We Climbed before the Klimb 4 Kim...

We Climbed before the Klimb 4 Kim...
1997's Climb

Sunday, March 27, 2011

An end to Spring Break...

   Ahhh Spring Break...it always goes so fast, leaving us wanting more...we used to take such fabulous roadtrips over Spring Break, mostly to San Diego...although, Kim and I used to like to get over to Disneyland on Spring Breaks, too.  These last few years, Kimmy really looked forward to these breaks, time off from work and time to spend with the bambini.  She'd fill their days with crafts and cooking.  Baking them treats and taking special little trips with them...
  ...we sure tried to keep busy this break and ended with a flourish, hitting the zoo with Amy and Betsey on Thursday, Spring Training baseball Friday, yesterday, party at Betsey and Brian's and today, Old Tucson Movie Studios, with the help of Jaimelyn and Scott Thomas (Jaimelyn and I work together at Barnes & Noble, where they have been holding down the fort for me over the last two weeks!  And Scott was a long time stunt man over at OT, until recently, but came through with some passes today!). 
     It was an incredible day, temps in the mid-70's - we started by going to church and then, what a surprise, to Viro's. 

People dine on the veranda at Viro's on an beautiful morning!
Lena, Nick, Erica and Nikki are always so friendly and helpful!  Nick is an A.C. Milan fan, but I do not hold it against him - he makes a good sandwich!  Nikki has assumed omelet duties from Christina and made some awesome omelets this morning for us - Cody had two, as usual!  Erica made me another, high octane, cappuccino!  Lena always helps clear the plethora of plates the bambini accumulate (and, she makes a great cappuccino, too!).

Asuzanna brings out more delicious food from Rosa's kitchen!  She is non-stop!!
          And what a great day for us to be at Viro's today - we got to see Vito's oldest son, Joe and his wife Deanna!  These guys are always on the go, doing exciting things.  Recently, they did a little camping up Mt. Lemmon - they camped near some rowdy guys, who actually brought televisions into the forest and were watching the NCAA tourney - now that's roughing it!
             And, of course, Vito and Rosa were there...to make our morning complete.
            I forgot to take a picture of the amazing buffett - next week!  You can catch a glimpse of their homemade gelato in the case behind Vito - You can not find it anywhere with the homemade taste that Viro's has!  And as great as the food at Viro's is, the people are what make it so special...

            With our bellies full, we picked up Betsey, Brian, Hadley, Mitch, Amy, Tom and Alex and headed to Old Tucson.
          The kids always seem to gravitate toward the motor cars - as if an invisible beam pulls them in from the park entrance - irristable!  Alex, Mitch, Cody and Tonio anxiously wait for their car as Autumn and Hadley prepare for departure.
                                          Here come Hadley and Autumn!!
                                          Tonio, barely hanging on while Mitch drives...
                                          And Cody cruised by...
                                         Followed by Alex....

                                        Alex, Tonio, Brian, Mitch and Hadley are clearly terrified as we find our way through the Haunted mine...When Kim and I first started going to Old Tucson, back in 1994, this ride featured mine cars that rode you through the mine on tracks.  Now, you walk through, led by a guide.  Our guide today, was 'Terrible Tom'..he must be in his 90's and is pretty funny!
          There's a new sheriff in town!  Tonio jails the crew and taunts them with the keys!
                        Hadley, Autumn, Alex, Cody, Tonio, Mitch, Betsey, Tom, Amy and Brian are ready for the comedy performance by the Santa Rita Mission.
         One of the stuntmen, Travis, who plays the sheriff's deputy in this skit, takes a seat next to the girls during the performance!  Autumn was just a little taken aback!

                   Autumn, Hadley, Amy, Tom, Brian and Betsey are psyched for the train ride!  We used to take Cajun on this train, when Kim and I would visit Old Tucson before having the bambini.
                     Hadley, Antonio and Autumn outside the High Chapparal t.v. show set.

                One more ride on the motor cars!  Tonio finds time to take a siesta, while keeping his vehicle on the road!!
               It was a good day...and a nice end to Spring Break...I guess all breaks must come to an end and we sure made a lot of great memories together over this break!  I return to work tomorrow, tanned, rested and ready!  Well, maybe not rested - I was telling Jaimelyn today, it is great to spend so much time with the bambini's, but, as Kim and I always used to joke - there are no breaks or lunches - it is full steam ahead from dawn to midnight!!
             But it really helped being off with these guys and thank you to all of you who made this a wonderful, healing, Spring Break for our family!!!


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