We Climbed before the Klimb 4 Kim...

We Climbed before the Klimb 4 Kim...
1997's Climb

Sunday, December 18, 2011


Thank you for the Kimmy's Kitchen cookbook orders!  I finally figured out how to attach a Paypal button, so you can buy online. 

As I baked, the last few days, I've come across some typos.

Pg 51 - Biscotti - forgot to include '1 stick of butter at room temp' and 1 tsp of vanilla, in ingredients!
Pg 52 - After your biscotti cools for 30 minutes, cut it in 1/2" to 1" slices.

Pg 54-Pizzelles - The baking powder should be 4 tsp not 4 tblsp.  I think that might make a huge difference, but, I've never been a baker!  In directions, I say to stir in baking soda, I meant powder.  And, it helps to place the pizzelles onto a cooling rack first, to allow them to cool, then transfer them to a container. Make sure that they are completely cool, and then put some powdered sugar on them.

So, Let me know if you find any other typos and we'll put them out there! 

And let me tell you...for me, just having this little blue book, sitting on my counter, brings me great comfort. Just as the Maria Bermudez' Mexican  cookbook did - you can often catch a glimpse of it in the background of the photo's in Kimmy's Kitchen.  Maria beaming at the camera...like Kim...inviting us to make something awesome!

I like to thumb through and just re-read the things she used to like to say.  True story.  I received Kimmy's Kitchen on 12/13, the anniversary of Kimmy's passing.  It was raining.  The first person I handed her cookbook to, flipped it open and right to the page that says "I love the rain.  The smell.  How different it is from our sunny days...".  Kim will surprise you like that.  I can hear her giggling...
I can hear her reminding me to use plastic utensils on the 'Nice Pot', too...so it will last longer...
I work in a bookstore.  I know that a book cannot change your life.  That's up to you.  But some books, can set us on the right path...
Try it out, let me know what you think.  Tell me what delicious recipe you tried and don't be afraid to innovate.  That's what Kim loved about cooking...'kicking it up a notch!'.  Above all, please enjoy these recipes with your family...we do!