicious and the kids all had Eegee's.

                    The Arizona Saguaros take on Sporting FC.  Sporting FC's big star is, Omar Bravo (and it was his birthday today, too).  He was the Mexican National team's captain and was one of the best players in the Premera liga in Mexico for Chivas.  Good games, but we had to leave around 9:00, knowing we'd be on the road by 7:15ish for Kimmy's Klimb in the morning!

                  When I picked the bambini's up at school today (well, actually, Autumn stayed home one more day with me...and talked me into watching the Last Song with her - very sad), we got some more good baby news!  Mrs. Rienstra, who Autumn had in 3rd grade, is pregnant too!

          Congrats!  Again, Kimmy would have cried with happiness for the Rienstras and, she's been a great teacher, so we know she'll be an awesome mom!  I warned Mrs. Rienstra she'd be appearing on Kimmy's blog...'In my p.j.'s?'  she asked....well, we have no fashion critics as a part of this blog and, personally, our family are big advocates of p.j.'s - just asked Antonio!  'They are just comfier!' he states.
         So now we have Kim (Angie's youngest daughter), Mary Montes (Autumn and Tonio's kindergarten teacher) and Jenny Rienstra all ready to have little blessings...must be something in the water!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Dorney Park, Allentown, Pa

      Alfonso the Clown used to rule the little kingdom known as Dorney Park...as you entered the park, you could see his visage, spread over the entrance - anybody else feel a little unnerved by clowns?  Once inside, this family owned amusement park was so entertaining...and Kim and I frequented this playground.

      This park was started back in 1870 by Solomon Dorney.  He originally built it as a fish hatchery, and addd games, rides, a hotel, petting zoo, etc.  In 1923, they built a wooden roller coaster, at the time, the largest, longest and fastest of its kind.  Kim and I road this roller coaster often!  We loved roller coasters, in general, but this one really gave you whiplash around the corners and was such a classic.  There was even a house underneath it!  Apparently, as the park expanded, one elderly lady did not wish to sell, so they made a deal with her to let her keep her house, and allow them to build their state of the art coaster.
       Our all time favorite ride there, was called Journey to the Center of the Earth, kind of a poor man's Pirates of the Carribean.  It was originally the Tunnel of Love (no small wonder this turned out to be our favorite ride!) and they added some spooky special effects, like a T-Rex head and 'lava', etc.  It was almost a Splash Mountain type deal, with a lazy boat ride, finished off with a breathtaking downhill ride into a lagoon, that assured you were going home wet.

Bob McAllister
   We once saw Bob McAllister host the game show Wonderama right there in the park!  We hoped we'd get chosen to participate in the show...we were not selected, but sure enjoyed watching...
    There was a great spook house ride called the Bucket 'O Blood  and a walk through spook house called The Wacky Shack, that sadly burned down in a fire in 1983.  Kim and I would go on these rides over and over and over and over...!
    Of course, I always had to win her something and Kim ended up with an odd assortment of stuffed animals over the years from Dorney Park!
   In 1985, the Wildwater Kingdom opened up, attached to Dorney Park - it was one of the only water parks in the entire Northeast when it opened.  Kim and I loved to buy the 'dual' pass and go on rides at Dorney Park, until we were overheated and then go over to Wildwater Kingdom to ride the tube rides and cool off.  In 1988, when I started working with Toys R Us, the store manager, Nick Romano, took us all there for the store's picinic.
    While working with Toys R Us and managing the Broadway location, I met the general manager of Breakers, a man named Steve...he was originally from Wilkes Barre, Pa and had once been the general manager of Dorney Park - small world...you think?
   Anyways, Kimmy and I loved amusement parks and went to them wherever we traveled...

