We Climbed before the Klimb 4 Kim...

We Climbed before the Klimb 4 Kim...
1997's Climb

Saturday, June 4, 2011

January 1st...2004

            A lifetime ago, literally...here's Kimmy's take on that New Year's Day:

            January 1, 2004

             Happy New Year!  Wow!  Where did 2003 go ?!  Ringing it in with our family of 5.  We went to the Hoffman's and watched Bruce Almighty and enjoyed steak Diane (one of Shawn's amazing dishes).  We all felt very old trying to stay awake until midnight!!  May we all be blessed this year.

           January 15, 2004

            Antonio is wobbly - but now sits up!  He can pull himself up from lying down position - wow!  he's so proud of his accomplishments - as are we.
           We just had his 6 month check up - doing great and weighing in at 16 1/2 lbs. of pure honey : ) .

           It's so nice to look back on what Kimmy wrote - I love her hand writing.  And her enthusiasm.  And optimism...something she taught us all, well.    I wish she had started it earlier and kept going with it - but, we found ourselves too busy...and time went so fast.  So I feel blessed to have what I have...

          Spent the night with my southwest family, Mark, Andrea, Janene, Kim, Rashon and all of the kids at the ballpark tonight, watching Janene's son, Brendon play in the Rincon Little League championships...Brendon's team won game 1, but needed to take two to win and lost the second game.  It was a full night of baseball on a beautiful night...and the kids had so much fun running around together...very relaxing...

Quest' la vita e qui il gioire, un' ora di abbrezzo e poi moire -- This is life and this is joy: an hour of embracing and then to die.


Friday, June 3, 2011

La Mariposa

      Kimmy always valued good health.  Eating right, no smoking, occaisonal drink and excercise...Having Cody was no problem.  We still walked regularly and did some running - Kim hated running, but I could talk her into it and we had a nice time...running through the desert, where Cottonwood Elementary currently stands, to get to the wash behind it, which has a nice path along it.
      Even after we had Autumn, I bought Kimmy a double jogging stroller and she bounced back amazingly quick - and I picked up whatever the latest home excercise machine was for her too, but I always liked to run...gave me that sense of freedom...
      Kim never liked the whole excercise club thing.  When LA Fitness was opening, I asked if she'd like a membership, but she said no.  She did not really want to excercise around other people and felt that mostly exhibitionists went to places like these.  She felt places like this were more of a 'meat market'. It was too, well, 'glitzy' for Kim.  And I've always been a garage workout kind of person, so I could understand that.
      But, her friend, Rachel, worked at a private club called La Mariposa, on the northeast side of town.  We'd been there before, for friend's weddings, like Kayla, who Kimmy worked with at Ventana Animal Hospital and I knew it was way out of my price range.  Rachel got us a deal, as a friend of an employee, and I was able to get Kimmy in there...she made the most of her membership.
      At the time, I was working for the soul-sucking company, Kohl's, neary a ethical bone in their corporate structure, and I was putting in 70-80 hours per week.  So, I felt obligated to help Kim out with her small request to join La Mariposa.  Rachel had gotten her a great discount and Kim took all of her classes.  When I could, I would take a lunch hour to join her.
      Once, and I mean once, Rachel and Kim talked me into taking Rachel's spin class.  She kicked my *ss!  Every time she said to tighten up the bike's resistance, I would fake it and Rachel would call me out on it.  I was hurting by the end.  On Friday's, La Mariposa hosts a 'Happy Hour' with a food buffett and open swim.  The bambini loved it.
       Today, we tried to do some swimming.  I took the bambini to Viro's for lunch,
   And then to Clements Center...to find the pool is closed on Friday's and Saturday's.  What kind of anarchy is that??  Two busiest days of the summer week and the pool is closed!  Then, I went back towards home to Purple Heart Park...their pool is just plain closed.  Rita Ranch, the red headed stop child (though named afte brunette Rita Hayworth)...did not merit the money to keep the pool open - why can't our city government balance a budget like our Vail School District does?  So, we continued on to the pool next to the Reid Park Zoo...and found a long line, like I used to encounter pre-internet days, for rock concerts...just then, my phone rang...my friend, Mike was calling to see if we'd join him and his wife, Rachel and their kids, Sarah, Ellie, Luke and Gracie at La Mariposa, where Rachel still teaches fitness classes, for Happy Hour...
   We had absolutely nothing else going on this lovely Friday night and off we went!  It had been many years since we were last there.  For me, fond memories of meeting Kimmy there and working out together...weddings, receptions, swimming and happy hours spent together.  The surprise was, Autumn's reaction.  'The catepillar club...I hated that place', she said as we approached.

