We Climbed before the Klimb 4 Kim...

We Climbed before the Klimb 4 Kim...
1997's Climb

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Celebrating Kimmy

  Thank you so much for all of you who made it out today to celebrate Kim!  What an amazing mass Father Harry orchestrated!  He really captured Kim with the readings he chose and his entire style today...
  I have so many people to thank for making it a Kimmy day:  My neighbor Brian, who made the beautiful collages of Kim and made them into posters.  Brian also made the slide show that brought me to my knees - why should I complain?  I had all of those experiences with Kim that you saw in those photos!  Thank you to Mary and Ami, who found a sign in book - I can't wait to go through it - this was a something that had alluded me and they said, 'no problem, we got it' and Ami even made the ladybug cupcakes!!!  Thank you to Janene, Andrea and Kim - who together handled the 'dash' poem mass cards, the euglogy and a reading.  Thank you to Amy, who read the dash poem and has done so much for us.  Thank you Kenny, for keeping me grounded during this beautiful tribute to Kim, where I promised to shed only happy tears, but, selfishly, I was missing Kimmy, thanks for your reading, too!  Thank you to Father Harry, who did such an great job capturing Kimmy.  Thank you to Rosa and Vito, who, once again fed us, but not just us, made enough to feed about 400 people - most of the food was gone!  It was delicious and they worked so hard to make Kimmy's day special.  Thanks, again, to Andrea, Janene, Kim and their mom, Angie, who labored until after 1 a.m. to make those scrumptious rice krispy treats that I am so addicted to.   And thank you to my District Manager with Barnes & Noble, Tom, who came down from Phoenix, on his day off, to run my store, so my entire team could be there to support me and to celebrate Kim!!
   I know there are so many more thank yous, I could go on and on...it was so good to see so many people there for our family...
   Afterward, my east coast family, Amy, Tom and Alex, Betsey, Brian, Hadley and Mitchell, Andrea, Lexy and Brianna, came back to my house - it was so good to see them all...
   I could feel Kim's presence during the mass today - saw her in the glorious sunset and felt her as I talked with her brother, sister and my sisters at our home...she was absolutely the most incredilbe person I've ever met...I will continue to do better, thanks to her...and to all of you...


  1. Dave, thank YOU for showing us all what composure and strength look like, through grief and sadness. Kim would be so proud of the way you have carried your kids and frankly, all of us, through such a difficult time. You two were, and always will be, one of a kind. You will forever be "Dave and Kim, Kim and Dave" :) (like Peanut Butter and Jelly.) She was smiling down at you and the kids today, for sure.

  2. Dave~I was unable to make the celebration yesterday but I want for you to know that you and your family were on my heart and on my mind throughout the day. I can say that this is true of my entire family. We had a few moments where we discussed what we remember about Kimmy. One thing is in common in our reminiscing~ that Kimmy was so bubbly, shiny, sweet and giving! I am so very grateful that so many people were there to remember and celebrate Kimmy and to love and support you and the rest of Kimmy's family! I bet that the service was absolutely BEAUTIFUL! How could it not be?

    Please allow yourself those moments when you cry and the tears come down. Of course there will be tears for all sorts of reasons. I don't think that you should ever worry about how this appears. Whether they are tears of joy or sadness...both are healing and natural.

    You have all of the help and support that you need from my family. Just say the word, and we will be there. :)

    I hope that !you are able to get some really good rest and some great moments of peace! You have done SO much! You are a Godly man and God loves you! :)

    Cindy Motz

  3. What a beautiful celebration of Kim it was...You and Kim changed so many people's lives. It was amazing to see all those who came out to celebrate Kim, some have known her for years and some only a couple months. The showing of her doctors and nurses at her celebration was proof enough of the impact she can make in a short time. Sitting across from you at the church made it easier to smile about Kim because you were so strong for your kids. I don't think Antonio and Autumn could have clung onto you any more...like Ami said, Kim would have been proud! As I watched the slideshow I thought about my "dash" in life and I want to start living life as she would have.


  4. What a beautiful celebration it was!! You ALL did a great job of capturing Kim's essence! You could physically feel the love that was filling the sanctuary!I could picture Kim going around and hugging each and every person in attendance and thanking them for coming :) I pray that you and the kids feel the comfort of Gods love. Don't deny your feelings: sad, happy, mad, angry....they all work towards healing.
    Let people help you!! It makes US feel better ;)
    Take care

  5. So sorry I was unable to make the service Saturday.

    I watched the weather that day!
    Morning: Clouds started the day in mourning for Kim
    Afternoon: Blue skies, perfect temperature, sunny day in celebration of Kim
    Night: Peaceful with tons of stars (Celebration in Heaven)
    My thoughts and prayers go out to you and the kids everyday!

    Summer xoxo