    Speaking of Toys R Us...it was this day, March 3rd, back in 1994, 18 years ago today, that Kim and I left the frozen tundra of Pennsylvania!  The night before we left, I heard the forecast for snow, and moved our moving truck, a 27' box truck, with a full trailer to tow our Jeep Wrangler, to 8th Avenue.  I knew 8th Ave would be one of the first streets plowed if it snowed and we'd have a chance to escape!  Sure enough, it snowed a lot and everyone asked us to postpone our departure... I vowed that I would not spend another night in that frozen hell!  We burst the truck over the plow's handiwork and drove to Baltimore to pick up my Dad, who drove my Toyota 4X4 across the country with us...a glorious trip.

    A miscellaneous memory popped into my head today.  One of Kim and mine earliest dates...I was 17 and thought the sure way to impress Kimmy was to buy some beer!  Yes, this was a can't miss plan...except, at 17, I looked like I was 12.   However, my friends, Andy Thom and Joe Slapinsky had happened upon a bar that could help.  It was on the southside of Bethlehem (why is it, that every city's southside is the roughest part of town?).  This bar had no name.  It simply had a sign, hanging perpendicular to the entrance, with a photo of Curly from the Three Stooges on it.  I loved it at first sight!  It also, inexplicably, had scallop sea shells stuck decoratively on the front of the building...this was totally out of context with the rest of the block, which was a solid row of very random type of business, with about 5 stories of apartments above them.
   I waltzed in there like I owned the place, leaving Kimmy in my running car (1977 Chevy Malibu, that my Dad graciously allowed me to use - we lovingly called it the 'Silver Bullet'), in this nefarious neighborhood.  The bartender approached me, with an amused look on his face, and asked how he could help me?  I hadn't thought about what to do once I made it inside...I liked Budweiser, but wanted something fancier, something special, to show Kim how much I cared and what great taste I had...so I said 'I'd like a six pack of Michelob please'.  Not sure if it was the 'please' or my 12 year old face staring back at him, but the bartender asked 'You have any I.D.?'....'Uh, no sir, left it at home...I'm on a date and wanted to get something to impress my girl'...I stuttered....'No problem', he said and returned with my Michelob.  He slipped it into a paper bag and gave me a wink and a smile.  'Good luck', he told me.  'Uh, yeh, you too, man'...and I was outta there!
   Turned out, Kim did not drink beer.  What a surprise.  So I had to drink it myself.  I'm sure that I truly impressed her there.  Gives you yet more insight at to what a special lady she was, to stick with me after that date, say?
    Well, on the homefront, the bambini's continue to amaze me.  Cody's grades are the best he has ever had and he is about to begin track season.  I tell you, I've seen every professional sport there is (sorry, golf is NOT a sport) and I absolutely feel that it is much more exciting to watch this boy play sports!  He is so fast!  I can't wait for the season to begin after Spring Break.  Angie's youngest daughter, Kim, the RN who works on the 5th floor at St. Joseph's, and who provided Kimmy with so much comfort, picked up Antonio at school.  She took him to his favorite restaurant, with her son Micah, McDonald's and they got Happy Meals!  And you know, when I broke the fantastic news about Mary Montes being pregnant, I forgot to mention that Kim is pregnant too!  Our Kimmy would have been, or is, so happy for Kim and Rashon!  She absolutely loved this couple - they are great parents to Mariah and Micah and Tonio had so much fun playing with Micah after  school today!!

    Autumn stayed home with me today....she started a cough last night, that I did not like (goose walked over my grave)..and had a fever this morning.  So I called Dr. Radomsky, who've we've taken the kids to for 12 years (and Janene and Kim both take their kids to) to have her checked out.  Dr. Radomsky is a kind of guy you'd want to have as neighbor.  He walks into the room today, immediately reminds me to call him Scott, and asks about the family.  It's the first time we've seen him since Kimmy passed...our kids, like Kimmy, don't need to see the Dr. often...He's blown away, but comforts us and puts Aut on an antibiotic.  We'll keep her home again tomorrow to get her ready for Kimmy's Klimb on Saturday!