             "No one watched us.  No one cared.  Tonio got hurt on the teeter toter and I had to help him.  Mom would stick us in there and leave us there until you'd come to save us!"  I'm sure it was not that bad.  Tonio remembers nothing.  Nothing...he's got that skill like his old man.
         None the less, Tonio and Autumn had a great time swimming and eating a lot of great food!!!  We had a great time catching up with the Franzen family.  It's such a beautiful setting...I told Rachel and Mike that I was so glad to be able to have Kim be a member there for a year...and wished I could have had her there longer...she loved to work out there, where she could remain ambiguous and not be bothered.

       It was a good night...we went home and Aut and Tonio watched a Pooh bear movie, while Cody and I chose another Jason Statham movie, "Lock, Stock and Two Smokin' Barrels"...

Jake Green: There is something about yourself that you don't know. Something that you will deny even exists, until it's too late to do anything about it. It's the only reason you get up in the morning. The only reason you suffer the blood, the sweat and the tears. This is because you want people to know how good, attractive, generous, funny, wild and clever you really are. Fear or revere me, but please, think I'm special. We share an addiction. We're approval junkies. We're all in it for the slap on the back and the gold watch. The hip-hip-hoo-f-in rah. Look at the clever boy with the badge, polishing his trophy. Shine on you crazy diamond, because we're just monkeys wrapped in suits, begging for the approval"
This one is from "Revolver", starring Jason Statham as Jake Green which Cody and I watched last night...

Anyway, it was nice to revisit one of Kimmy's favorite places...with it's pond, where Great Blue Heron would land at dusk...and the excercise facilities, where she could anonomously work out...and the pool, where we attended happy hours, Cody took swim lessons, and we relaxed...together.

     When we just went to say good night to Mama, Autumn asked me which one I thought was Mama.  I told her, the Big Dipper.  She said 'yeh, that makes sense.  It's always the brightest!'....



Thursday, June 2, 2011

Zona 78

            I know that I've mentioned over and over that Zona 78 was Kimmy's favorite restaurant.  She liked to go there for her birthday.  When company was in town.  For our anniversary.  And to celebrate special occaisons...
          Well, we got Cody's report card in the mail today, and decided that it was a special occaison!  He got straight A's, including in Algebra, a 9th grade level class - he had gotten B's the last three quarters.  Even got an Excellent in Citizenship!!  Autumn and Tonio also got straight A's, so we thought we'd go to Zona 78!!
          The bambini also had Dr. appointments today, and, coincidentally, Dr. Radomsky's office is right behind Zona 78.  Autumn faced 3 shots today, as she prepares to go to 6th grade!  Tonio, has had a lingering cough, after being on antibiotics a month ago when Dr. R heard 'crackling' in one of his lungs...and Cody, it seems, has reinjured the collar bone he broke just over a year ago.  When I made their appointment, I asked "Is there a bundle discount available??"        
           They did great at the Dr's, so we went on to Zona 78.  Cody and I split Kim's and my favorite:  The antipasti platter, complete with salami, proccuitto, peppers, mozz, brie, grilled zucchini and, my favorite, artichoke hearts. And a bianco pizza.  Tonio had a cheese pizza and Autumn got a huge bowl of pasta, that she polished off well before the boys and I were done...Kim always marveled over how she could put away the pasta!
          Then, we walked down the sidewalk to Frost...Autumn got cheesecake gelato, Cody, coffee and Tonio got banana and talked the girl into given him one of the frozen, chocolate dipped, bananas that they have on display in the counter!!  I had a cappuccino.  Grande.

             Flashback to this morning:
                    The monkeys were howling at the zoo this morning!!! Amy, Betsey, Kim and I took the kids to the zoo before the day could heat up.  Alex, Cody, Colton (Alex's buddy), Mitchell, Tonio, Mariah and Micah had a fun time - we even got to see the tigers get fed!  Missing from this photo are Hadley and Autumn, who had gone 'shopping' in the zoo gift store! 

