We Climbed before the Klimb 4 Kim...

We Climbed before the Klimb 4 Kim...
1997's Climb

Thursday, February 10, 2011


   You know, somebody commented to me recently over what a great memory that I have, to be able to write about all that Kimmy and I were blessed to do together...yes, I have so many great memories, but, it is amazing, day to day, what triggers them.  It's not as if all of them are right there on the surface, although, of course there are a lot there - keeping me going...but, simple things during the course of my day will help a hidden gem to come uncovered...
     Super Bowl Sunday, as I headed to 'Uncle Art's' for his Super Bowl party...we took I-10, and, as we passed the 22nd street exit, I caught a glimpse of the Howard Johnson's just west of the exit...and, just like that, I was awash in some great memories...
     I-10 and 22nd street is no place you ever want to stay, if you are visiting Tucson - my friend, Joe, who works for the Fire Department, says this is an excellent place to get mugged, or worse.  As an EMT, he has seen some hairy action in this vicinity.  And my friend, Brad, who works for the Tucson Police Department, says it is an excellent place to get killed, or worse.  I believe them now, but, Kim and I had spent our share of time in Philly, and when you are in a bad neighborhood there, it is very apparent...Tucson is different, the bad areas just don't seem bad..
      And the nightly rate was $18.99!  That sounded good.  We loved that there was a Waffle House right across the street and ate there each morning (scrambled eggs w/ cheese and raisin toast! Kimmy's favorite!!).  We get up early, around 11 a.m., and head over there and plan our day...a little hiking (who cared that it was August?) and then, we'd find a place for dinner and some nightlife.  We knew where the University of Arizona was, so we'd just head down I-10, take the Speedway exit and look for a joint.  We ended up finding an all time favorite on the corner of Speedway and Euclid...Rosie's Cantina - at the Super Bowl party, I struggled to find the name of this place, but Janene remembered it and once she said Rosie's, I remembered we even had bought shirts there to commemorate our good times there!  They had great Mexican food and beer specials and the people working there were so friendly (well, our relatives who came out in December, all commented on how friendly people here in Tucson are - and why not, it is an incredible place to live!).  We danced and ate and had beers with limes in them and danced.  It was a great place.  By the time we moved here in 1994, it had been transformed into 'Cluck U Chicken'...we tried it, but it was not the same...I can't even think of what is on that corner now (southeast corner of Speedway and Euclid)...
         A favorite dinner spot was all the way down on Tanque Verde and Sabino Canyon, in the shopping plaza on the southwest corner - it was called Jerome's and was just a beautiful place with great food - it was still there, briefly, when we moved back, living just up the street in apartments at Tanque Verde and Dos Hombres, and we went there a few times.
        So just driving by HoJo's, brought back the flood of great memories and vivid detail of our vacations here in Tucson all those years ago...that's how it happens!
        Well, we are nearing the weekend, and I'm so glad the bambinis all had a great week!  Today, was a half day and I picked up Tonio and Autumn first.  Mrs. Schrantz had been kind enough to allow Tonio to bring in his latest Lego creation to class today.  He was so proud - he chose the set himself and paid for it with his own money!  When we got home, he sat down, pulled out the directions and went to work building the dragon exactly as pictured...all by himself!
        Then, we ran over to Desert Willow and picked up Lexy and next, over to Desert Sky and grabbed Cody...we were off for a nutritious lunch at...In and Out Burger!!  We scarfed down burgers and fries and headed over to the 'cheap theaters', formally known as the dollar theaters, to see Megamind...this is a must see!  Will Farrell place the villian and Brad Pitt the hero...everyone loved it and we gorged on popcorn and candy.  The soundtrack was pretty good too, with some AC DC, Guns and Roses and ELO...anyone remember them?  They played "Mr. Bluesky", which was Kim's and my favorite off of 'Out of the Blue'...it took me right back to Nitschmann Junior High and the times we shared there. On the way home, we stopped at Circle K for drinks - I told Andrea, we had stuffed her poor daughter with a bunch of garbage all day!  But, we'd make up for it at dinner, serving up some...you guessed it!  Pasta!!  They had worked off the day's debauchery with a brisk run with Bella around the neighborhood.  Bella loves company.  The kids have taught her to play 'hide and seek'.  They throw her ball down the hallway and scatter to hide.  Bella will patiently hunt each kid down.  It is amazing and she has so much fun!
        We still had vodka sauce left, so we were able to treat everybody ('cept Breanna, who said she was too tired to eat, poor girl) to some angel hair.  Autumn and Lexy can really put away the pasta!  Does my heart good to see people enjoy pasta...The girls even eat big salads, too!
        Cody missed the pasta, having gone to Alex's house - Amy and Tom were nice enough to take him for some Mexican food down the road at the Rita Ranch Market and then they played video games for awhile...
       The stars had so much clarity tonight, when we stepped out to say goodnight - you do have to bundle up - I put on my cozy Italia hoodie and Tonio will leap right up into my arms and tell me he'll keep me warm if I carry him!  The moon is up to a half smile now, and we had a great view of the Big Dipper as we wished Mama a good night...

Hey there misses blue
We're so pleased to be with you
Look around see what you do
Ev'rybody smiles at you

Misses blue, you did it right
But soon comes mister night creepin' over
Now his hand is on your shoulder
Never mind I'll remember you this
I'll remember you this way

Yes, I changed mister into misses in these lyrics...fits better...



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