Andrea told Autie to drink hot tea with honey to get well...Autumn likes it!  And I made her the fideo soup, which she loves...tacos for dinner (green onion, cilantro and lettuce = veggies!)...but, my beans did not turn out - my first attempt at making the refried beans.  Not enough water...
    Meanwhile, Janene gave me a haircut today and brought me back to near respectability - I kept the beard and 'stache.  Kimmy would never let me grow one, saying, it reminded her of when I was a 'bad person' and made me look mean...I'm just channeling my inner-Al Pacino.  Janene is working on a fantastic event to benefit Kimmy's Foundation.  She will open her shop on a Sunday and do a hair cut-a-thon and 100% of the $$ will go to Kimmy's Foundation!!  I was so energized by her vision and how excited she was - she is also bringing her neighbors, the Shishkabob House and Arizona Pizza, into this event.  I've known the owner of both for several years, from when I was managing the Linens 'N Things in the same parking lot - they are great.  Now, that Linens 'N Things is the worlds largest Peter Piper Pizza, complete with roller coaster, right where the sheets used to be!  I remember my current district manager, Tom, commenting that he had stopped in my LNT while prepping for his interview with me for Barnes & Noble - he said it was a clean, well merchandised building that I ran...I wonder what he would think of it now - it is overrun with video games, a sea of tables and, the roller coaster!
          That's all I have in me tonight...all of the bambini have fallen asleep - praying Aut wakes up feeling good...and praying for sweet dreams, as we wait for the sunshine...

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Happy Birthday Kimmy!

      Happy Birthday Kimmy...where to begin?  Kim always had a love/hate relationship with her birthday...she never lamented  the 'big' ones, like turning 40, believing it was 'just another day', but she varied on how she wanted to celebrate, or whether she wanted anyone to make a fuss over her!  As you can imagine, she'd try to keep it simple...but I wouldn't let her!
      But, one of my favorite Kimmy birthday stories, is from when she was in 1st grade.  Kim invited her whole Brownie troop to her house for a birthday party...only it wasn't her birthday...and she wasn't home as the guests and parents began to arrive.  Her startled Dad took things in stride, thanking the child for the gift, explaining that there was a mix up and smiling the whole time.  When Kim got home...she found that she now had to return the gifts to each child and apologize to the parent!
      Since Kim's birthday was in March, it was not the ideal beach weather, so we often would go skiing or ice skating.  I took her to Colorado one year for her birthday to ski.  And, one year, we did go down to Long Beach Island for her birthday and found it fun to walk the cold beaches all bundled up, and having it all to ourselves.
     For her 40th, we had a big celebration at Pinnacle Peaks, a wild west steak house - her Mom and Jim came out and we had the entire Williams family there - having a table that literallly stretched the length of the room!
     Other years, we found ourselves at Chuy's with Betsey, Brian, Amy and Tom and their children.  Most recently, she liked to go to Zona 78.
      Today, after I dropped the bambini's at school (I made them pancakes with sliced strawberries for breakfast, a Kimmy favorite for them), I headed out to the San Xavier Mission, where we were married on May 21st, 1994.  It was a surreal drive...I was doing good, cruising along at 75, when...wooossshhh - the world began to spin backwards, as I strained to see the road through the tears - it felt as though I had slowed down to about 20, the surrounding scenery growing impossibly large...and the poof!  I was back...
         I caught sight of the church...I remember, each week, when we attended Mass here, we'd see who saw the church first and call out 'the White Dove in the Desert', which is the Mission's nick name...I ducked inside just as Mass began.

        During Mass, the father reminded us that we do not know how long we have on this earth and should not be worried about material things or what we are having for dinner or what to wear tomorrow, rather, we should worry about the well being of one another and loving each other...wow, how appropriate...and the tears began to flow...I couldn't help but look at the altar and remember meeting Kimmy there on our wedding day to exhange our vows, she a vision of lovliness...me, a nearly reformed train-wreck she was still cleaning up...

        After Mass, I approached the front and lit a candle for Kimmy, as we had done many times for loved ones, including her Dad, who also passed away from cancer.

