We Climbed before the Klimb 4 Kim...

We Climbed before the Klimb 4 Kim...
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Monday, March 21, 2011

Italian Wedding Soup

    #2 on Autumn's "All Time Favorite Mama Recipes"...is...Italian Wedding Soup!!!  Oh man, was Aut excited, when she came home from the movies with Mrs. Rudzena (Casey) and found out that I had cooked up a batch today!!  Cody and Antonio both enjoy the wedding soup, too - and they were my guinea pigs today, so to speak.
     Kimmy made a mean wedding soup.  She made it look easy, as she did with most everything she did - the word 'graceful' comes to mind!  First of all, I was glad that, after I finished preparing the ingredients, when I flipped her little recipe card over (Did I tell you I love her hand writing?), there were further instructions on how to prepare the ingredients!  Hoo ray!  I didn't need to be bailed out today, like when I made the Chicken Tortilla Soup!!
     Ok, so essentially, you have to make the tiny meatballs:
        Take 8 oz of ground beef and 8 oz of ground pork and put them in a mixing bowl.
        Toss in a small, finely chopped onion
        1/3 cup chopped Italian parsley
        1 large egg
        2 cloves of minced garlic (ahhh, I used 3!)
        1 tsp of salt
         1/4 cup  of bread crumbs
         1/2 cup of grated Parm
         Freshly ground pepper to taste

         Mix these ingredients up well and roll out 1" meatballs - place on a plate
         The Soup:
         Put 12 cups of chicken broth in a nice pot
           Here is a nice pot.  I use it almost daily.  Sometimes twice a day.  If you do not have a nice pot, get one.
           Chop into thin strips, 1 lb of escarole (you can substitute spinach if you cannot locate escarole or endive).
            2 large eggs.
            2 tbls of grated Parm
            Salt and ground pepper
            1 box of orza or pastini

           Bring the broth to a boil and add the meatballs and escarole and simmer until the meatballs are cooked through (about 8 minutes).  Whisk the eggs, cheese, salt and pepper in a medium bowl.  Stir the soup in a circular motion (is there any other way?) and gradually drizzle the egg mixture into the moving broth, stirring gently with a fork to form thin strands of egg (yeh, here's where I struggled - figuring if I had that elusive third hand, so I could stir the soup in a circular motion, while drizzling the egg and using a fork to form thin strands), about 1 minute.

          Serve soup!  You can sprinkle grated parm on top, if you desire, and the bambini always do!!

                                         Birdseye view of Italian Wedding Soup in 'nice pot'...
            And the Italian Wedding Soup in a nice bowl - oh, hey, be sure to pick up a nice loaf of bread!  That La Brea bread company makes a tasty olive oil and rosemary loaf that was Kimmy's favorite.  If you are here in Tucson, swing into Viro's on 22nd and Sarnoff and get any fresh loaf that they have!!!            
         The nice thing about this recipe, is, you'll have leftovers for tomorrow!  Don't be alarmed tomorrow, though, when you come out and see that the pasta has sucked up every last vestige of broth.  Simply add a little more broth!
            It really isn't a difficult or time consuming recipe - and again, Kimmy made it look so easy, but it brought our family so much satisfaction!!  We appreciated it!  Today, was a big win, as they bambini each ate two bowls, and Aut even ate the meatballs!!

           And, as you may have read on Casey's blog (now one of the links on Kimmy's blog, if you scroll down, past the music line up, you'll see links on the right side for Casey's, as well as, Ami's blog, too!), she scooped me on our return, yet again, to Fantasy Island!  Today, we brought Casey for her first ride through (and found out she had not been on a bike since, perhaps, when she was 5!!) and her mom, Patti, too.
          It was very windy today, but the temperature was fantastic!

                                     Autumn, Patti (with an 'i'), Casey and Antonio are ready to ride!
           And these guys did a fantastic job avoiding cactus, snakes, cows (I am not in the mood for cows today! Autumn told me) and other various dangers.  Aut and I saw a jack rabbit today bigger than Bella.
                   Casey riding hard through the desert terrain, unimpeded by my stupid finger!

                             Casey and Patti check out my old bike that we hung for Kimmy...
       These guys even made it through the dreaded sand pit today!! It was a great ride!
                             And Autumn and Casey had a blast going to see Gnomeo and Juliet after we went for breakfast/lunch at Bruegger's with Patti and Patti's Mom.  You can see pictures of the movie on Casey's web site and she has a great tunes list...all of which, Cody and I have downloaded to his Ipod!

                          It was another busy day...another strategy session with Sam (Ami and Mary's - who guided the bambini through kindergarten, Dad the lawyer) as we wade through the red tape and fiscal water, then I left to do final interviews as we hire a principal for the new high school that will open next July (we picked one!) and got back just in time to wisk the little ones off to their swim lessons - hit Target, Safeway and home by 8:30 so we could eat wedding soup....

                       And, another Monday, flying by...I couldn't, as hard as I tried, remember the time, the exact time, that I said goodbye to Kimmy, my love, my angel, before they put her on the respirator - I don't know why it was so important today, but it seemed to be - that passionate exchange, her eyes so bright, so alive...I tried to reach out to those I was in contact with that day, but couldn't...I'm not quite myself these days, I guess we all come undone time to time in different ways.  I have myself to blame, guess I don't always understand and need help in many ways.

               "How I wish, how I wish you were here...
                We're just two lost souls,
                Swimming in a fish bowl,
                Year after year...
                Running over the same old ground.
                What have we found?
                 The same old fears.
                Wish you were here."
                              -Pink Floyd


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