We Climbed before the Klimb 4 Kim...

We Climbed before the Klimb 4 Kim...
1997's Climb

Monday, December 20, 2010

First Kiss

     ...I was a pretty dorky 7th grader, and had somehow landed an incredible girlfriend, Kim...I desperately wanted to be entertaining, interesting, everything she was looking for in a boyfriend - I also wanted Kim to be the first girl I kissed.
        My parents were pretty supportive of me and my friends, and agreed to allow me to host parties at our home, mostly in our basement.  The basement was always a place that attracted me, yet scared me.  It had concrete floors, a low, unfinished wood beam ceiling - the kind that the house's electricity ran along the beams with those white ceramic conductors.  It had a hulking furnace that roared at you when it fired up and a large oil container, all in the main room.  There were two side rooms, my Dad's workshop and the laundry room.  I had a pretty cool Williams pinball machine that was a lot of fun.  As a kid, I always loved playing down there, but it was not well lit and the shadows ran very deep...the last landing of the stairs created a natural fort beneath it, but, I was convinced a monster lived beneath the stairs and when it was time to go upstairs, I ran pretty quickly up those stairs!
       But I was 12 now, and over the monsters.  When I told my friends I was going to have a party, they were excited.  We did our best to clean up the basement and decorate.  My parents sprung for food and drinks for me.  I had an 8 track boom box for tunes and a strobe light for ambience...the stage was set.
         I invited Kim to the party at school that day and she said she could come.  I let my friends know that my girlfriend was coming and that I really wanted to kiss her, but needed a plan.  We put our heads together and came up with and idea:  when the song 'Calling Dr. Love', by Kiss came on the boombox, my friend, Jerry, would turn off the strobe light, leaving the basement in the dark and allowing me to have the courage to kiss Kim.
         I remember sitting aside of her, with my arm around her that night...thinking it was the greatest party ever - but I'm sure it was probably pretty boring.  My parties consisted of putting out snacks and sodas, putting on some music and hoping the people I invited created a fun time.  I never thought to have games or any theme, but Kim was very kind and if she was bored, she did not show it.
        Finally, my song came on and Jerry reacted flawlessly.  My palms were sweating and I was jittery with nerves, but I leaned over, embraced Kim and planted a long kiss on her lips.  She was shocked, but held me back and we just kind of smushed our lips into each other, because I had no idea of what else to do!  Over the rest of the night, I managed to kiss her a few more times, each one just a straight on smushing of closed lips, that transported me to a higher plane.  For me, it was the greatest night of my life!  I'm sure Kim did not know what to think!!
        Afterwards, we walked the couple of blocks to her house, holding hands, and Kim said she had a nice time...I was in love...
        Last week, at exactly 7:59 P.M., my darling angel moved on to a better place, and I placed my last kiss on her beautiful lips, a straight on smush, but, perhaps with a little more style.  I will forever remember the light she brought into my life, how she made everything special, helped me become a better person and, of course, her wonderful kisses...


  1. Wow... a post that made me smile and cry. That songs makes me cry every time I hear it and now it will take on a whole new meaning. What an incredible love story:)

    Nicole Mikkelson

  2. It is so unbelievable to hear of a couple that has know each other since they were 12! Just the other day someone at school said that you have thought Kim and Dave had just gotten married this year as you always acted like a couple in the "giddy new love" stage. How lucky that you had 33 years with Kim, many couples wish they could have even a third of the happy years that you had together : )