            I lingered and took a bunch of photos - the inside of the church, so beautiful, with statues and paintings...
          Father Kino, who founded the church, is found in several places around the church...

          The upstairs balcony, has beautful murals and a old fashion organ - which was used during our wedding.
          Next, I went to the little side chapel, that pays homage to Mary...
     I placed a photo of Kimmy on the altar and lit candle for her here, too...again, we have lit many candles for loved ones in this shrine...

          I can't even tell you how many times Kim and I stopped in here to pray for someone...and, today, I was praying for her...and all of you, too...and, once again...lost it.
          This is a side entrance to the church to the north.  When we were running late for Mass, we would sometimes sit in this courtyard and listend to Mass - they keep the door open during Mass.  And when Cody and Autumn were little, they would run around here and play.

     Each week, after Mass, we would make the pilgrimage to the top of this little hill, where there is a large white cross...the kids especially liked this trek.
          On the east side of the hill, is this altar built into this grotto.  We'd always stop and pray here and the kids liked to see all of the belongings left behind to help their loved ones...I added a heart to the fence for Kimmy...
          After I walked back down the hill, I went into the courtyard, behind the church...it was next to this beautiful fountain, with humming birds darting by, and orioles high in the palm trees, that Kim and I had our wedding photos taken after the ceremony...oops, there goes gravity...I could feel the bricks beneath my feet begin to heave...when, I felt a steadying hand on my shoulder...through my fish eyed lenses, I could see it was a lady who had sat in the pew in front of me during Mass...she asked if I was ok, I could only nod...she asked if I was a tourist, like her...I told her I've lived in Tucson 18 years and was married here in '94 and that my son, Cody, was baptized here in '97...and then I melted, again. 
          Her name was Sherri and she was visiting Tucson from Nebraska with a friend, Stephanie...Sherri told me how she had lost her husband at the age of 49, almost 15 years ago...she told me that the first year is the hardest, as you 'anniversary' holidays and birthdays without your loved one....She asked where we were from originally...I told her we grew up three blocks from each other in Bethlehem, PA...she told me she was from Shippensburg, PA originally - where I graduated from college! We talked about Kim, and what a great person she was and Stephanie commented that God needs the really good ones more in Heaven, than here on earth.  And Sherri added, you know that she will be there waiting for you.  Her and her friend Stephanie were a steadying influence on me this morning and it was very obvious that they had lingered the 45 minutes or so after Mass that it took me to retrace Kim's and my footsteps, so that they could comfort me...Heaven sent...They promised to pray for my family and wished us well...
           Here is the school where Kim and I prepared for Cody's baptism and the sister teaching the class swallowed a slow moving fly!
             Finally, I stopped by the series of little gift shops within this enclosure (praying for the health and happiness of this seasoned couple going in before me)...where, on our first anniversary, I had a ring made for Kimmy by an Indian, Joe Begay.  He was such a colorful man.  He had a huge photo album of him acting in various movies filmed at Old Tucson, like Tombstone and a plethora of stories to tell.  He made Kim a beautiful, sliver ring, with a carving of the Mission on it, to represent our wedding there, a saguaro, to represent our love of Tucson, a roadrunner = Godspeed! and a sun, for happy days...Kim, in her usual Kim way, was overwhelmed by it and loved it.
            It was an amazing Mass and an incredible start to Kimmy's birthday!
            I stopped by Carondelet on my way across town and dropped off a large check to benefit Kimmy's Foundation - thank you all who have donated, and thank you to all of you who have purchased Knights of Columbus raffle tickets through me or St. Pius (50% of proceeds go to Kimmy's Foundation)!  Please remember to put Kimmy's name on the donation, or it will go into a general fund.
           Then, I went to see my friend, Dave Williams, over at Tatoo Artistry on Country Club and Pima...Dave added a little color to my shooting star, as a present for Kim's birthday...
         After the tatoo enhancement, I ran over to see Rosa and Vito at Viro's and had a cappuccino with them...they are leaving for Italy tomorrow, so it was nice to see them off and see them on Kimmy's birthday, too.
         When I picked up the bambini's, I ran into Mary Montes - Mary was Autumn and Tonio's kindergarten teacher...she helped with Kimmy's Celebration...she's always been a positive light for our family and her dad, Sam, has helped me navigate the legal waters following the loss of a loved one...Kimmy worked as Mary's parapro when she had Antonio in her class and absolutely loved her as a teacher and as a friend.  Kim would always say 'oh, when will her and Emilio have a baby?  Mary will be such a wonderful mom!'...well, today I got a great birthday gift on Kim's birthday, as Mary told me some fantastic news...she is pregnant!
         I was given exclusive rights to blog this great news!  Although, I failed to get it in writing...
         Our family is so happy for Mary and Emilio and pray for them and their little blessing!  They will be great parents!
        For dinner, we met up with Angie and her family - Angie and Mark treated us all to dinner at Kimmy's all time favorite restaurant...Zona 78!  There were 20 of us, and Vince, the manager there, did a great job to accomodate us as we overtook his restaurant. 

