We Climbed before the Klimb 4 Kim...

We Climbed before the Klimb 4 Kim...
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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Tonio...Double Digits

                   Tonio...big heart...caring, loving - always putting everyone else first (like his Mama).  As his birthday approached, I asked him.  Begged of him.  What did he want???  What could we get him for his big day? 

                    After much thought and deliberation, Tonio told me:

                    "Can I just stay 9?"

                     Ten years old is a 'milestone' birthday, Kim would have told me.  Double digits.  Only occurs one time, and then you are double digits for 90 years...That's a long time!  Cody turned 16...milestone.  Autumn 13...milestone (officially a teen!).  And now Tonio - the pressure...the pressure.  I already feel as though I've failed these guys, as, I have not baked a home made cake from scratch.  I did manage Ghiradelli brownies for Cody...still...it's a 'box mix'.
                     But, that's the thing with Tonio (hell, and Autumn and Cody) - they are always so appreciative of what they do have - not lamenting on what they don't have.  They asked me for so little.  Tonio finally told me he would like a Lone Ranger Lego set and some Skylanders (for his Wii video game that he loves to play).  Autumn was a big help in taking photos at Target one day of ones that Tonio needed and wanted.  Then, she texted them to me!  She is brilliant!

Autumn and Cody helped me decorate (they picked out a new Happy Birthday banner) for Tonio's big day!!  He was beyond thrilled, walking from room to room and making a big deal about each balloon, the streamers, the dangly decorations that Angie and the girls had used for my birthday a few years back and, of course, the new banner.

Tonio was excited to open all of his gifts, but took his time, looking at each one, thanking us all and saying "You didn't have to get me this!"  Bella was especially helpful (reminding me of our first pup, Cajun, who loved to help open gifts).

The big score!  The Lone Ranger Lego train set!!
Monsi sent him a birthday text with this photo of herself!  Those two are best buds.

All he wanted to do during the day of his birthday was go see the Lone Ranger, starring Johnny Depp.  We all went.  Depp was fantastic as Tonto.  I asked Tonio to rate the movie on a scale of 1-10 and he paused and said " Can I give it a 100?"  Everyone enjoyed it - we'll definitely be adding this one to our DVD collection when it comes out!
For dinner, I told him we could go anywhere he wanted...
...and he answered almost immediately...

We put together enough tables to stretch from one doorway to the next!  The kids had a blast, they love hanging with these guys,  as we ate for several hours, closing the place.

Tonio and his buddies Bryson and Kason - all smiles!

Kim's daughter, Maleah, enjoyed the food - she is talking so much and has such a neat personality - she loves her Aunt Andrea!

Michelle brings out the best part of the night - a huge cake that Rosa made special for Tonio's birthday!!!
Rosa made Tonio a white cake with real strawberry filling and whipped cream icing - so light, not too sweet, with fresh strawberries on top and a Sponge Bob candle (because, besides not making Tonio a cake from scratch ala Kim, I also forgot to bring the #1 and #0 birthday candles for the kid's cake).

Bryson and Janene tell Tonio to make a wish!

Once again, Janene cuts a perfect cake!
You know the cake was fabulous...the girls are completely engrossed in devouring it...

Tonio enjoyed opening his gifts - Andrea, Lexy, Breanna and David got him a sweet new Super Soaker.  He will surely wreak havoc with it!
At the end of the day, Tonio thank me for his birthday.  He said he wished he could stay 9, but had such a fun day, especially the party at Viro's...He was so tired, he fell asleep as soon as his little head hit the pillow - he looked so peaceful, little angel....
Part two of Tonio's birthday, as Lupe, Manny and Monsi threw Tonio a party at their house!
A brownie cake with white chocolate icing writing!!!

Everyone sang Happy Birthday, Tonio bathed in the glow of his candles.

Making another wish...

They had decorated their house for Tonio with streamers, balloons and Happy Birthday signs that Monsi had made with his favorite characters from video games, like a creeper from Mindcraft!!!  It was so cute.

Lupe cuts the brownies (which were incredible!)..

Tonio opens his gifts!!  These guys made Tonio feel so special (as they do our whole family!) - He was thrilled to have another birthday celebration!!!
So Tonio's ten.  He's really growing - not so much height-wise, but heart-wise, in a Kimmy way.  He seems to have turned another valuable corner, where he stands better on his own two feet.  He has a great sense of humor - I love hearing him come up with stuff, especially when verbally sparring with his sister.  And he is even more caring of others and giving, sharing...just like his Mama.
Needless to say, I'm pretty proud of Tonio, especially after all he's been through, and very blessed to have him in my life...