We Climbed before the Klimb 4 Kim...

We Climbed before the Klimb 4 Kim...
1997's Climb

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Zona 78

            I know that I've mentioned over and over that Zona 78 was Kimmy's favorite restaurant.  She liked to go there for her birthday.  When company was in town.  For our anniversary.  And to celebrate special occaisons...
          Well, we got Cody's report card in the mail today, and decided that it was a special occaison!  He got straight A's, including in Algebra, a 9th grade level class - he had gotten B's the last three quarters.  Even got an Excellent in Citizenship!!  Autumn and Tonio also got straight A's, so we thought we'd go to Zona 78!!
          The bambini also had Dr. appointments today, and, coincidentally, Dr. Radomsky's office is right behind Zona 78.  Autumn faced 3 shots today, as she prepares to go to 6th grade!  Tonio, has had a lingering cough, after being on antibiotics a month ago when Dr. R heard 'crackling' in one of his lungs...and Cody, it seems, has reinjured the collar bone he broke just over a year ago.  When I made their appointment, I asked "Is there a bundle discount available??"        
           They did great at the Dr's, so we went on to Zona 78.  Cody and I split Kim's and my favorite:  The antipasti platter, complete with salami, proccuitto, peppers, mozz, brie, grilled zucchini and, my favorite, artichoke hearts. And a bianco pizza.  Tonio had a cheese pizza and Autumn got a huge bowl of pasta, that she polished off well before the boys and I were done...Kim always marveled over how she could put away the pasta!
          Then, we walked down the sidewalk to Frost...Autumn got cheesecake gelato, Cody, coffee and Tonio got banana and talked the girl into given him one of the frozen, chocolate dipped, bananas that they have on display in the counter!!  I had a cappuccino.  Grande.

             Flashback to this morning:
                    The monkeys were howling at the zoo this morning!!! Amy, Betsey, Kim and I took the kids to the zoo before the day could heat up.  Alex, Cody, Colton (Alex's buddy), Mitchell, Tonio, Mariah and Micah had a fun time - we even got to see the tigers get fed!  Missing from this photo are Hadley and Autumn, who had gone 'shopping' in the zoo gift store! 

          Random shots:
          In and Out Burger - a Kimmy favorite - I love a girl that loves a good cheeseburger!  And Kim loved a good cheeseburger!!  I took the kids to In and Out a couple of days ago...they all got hats!
         Here's some girls that love a good cheeseburger!!  Hadley, Autumn, Breanna and Lexy anxiously await their burgers.  I'm telling you, Breanna demolished her cheeseburger!!
                                  Brendon, Cody, Tonio and Mitchell enjoy their burgers and fries!
              Here's a good one for you;  When I went to pay homage to Hugo Chavez, owner of Valero, I noticed the little sign, above the shocking amount I paid to fill the car, and above the cigarette ad...Whoopie Pies are now sold at Valero!!  Kim would be doing cart wheels!!  Whoopie Pies were another of her secret weaknesses!  We joked about it often, if I wanted her to do something for me, sometimes I'd promise her a Whoopie Pie!!

                 Kimmy enjoys a nice cappuccino (grande) from Frost - we watched the fireworks from Udall park, across the street from Frost...

                 And, it's Autumn, once again telling me it's time...time to say our good nights to Mama...

                   Good night...

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  1. The food at Zona 78 looks so yummy! I've only eaten there once and it was delicious. My little ones go to Dr.Radomsky too! He's such a wonderful doctor!!!