           Brendon, David, Cody, Autumn and Lexy shared this table - with the boys eating pizza and the girls going with the pasta!  Lexy and Autumn are styling in their matching fedora hats.
                  Mariah's pizza went missing and Breanna and Antonio always enjoy each other's company...

               Roshan, Kim and Micah enjoy their meal (didn't notice Micah was spinning his head around when I shot this, or I'd have retaken it!).  Kim is an RN and works on the 5th floor at St. Joe's, where Kimmy spent a couple of weeks - that team was so nice, caring and hard working!
        Mario gets ready to devour a bianco pizza - Angie and Mark have huge bowls of pasta with meatballs.  And Bryson is enjoying a pizza, too.  Their pizzas are made in a wood burning oven and are great.

               Andrea ponders the menu...before choosing...pizza!  We ate a lot of bianco pizza tonight!  Looks like Antonio is entertaining Breanna, Bryson and Mariah in the background.

                          Kason and Janene work on some bruschetta...I swear Brad was there a minute ago, but I did not seem to capture him on film, er, digitally.
           One last shot of the 'fedora sisters' enjoying their pasta...
           Anyway, our southwest family felt Kimmy's birthday would be better spent together...and they were right, we had a nice time...and, for once, I could not remember the first time we went to Zona 78, what the occaison was or why we decided to try this place - but, it has been Kimmy's favorite for several years.
           And, when we arrived home, exhausted from our emotional rollercoaster of a day, we found these tasty brownies in our fridge...courtesy of our neighbor, Amy!

              Amy took the recipe from a Chocolate cookbook that Kim used to use to make us luscious treats!  And, Amy, these would have made Kim proud!  They are so decadent!              Once again, the incredible support we have here, came through for us and helped make this day a good one, for Kimmy, on her special day...the stars were interspersed with whispy white clouds tonight when we went outside to say goodnight to Kimmy...each bambini intoned their special birthday wish to Mama and wished her a good night...and thanked her for this spectacular day (75 degrees, sunny, with beautiful, strands of clouds dotting the sky...)...
            Happy Birthday Love.



Sunday, February 27, 2011

Snow Day!

