We Climbed before the Klimb 4 Kim...

We Climbed before the Klimb 4 Kim...
1997's Climb

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


          It was a great day in sports...Kimmy had her hand in here somewhere...Cody had his last district track meet today, at Empire High School.  Today, he was running in the 100M, the 4x100M relay and the 200M.  He's been somewhat hampered by a tweaked ankle, and had forgotten to bring his brace...I told him to run hard and do his best.
          While watching Cody warm up, I had a chance to catch up with Mrs. Buchheit, a 7th grade teacher at Rincon Vista Middle school, who had worked with Kimmy - and did a lot for our family, while she was sick.  She had many good things to say about Kim.  Mrs. Paton, Cody's science teacher, was also there - her daughter runs for Rincon Vista.  Mrs. Paton told me Mrs. Buchheit was from Buffalo...I told her I was a Flyers fan and she whipped out her cell phone and told me she was tracking the game and the Flyers were up 2-0...I told her what a fan Kimmy was of hockey, and how we had been partial season ticket holders for five years before coming to Tucson.  And that we'd make it up to see the Coyotes often. 
          Then, Cody began to run...fast...he took 2nd place in the 100M!  I was yelling encouragement to him as he flashed by us!   Meanwhile, the Flyers went up 4-0 over the Sabres.  Next, Cody's team took 1st place in the 4 x 100M!  He ran well and made a great hand off to help his team win. 
          Flyers win 5-2!!  Now they will go on to face the Washington Capitols in the next round of the playoffs.  The Caps are scary good and are peaking at the right time.
          Finally, Cody is running hard in the 200M.  Mrs. Buchheit begins yelling 'Go Trevor, Go Trevor!'...I told her 'wait a minute, that's my boy Cody running, you need to yell for Cody!!'.   'Dig, Dig Dig!!!' I yelled as Cody raced by, neck and neck with Trevor, from Rincon Vista...and Cody did dig and pulled out a victory in the 200M!!!  Now, here's the best part...the two boys turned to each other, shook hands and did a fist bump...what great sportmanship!!  Trevor is the son of Rincon Vista's principal, Lydia Crain.  It was neat to see these two, speedy, competitors show each other such respect following a close race!
          This was Cody's best day at the track!!
         After the track meet, which are the most lengthy sporting events known to man, I picked up Aut and Tonio at Lupe and Manny's and  we headed over to Purple Heart Park, to meet Angie and Janene to watch her son, Brendon, play baseball.  I wore my Flyers, Dan Carcillo #13 jersey, in honor of Kimmy.  Carcillo scored a goal again tonight for the Flyers.
        Brendon's team, the Rangers, played the Cardinals tonight (the team Cody was on two years ago that won it all).  Both teams played well and it was tied 9-9 and went into extra innings!  The Rangers were able to sit down the Cardinals, in order, to earn their at bat and try to break the tie.  They put some guys on base, and were able to bring in a man, as the throw came to the plate - Frank Duarte, the umpire, made the call...'safe!', and Brendon's team won a nail biter!!
      Ahhhh yes, somewhere in Heaven, Kim was smiling down on sports, and exciting finishes today...


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