We Climbed before the Klimb 4 Kim...

We Climbed before the Klimb 4 Kim...
1997's Climb

Saturday, May 28, 2011

End of School Year Party...

          Another school year ended...this one seemed to have gone by much faster than usual...and we will miss all of the wonderful teachers that Cody and Antonio had (we were blessed to have Mrs. Rudzena conveniently move up to teach Autumn in 6th grade again next year...believe me, that cost me a small fortune to arrange!)...
          The bambini grew so much this year - some out of necessity, and some just naturally growing with time...educationally, they all excelled - having a small drop off while Kimmy was in the hospital, but rebounding nicely with the help of their teachers and our friends - Tonio and Autumn both got straight A's!!!  Cody's report card hasn't arrived yet, but, at the awards ceremony he took home 4 awards related to grades and citizenship.  Autumn is insistent that I mention we saw John Belushi at Cody's graduation ceremony - the young man two seats down did bear a striking resemblance and never removed his Blue's Brothers style shades - I thought I got a photo of him, but alas, it appears that I did not. 
Wait!  Looks like I got him captured on video!!!  check out Cody in his pin striped suit!!

          This is the time of year, that Kim liked to reflect back on all the bambini accomplished over the school year...Cody's won a championship with Desert Sky Flag Football...Mrs. Schrantz taught Tonio to tie his shoes!  Autumn overcame her fear of water and has learned to swim...Tonio, not afraid of water, but also learned to swim...Tonio growing spiritually, receiving his First Holy Communion...and all three have grown more independent, considerate and helpful...they've woven us into a tight knit team...
          And Kimmy always loved to celebrate the end of the kid's school year with a party!  She was always so proud of all they had done over the year and wanted to reward their hard work and begin their summer right...well, in honor of Kimmy, we put together a "Pickle Party"!
                            Front Row: Breanna, Lexy, Autumn, Emma and Hadley
                            Back Row: Jasmine, Cieleigh and Maryssa
                             Autumn handled games and crafts, in Kimmy-like fashion...here, the girls made pickle party shirts with fabric paint (I had to go to Target three times the same day because the first time, I couldn't remember why I was there, the second time, I couldn't decide which shirts and paints to buy and the third time, I brought little Kim with me, who made excellent choices and did it pretty quickly, too!).
They played 'freeze dance' and other games before deciding to take Bella for a walk.  Bella was thrilled to be included - but, it was 100 degrees yesterday (the ice officially broke on the Santa Cruz!), so they came back inside to cool off.  The girls built their own sandwiches for lunch and had a sundae bar for dessert.  And ate 3 1/2 jars of various pickles, too!  They made videos and watched videos on You Tube.  And they danced and hung out.  Tonio, Monsi and Mitchell also participated in the festivities!

Thanks to Cieliegh's mom, Jenni, for bailing me out on cute party favors, too!  She made bottle cap necklaces for each child that said "pickle party" with a little painting of a pickle!!

After that, it was nice to go next door to Amy and Tom's, for some adult beverages while the kids swam in their pool!
But, perhaps the best end of school year tribute, came from Rincon Vista Middle School...They dedicated their year book to Kim.  Amy brought me one over, signed by most of the teachers and staff - it is beautiful!
There is a row of Kim's photo and it reads "This book is dedicated in loving memory of our friend and colleague, Kim Conca.  Her unwavering kindness and positive nature serve as a role model for our community.  Her gentle determination helped lead our school to success."

The well wishes the teachers and staff wrote were amazing...these continued acts of kindness and thoughtfulness leave me feeling like a marshmallow...I've cried more in the last 7 months than in my entire 46 years...had to duck outside during the pickle party to finish reading the overwhelimingly deep and wonderful comments that they all inscribed...thank you!
Another school year down - and the bambini did great!  Also managed to celebrate for them...Kim had me ready for this...built me for this...just working on the fine attention to detail she lovingly threw in...
Thanks to all of you who helped us through this year!!

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