          Random shots:
          In and Out Burger - a Kimmy favorite - I love a girl that loves a good cheeseburger!  And Kim loved a good cheeseburger!!  I took the kids to In and Out a couple of days ago...they all got hats!
         Here's some girls that love a good cheeseburger!!  Hadley, Autumn, Breanna and Lexy anxiously await their burgers.  I'm telling you, Breanna demolished her cheeseburger!!
                                  Brendon, Cody, Tonio and Mitchell enjoy their burgers and fries!
              Here's a good one for you;  When I went to pay homage to Hugo Chavez, owner of Valero, I noticed the little sign, above the shocking amount I paid to fill the car, and above the cigarette ad...Whoopie Pies are now sold at Valero!!  Kim would be doing cart wheels!!  Whoopie Pies were another of her secret weaknesses!  We joked about it often, if I wanted her to do something for me, sometimes I'd promise her a Whoopie Pie!!

                 Kimmy enjoys a nice cappuccino (grande) from Frost - we watched the fireworks from Udall park, across the street from Frost...

                 And, it's Autumn, once again telling me it's time...time to say our good nights to Mama...

                   Good night...

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Little Things

    It's the little things that hurt the most...those 'insignificant milestones'...the first time I realized I had no more clean wash of Kimmy's to put away (and she'd always razz my folding skills, or lack of, calling me a 'shover'!)...the first time we ate at Kimmy's favorite restaurant, Zona 78...finishing that bottle of Bombay gin that I had gotten her for our anniversary last year...looking under the bathroom cabinet for soap and seeing the roller carefully wrapped in a plastic baggie, that she had used to repaint the bambini's bathroom just before she'd gotten sick, now over 7 months ago...
    Oh, don't get me wrong, the big things are challenging, too - they run you over like a freight train, but at least you see that coming.  I knew so far in advance that our anniversary would be tough, so when it came and I filled it full of good memories, I found myself upright at the end of the day...Cody's birthday and graduation, Autumn's birthday were hard - I know Tonio's will be, too.  Memorial Day - that's an in betweener, as it is not necessarily a Christmas, or Easter, but Kim always made it a fun and special day for us...
    Interesctions sometimes bring me to my knees.  Yes, intersections.  How about saying a little prayer, or possibly a Hail Mary for Kimmy the next time you cross Golf Links and Bonanza?  Perhaps the hardest one for me to pass.  We were heading east on Golf Links in early October, the 5th I believe, to visit with Vi and my Dad at their hotel and to let the kids swim...Kimmy doubled over in pain, in the passenger seat and asked me to pull over.  I asked what was wrong - she said she had bad cramping pain across her lower rib cage and just needed to stand up straight. 
      I quickly made a right onto Bonanza, heading north and pulled over - bolting out of my door and rushing to open hers for her and help her out.  "Kimmy, can I take you to a Dr.?"..."No, just a cramp...I'm OK"...I held her tight, then helped her walk a few steps, Kimmy breathing in and breathing out, trying to work it out...and she did.  And we drove to the hotel and had a nice afternoon...but, now, when I pass that intersection, I do wish I had taken her to the Dr, even though I know it would not have done anything but extend her hospital stay by exactly two weeks...
      The interesection of Tanque Verde and Grant...you know the one with the McDonalds that has the giant T-Rex, dwarfed only by the gigantic traffic light and camera system...When I pass through that, I can still see myself, chatting happily with Kimmy, having just finished an ethics class for real estate.  I was so excited to have finished the class early and to be able to meet Kim for lunch before we had to go get the kids from school.  As I approached that light, it turned yellow - but I was not going to be denied even two minutes of time with Kimmy and I told her "I'm running the yellow light to get to you!"  Laughing, Kimmy giggling...Turned out the light was red and I had to go to traffic school  - but, those extra minutes with Kimmy? Priceless.
      Speedway and Camino Seco, where Kim burst into tears, exclaiming how especially beautiful everything looked today (a few days before she passed) and how much she loved Tucson...intersections...
        I seem to come across the small stuff most frequently around the house.  There is the garter from her sister, Terri's wedding, in the glove compartment of my truck.  The stray earring I find in my suit pocket.  Our travel log from our last California trip, nearly four years ago - and the places we visited, the shops Kimmy liked, the places we ate at...all in her neat handwriting - which I can only describe as 'happy'.  I know I will revisit these places, when we head out there in a few weeks - I know I need to be ready, for the bambini's sake.
        It hits me when a shirt Kim lovingly picked out for me has worn out...replanting in her garden was a happy/sad experience this year, especially since we lost a lot during that freeze we had - I tried to find the same plants and came pretty close.  Coming across her Volunteer Coordinator planning book...complete with notes to create volunteer guidelines handouts...planning volunteer luncheons and staff appreciation events...notes about who is donating what...Wendy Anderson, at Safeway, able to donate a $50 gift card (and Kimmy jots 'woo hoo!' with a smilely next to it...)...organizing the school's snack bar schedule and who to call for what...she was on it...carefully planning each event, for the year...I know the crawl space, above the garage, is going to be ripe with mementos...too.  Another day...
          We cycle through these things...Autumn, running to show me a 'new' pair of Mama's earring she has discovered, and is wearing...Tonio, noticing it was Mama who labeled his lunch box...Cody, choosing Kim's favorite number, 18, in a magic trick Brendon was showing us the other day.  Here's one too...when I'm in the mall, or at the store and see a cute shirt or sandals...and realize there's no Kimmy to buy those for...She is so easy to miss, I mean, so hard not to miss - you get the picture...
          In the bathroom, I just ran out of the Speedstick that got me through Kim's hospital stay.  A few weeks ago, I finished the last tube of toothpaste we shared.  That beat up pair of Nike's she bought me that I just can't seem to part with. These are the little things, the details...put enough of these together and you have a lifetime of memories...wonderful memories.
          Autumn just told me it's time to say goodnight to Mama...she had a fun day hanging with Lexy and Hadley - we took them and Tonio and Mitch to see the Diary of a Wimpy Kid, went to La Salsa and Lexy and Autumn came home and watched movies until just a few minutes ago when Andrea picked up Lexy (Justin Bieber was their favorite!) - good times. We missed Tonio tonight, who is sleeping over at Mitch's house - Betsey called for me to send Hadley home at 8:30 and said he was already out like a light!! Tonight, there were some clouds covering the Big Dipper...so we stood out back talking for a little while.  Autumn looked up and yelled 'The Big Dipper!'...sure enough, a hole in the clouds had formed, just large enough for the Dipper to shine through...I imagined that the hole appeared to be heart shaped...

