We Climbed before the Klimb 4 Kim...

We Climbed before the Klimb 4 Kim...
1997's Climb

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Lil' Kim

          "Don't ever let anyone tell you you ain't beautiful"

          You know, I find myself quoting this song to the bambini's often - to remind them "to be yourself, be proud of who you are", as they struggle to find themselves along their new journey...Autumn, ever conscious of who she is and how people see her, has embraced these words, and made them her own.  She is remarkable...
          Everyday, Autumn sets her alarm for 6:10 a.m.  She takes charge to get us boys rolling each morning.  First, she lets Bella out.  Then, she comes and wakes me up, giving me a big hug and kiss and asking me how I slept and did I have any sweet dreams?  She is so Kimmy like, that, when I hold her, I have to hold her tight and long, as I fight back the tears...
         Autumn will then make sure Cody and Tonio are up by 6:30 and on their way towards getting ready!  She helps me get their breakfast dishes out and, when they are finished eating, helps me clean up.  I am constantly amazed...I know I shouldn't be, but, come on!  She's 10 and has a firmer grasp on reality than I do!  Kim had worked her magic on Aut in 10 short years (but would not teach Aut to cook!!  I'm working on that!).
         Autumn has become the glue for our family, just as Kim was the glue in my life for the 27 years we were together.  She is our morning girl, turning on all of the lights, sometimes putting on some happy music (she likes the new Apocalyptica song, "Not Strong Enough" that I downloaded!) - sometimes, when she knows I'm having a rough morning, she'll put on a little Megadeth for me 'This is My Life', she claims is one of her favorites (to make me happy...it IS a great tune!).  She stays positive, upbeat, just like Kimmy - always taking a tough situation and putting a positive spin on it...
        So, it was nice, when I picked her up after school today, to tell her we were heading over to Desert Willow to pick up her BFF Lexy.  She loves her time with Lexy - they text and email daily, as between Aut's swim lessons, school and the hectic pace I keep, and Lexy's volleyball, choir, dance and her family's even heavier schedule, it can be a challenge to get the girls together.
        The girls were hungry, so, for some real nutritional value, we swung through McD's drive through (no monopoly game going on right now...) and they both had the 6 piece McNugget meal!  Then home for fun and games...they ran Bella hard...then gave her a bath - Bella HATES that!
                             Ahhhhhhh Blue Sky all natural soda...cream flavor...Kimmy's absolute favorite - and the girls love them too!   Made them some chicken burritos and corn for dinner (yes, they both ate well, considering our McD's run!).  They played until 8 when Andrea came to pick her up - well, it is a school night...and it was 88 degrees today!!  Hooray!  Winter is OVER!!!  I was able to start sprucing up the yard, adding pots and statues to the front and developing a plan for some plants that the bambini's and I will pick up this week...
            By the way, Lexy and Autumn took these photos themselves...!
                Autumn then goes into her getting us ready for bed mode.  She gets her shower started, then prompts Antonio to do the same in the other bathroom.  If Tonio does not 'feel like it', Autumn will challenge him to a race, to see who can shower the fastest!  She gets her clothes ready for the next day, always showing me and asking me if everything matches (yeh, like I know - one thing Kim could not 'train' me on was fashion sense and knowing what matches! She even bought all of my clothes - I shudder to think that, one day, I may have to pick out something for myself).
             When her and Antonio are showered and in pj's, she will round us all up to go outside to say goodnight to Mama...then, she hugs, kisses and tells Antonio that she loves him, walks him to bed and goes to find Cody to do the same - all the while I am fighting back the tears, so when she comes to hug and kiss me, ask me how my day went and tells me to have only sweet dreams, she cannot detect the effect she has on me - so Kimmy like, did I mention that before?  I cannot get over it - she is so precious, just like Kim was.  So unselfish, making sure we are all doing OK, and us boys seem to need a lot more help to get through our day...
            "God gave you shoes to fit, so put them on and wear them"
            How weird is it that Eminem teamed up with Paul Rodgers, of Bad Company, to make the song 'Beautiful'?  
             Autumn lives this - she does not ask why.  She does not let it get her down.  She remembers...and keeps herself up on the good memories...
         "Nobody asked for life to deal us, with these hands we're dealt"  we gotta take these hands and make something of them...again, Kim, er, I mean, Autumn, just does that!  Unbelievable.
         Anyway, Autumn, our glue, has done a fabulous job - and appreciates her friends and the time they are able to share - it keeps her up.  She had taken on the role in our family of motivator, keeping us focused and helping us to get ready for our day, and ready for bed at night, without being asked - willingly and without question.  Amazing Autumn...Kimpossible...two of a kind...


  1. Wow...Dave, that was about the sweetest thing I've read in long time. Autumn really is a remarkable little girl. It just melts my heart to hear that she is taking over the "motherly" duties, just as her mama once did for all of you. Autumn is a little Kim for sure. So glad to hear she is keeping a positive outlook....and why wouldn't she? She learned from her mama. ;)

  2. Your post brought me to tears. What a beautiful tribute to your daughter! Her smile reminds me so much of Kim's. She had the best teacher anyone could ask for and it sounds like she has seamlessly fallen into the role of mother hen. She is an amazing little girl, who can light up a room...just like her mama. Thank you again for sharing!

  3. Just beautiful! Autumn was always a good little helper and continues to follow in he moms footsteps. Did she like the necklace I sent her? I loved it when she would come over and pick out beads so I could make her something. I am looking for owl charms and when I find some I will send her another little gift.