  3. Oh, it's such a great love story, Dave! I'm hooked!

  4. What? You and my sister kissed? You better run down in the basement and hide under those stairs. I know where you live!
    Of course, I'm kidding. I couldn't imagine a better person than you Dave for my sister to spend her life with.
    I still remember my first kiss... and my first kiss with my wife Laurel. And, I can't say that either one wasn't just a little bit awkward!
    My first was when I was about 5, Summer Bible Camp at Olivet Church. Her name was Elsa Cromer and I thought she was the most beautiful thing I'd ever seen! I took a big chance and held her hand, and she seemed pleased. My head was spinning and I felt like I could slay Goliath without that slingshot. I didn't let go of her hand until the end of Bible Camp and that's when I decided to go for it. I had to leave her with something more than just that handholding, so I mushed my lips onto hers just like I had seen people do on TV. She smiled for what seemed like an eternity until she walked off with her Mom. I don't think I even moved for about a minute... or an hour... It was like time had just frozen. I was on cloud 9 for a week just thinking of when I saw her at Sunday school again. Of course, I can't tell you how far my heart sank that very next Sunday when I saw her holding hands with another boy.
    Fast-forward twenty years... That 5yr old boy is now one cool dude. It was 1986 and I was recovering from a motorcycle accident. I frequented this bar off Lehigh St. with a few friends of mine, 'Your Place Restaurant'. Good food, good music, good people, a couple pool tables, and last call usually dragged-out about an hour after the legal limit.
    A bartender there caught my eye. She had long, beautiful hair, a great pair of legs, a sweet smile, and a pair of eyes that just gave me that same mushy feeling I had holding Elsa Cromer's hand for the very first time. I had been juggling a couple girlfriends (no, not at the same time...) leading up to my accident, so I never paid great attention to that beauty of a bartender. I was a one-woman man.
    After my accident, I started sitting at the bar and chatting with this young lady, who was surely out of my league, while I enjoyed my normal diet of beer and tequila. I had a sort-of relationship with a different young woman at the time, but it didn't seem to be going anywhere. So, a little flirting and chat with this bartender seemed innocent enough. As luck would have it, she also was in the midst of the same sort of go-nowhere relationships. We'd laugh in-between her serving drinks to me and the masses. It all seemed harmless enough.
    Then, one night she showed up at 'Your Place' as a patron, and not as the bartender. We talked for a bit, but since she worked there, drinking was discouraged by the management. We had some mutual friends who were heading off to another bar down the road, P. J. Tiffany's. We went with them. Well, a few hours, a lot of beer and Kamikazi's, a lot of dancing and conversation later, my contingent of friends were leaving and begged me to go with them. I said my goodbye's and walked out with my friends. My legs would not allow me to get past the edge of the exit door that I was holding in my right hand. It wasn't really a true first date, as we were both there with mutual friends, but her smile and her whit, and those powerful, ego-melting eyes had left their mark on me. Like that little 5yr old boy some twenty years before, I couldn't just walk away. I never let go of the door, turned around and strutted right back in. She was still with a few of her friends, but I walked back up to her and told her that I had a great time, probably stumbling over my words as my heart pounded in my chest. I wanted to see her again, and told her the best way a 5yr old boy, wrapped in a 24yr old man's suit, could... with a kiss. Time stood still once more.
    Dave, your story brought it to mind, so I'm sharing it with you. Thanks. And God bless you.

  5. I'm with Ami, hooked! I have always heard, and found it to be true, mostly, that we, as human beings choose our mates based on what we witnessed through our parents. What a beautiful example you two have created for your three blessed children. When the day comes, I am certain that Cody and Tonio will choose lovely gals that remind them of their lovely mom. Autumn will do the same, find a guy like her dear dad!! The way you and Kim loved each other is the best gift you could ever give your kiddos!

  6. Gee, I had it ALL wrong. I thought I was cool by putting on KISS concerts (playing Gene of course), and you were kissing your girl! You, and your stories continue to amaze and inspire me my friend!

  7. Dave, What a sweet story-I never knew. Kim was not a kiss and tell kind of sister. The big question is... did our parents know? Just like the frozen underwear on the flag pole at church camp one fall morning!!!! Ha!Ha! Gee, I wonder who put those there. Give the kids hugs and kisses from me(us). Love, Terri,Todd and Matt

  8. I love stories like this Dave. It just proves True Love is real and it is out there. My first Kiss with Tim was Oct 31, 1986 on top of a mountain in Missoula MT. There is something about the first kiss with a true love, it is unforgettable!
    Having a true love for 33 years in incredible now days. It just proves that love, "bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things" 1 Cor 13:7

  9. Dave I am now worried about my 13 year old if you were already kissing girls (or just Kim) at 12!! I can't believe you would plan such an elaborate event...or maybe I actually can! Now I will be keeping a better eye on my boys, that's for sure!!!

    I love the stories Dave...I hope it is helping you document your life. I know it can't be easy, but your bravery shows the true man and husband that you grew up to be!