    I told you before...I am in hell...and here we go again - cold, windy and...snow!  Last night, when we left the Icecats game, it was near 10 and we did not have to wear jackets...imagine my surprise, when, at 7 a.m., I went to let Bella outside to find a blanket of fresh snow....
       It was, indeed, beautiful...on this peaceful morning...and Bella was delighted!  Her first experience with snow!
          She walked gingerly through it at first...hmmm, it did not hurt or sting, so it must be fun!  Then, she sniffed it, pawed at it and took off frolicing wildly through it!  It was fun to watch, but then, the cold started biting at me...and I remembered how much I was looking forward to taking Cody through Fantasy Island today on some new paths Tom wanted to show us...and I remembered 'oh yeh, I'm in hell'...so I went back to bed.
        Around 8, Antonio was stirring and I told him 'Tonio, go look out the window.'   He squealed with delight and yelled for Autumn, who sat up and said 'Dad, my head hurts'...While Antonio scrambled to find warm clothes, I took Aut's temp...99.  Not so good.  Now, we would miss going to see Vito and Rosa, too, who are Italy bound on Wednesday.  I gave her some motrin...and went back to bed....only Antonio needed help, and I remembered another reason I'm glad it rarely snows...it took 20 minutes to outfit the boy so he could withstand the elements!
       And he was off!
             Yes, that is a Marvin the Martian hat...this boy was fired up!  He threw snowballs to an anxious Bella, who chased them down as if they were rabbits...a boy and his dog...then, he started to make a snowman - now, this is only the second snow Tonio has seen in his life time, so he was struggling...dammit, I had to get more clothes on and help him - I may have mentioned this, but I only own 1 pair of jeans, because I always feel that I should be able to wear shorts....that's why Kim and I moved to Tucson.  I got geared up and we set about making a snowman, complete with carrots for nose, chocolate chips for eyes (you can guess which animal ate those!) and Tonio found some sticks for his arms and mouth.

                                           Nicely done Antonio!  And Bella did try to help!
                      Around 9, I ran over to pick Cody up at his friend, Johnny's house, where he had spent the night and the entire neighborhood was in their little park playing in the snow.  The entire neighborhood...the snow didn't stand a chance, it was already wiped out.
                     When Cody got home, he hooked up with his buddy Alex and they built a snow ramp in our park (which was not overrun by the neighborhood and had plenty of snow left) and pulled each other over it on Alex's boogie board!  They got some pretty decent air.  Channel 4 news stopped by and filmed them jumping the ramp, interviewed the boys (and Amy and I) and then had the boys pelt the anchorman with snowballs - Cody hit him square in the back of the head - which looked pretty cool on the 5:30 news! I went to KVOA.com to see if I could find any video footage, but it looks like it may not get posted until tomorrow.
   Here's a shot of our park before Alex and Cody got there!

                   Amy and I were trying to remember that last time it snowed and we decided it was 4 years ago - I remember they kept the kids home.  Amy told me she had to talk Kim into it!  Kim was worried about Cody and Autumn missing school, but later, when she called me at work, was happy she did since the kids had so much fun. 

                                   Cody and Alex are being interviewed for Channel 4 news (guy in blue).  Oh, and Amy made a snow angel - I should have taken a picture of that!
              The rest of the day, was movie day, medicine runs and I made some fideo soup for Aut, which she ate two bowls of.  Plus, I got a hot tip about strawberries being on sale at Fry's, and got her to eat two bowls of strawberries, too!   Cody had fun playing with Alex all day and Amy and Tom took them to the Park Mall and kept him well fed!
              The thing Kim and I absolutely loved about snow out here, is, you get to enjoy it while it is still pristine, so peaceful and beautiful - and within a few hours, it is gone!  No shoveling, no plows to bury what you just shoveled, no gray, dirty snow lingering for days and no snow to drive in.  It is fun to see it through the bambini's eyes...they had so much fun and Autumn was such a good sport about not being able to play - her fever topped out at 101 and she was not feeling good enough to make it outdoors, anyway.
             And Kim used to like going up to Mt. Lemmon to let the kids play in the snow - sometimes we'd bring hefty bags to use as sleds and most of the time, the kids wore socks for gloves!  It was always nice, because you could enjoy the snow and then drive back down the mountain and warm up!
               When we went out back, just now, to say good night to Kimmy, Tonio asked 'Mama, did you send us that snow today?'...and Autumn added 'Please send us some sun tomorrow!'...

           "The darkest hour is just before the dawn..."
                                                            Proverb.      Except Sunday as it delivers us Monday...it's all dark...