PS About 11 p.m, Brian called and said Tonio missed us and wanted to come home.  While we walked home, I heard Autumn tell Tonio 'You should say goodnight to Mama on the way.  We went out back and the Big Dipper was covered with clouds, and a hole opened up so we could see it, and guess what?  The hole was heart shaped!'...

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Same Kind of Different as Me

         I like to read a lot...mostly non-fiction, history, especially Roman history and the Americas back in the 1400 and 1500's...and religious history...some fiction, here and there to keep it light...Chuck Palahniuk "Fight Club", Charlie Huston "Shotgun Rule", are two of my favorites.  At work, people like to leave me 'must read' books...Jaimelyn, one of the managers at Barnes & Noble, has contributed nicely to my collection and always hits the mark.
         Recently, one of the books that made the pile was titled "Same Kind of Different as Me" by Ron Hall and Denver Moore.  I was between books and thought it looked interesting (YES you can judge a book by it's cover, I have learned). 
         I thought it was fiction, it read so easily...about a white man who grows up poor,marries a white woman, who also grew up poor,  but finds a way to make money and becomes rich.  And an African American man who grows up poor and is homeless when the couple meets him.
        Soon, I came to realize, it was a real story...Although the white couple becomes rich, the wife, Deb, remembers where they came from and thanks God and wants to be more involved in helping others to show her appreciation.  Her husband, Ron, goes along with her, mainly to make her happy.  But, things change for him when they come across Denver, the homeless man, who he  becomes close friends with.
        About 3/4 of the way through, Deb becomes ill, unexpectedly...guess what?  Cancer.  The parallels were incredible...the diagnosis, the treatments, the pain, the horror...I kept asking myself "do I really want to continue this story?"...but I could not put it down.
       As she gets sicker, we find out the couple knew each other for 31 years...Kim and I knew each other 33...Kim was so dedicated and involved in our community, like Deb in the story, and initially, I got involved for her - why?  I wanted to keep impressing her, even though we were married and Kim always made me feel so secure in our relationship - it was still important to me to impress her.  I guess it was all a part of her continuing to clean me up and prepare me, because, along the way, it became just as important to me to give back and to teach the bambini that in order to keep a great community great, you have to be involved - I whole heartedly believe this...thanks to Kim.
       Of course, the the story, the treatments are not effective in fighting Deb's cancer - one doctor describes how you can be in the middle of  a swarm of hornets and never get bitten...but, stir them up...and look out!!  That's how cancer is.  Once disturbed, it goes wild...and boy did it ever in Kimmy...
       In the story, Deb remains strong and upbeat, right up to the very end.  Kimmy.  How beautiful she looked, eyes sparkling...smile bright...only her eyebrows gave away her concerns...and, if you ever listen to the songs on the playlist on Kimmy's blog - 'I need a Dr.' ...the voice of Skylar Grey resonates in my head - her angelic voice reminding me of Kimmy singing..."I'm about to lose my mind, you've been gone for so long, I'm running out of time.  I need a Dr., send me a Dr. - to bring me back to life..."  Damnation.
        And now, I'm nearing the end of the book...I literally can read one page a time, before breaking down and having to put it down...but it's an amazing story - I nearly feel I lived it.
        And it prompted me to pick up my Bible and look up a paragraph in Proverbs IX The Ideal Wife.  "When one finds a worthy wife, her value is far beyond pearls.  Her husband, entrusting his heart to her, has an unfailing prize.  She brings him good, and not evil (in my case, she turned me from evil) all the days of her life.  She is clothed with strength and dignity and she laughs at the days to come.  She opens her mouth in wisdom, and on her toungue is kindly counsel.  Her children rise up and praise her; her husband too, extols her: "Many are the women of proven worth, but you have excelled them all".  Give her a reward of her labors, and let her works praise her at the city gates."  Amazing.  I don't recall ever having read this verse or heard about it before today - but it sure gripped me.  The Ideal Wife describes Kim, perfectly...but doesn't quite capture her glowing essence fully...
          I wrote an article back in March for a website, about our experience and this book prompted me to revisit that article...again, the parallels were eerie...
          Tonight, we went out to see Brendon play some playoff baseball (Rangers advanced to the finals after a strong 6-1 victory tonight!!).  As I was talking to Mario and watching the game, a man stopped and asked me when the championships were to be held.  Saturday at 5:30 I told him.  He asked who the match up was with.  Cardinals I told him.  He asked where I went to high school.  Liberty, class of '83, I answered.  He looked perplexed and I told him I moved here 18 years ago from Bethlehem.  He said he went to Santa Rita, class of '82.  I pointed out Mario, Andrea, Janene, Kim and Rashon and told him they all are Santa Rita grads, but that they were much, much younger than him.  He laughed and commented that my hair was much grayer than his...then, he told me he was battling cancer, pointing to scars on his neck. "What do Italians call this type of scar?"  "Smile" I told him..."Yeah, that's it" and he detailed his progression, treatments, surgeries...and how his children, one of whom plays on Brendon's team, were not doing well.  I briefly told him what happened to us, pointed out the bambini and told him we'd include him in our prayers...he thanked me and said he'd see me Saturday for the game...
         Books like Same Kind of Different as Me, and interactions with folks like the man I met tonight, help clarify what I'm left here to do...
        If you get a chance, look that book up...it made my 'must read' pile, and proved to really be a 'must read'!
        Tonight, Lexy and Hadley are having a sleep over with Autumn...the girls are going strong - it's 11:30 p.m. and they are playing Mario Kart on Wii.  Tonio and I are going to watch a movie together...And Cody, he's sleeping at his buddy, Wyatt's house tonight...I just texted him to see if he was settled in for the night and told him I loved him and he hit me right back saying 'Love you to Dad, Night!'...I am blessed...


Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day

          We made sure to have our flag flying high today!!!  And, doing the American thing, made plans to have a picnic...Kim always had one planned...
           We bought a new Slip 'N Slide for the event - we always set it up in the park across the street, drag the hose across and let the kids have fun!  We have a shade tent to set up for the adults.  And make sure to have plenty of good friends and family there...
           So today, I channeled my inner-Kim...I knew I needed to make a fun day for the bambini - we picked out the Slip 'N Slide at Target the other day...a 20', curved slide that ends in a pool.  How do these people keep coming up with new designs every year???  This one worked beautifully, they have my admiration!
              Bryson, Micah, Tonio, Breanna, Lexy, Autumn, Hadley and Mariah stay cool on the Slip 'N Slide
                                                   The kids prepare to hit the slide!!!
                                         Cody, careems around the corner!! Wait, is 'careem' a word?
                                         Autumn does the same, if it is, indeed a word...
                                         And, Janene's son Brendon - playoff game tommorow! 
                                           Tonio, successfully traverses the corner!! 

                Well, let's see, ala Kimmy, I made her pasta salad, baked potatoes on the grill, grilled chicken, burgers and dogs, made homemade salsa, a relish tray, cut up watermelon and nearly held it together, but lost it a bit due to plumbing problems, a errant text and a stand off between boys and girls...but, we pulled it all back together, and like Kim would love to do, here is who helped:
           Andrea, Lexy and Breanna - thanks for some great mac-n-cheese! Janene, Brendon and Bryson - thanks for all of the chips and dip!!  Kim, Rashon, Mariah and Micah - thanks for the decadent cupcakes!!  Rashon just got an incredible tattoo on his arm to eclipse my latest!!
                            My boy, Cody, photographically journals my experience...I am not dropping the F-bomb in this photo, merely engaging in intelligent conversation with my friend, Dave...
                                My tribal tattoo...a little sore, here, but much better now - got it done on Kim's and my wedding anniversary last Saturday, May 21st...something we talked about for years...
Dave did a great job on this tat, as well as, my last one - he does a fantastic job at his shop, Tattoo Artistry on Country Club and Pima - I've known Dave for over 16 years - he is a great guy and a wonderful artist!! And Autumn, sweet Autumn, has become my little RN...carefully scrubbing my tattoo each night and applying Aquafor to prevent infection...
But I digress...Also, helping us celebrate Memorial Day were Amy, Tom and Alex - making rice krispie treats, my kryptonite!! And Betsey, Brian, Hadley and Mitch - Brian swooping in to diagnose and help me fix broken kitchen cabinets and weight sets!!
Got the celebration food all cooked and displayed in my best Kimmy fashion...we did have a good time...
And Alex and Brendon decided to spend the night, as the boys chose to watch the classic vigilante film, Boondock Saints....Autumn, Tonio and I chose one of Kimmy's favorites, Finding Neverland, starring Johnny Depp, about the guy who wrote Peter Pan...if only Kim and I had been a part of the Lost Boys...
I don't have any fancy ending, or inspirational quote tonight, sorry...but, I can tell you, this Memorial Day, marks another milestone for me and the bambini and the friends and family that joined us, helped us through...and helped us to make a great memory...another 'greatest time'....

Sunday, May 29, 2011

The Journal

         Here we are with a Christmas journal entry!  Only 7 more months until Christmas!!  As I go about, cleaning, organizing, searching...I keep hoping, maybe, maybe I'll find a secret letter from Kimmy...but, I suspect, even Kim did not think it would go as fast as it did - 55 days from diagnosed to going to Heaven...

     December 25th 2003

            Merry Christmas!  Santa surprised us again - there were footprints by the fireplace from him and his reindeer!  The kids enjoyed opening their Kett car (Cody), a new princess bike (Autie) and baby toys galore (Antonio)!
           Grandma surprised us with a holiday visit this year so the children enjoyed her surprises as well.   We later walked to the park in our jammies (weather was 70 degrees) and watched the kids enjoy their new "rides".
           Then we went to the William's home to celebrate with them and their families (Angie, Mark, Andrea, Mario, Janene, Brad, Kristie, Ross, Kim and Rashon and kids!).  In the evening, we stopped by our friends, Vito and Rose's home to enjoy some holiday desserts and coffee.  A very special first Christmas or our little Antonio.

          These families have meant so much to us over the years, after we came her from Pennsylvania, knowing no one...Kim enjoyed our precious time with them and appreciated them all!

            And today, we spent our time enjoying their company again - having breakfast with Rose and Vito and Vito Jr, then over to Janene and Brad's for a BBQ with Andrea, Kim and Rashon and all of their kids - helping to keep us feeling a part of something special...
                                Janene gives Tonio pointers on the fine art of diving!  Who would have thought?  Just a couple months ago, Tonio couldn't even swim and now he's going off a diving board!!
                Janene and Brad got a new puppy!  A golden retriever named "Macie" - Brendon help her to the stairs as Autumn enjoys the show!
                                          Autumn, Lexy and Breanna perform water ballet!

             A great start to summer!!!  We are blessed!