We Climbed before the Klimb 4 Kim...

We Climbed before the Klimb 4 Kim...
1997's Climb

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

More Acts of KIMness

        Thanks again, Dale Hoffner, who came up with this phrase...that not only fits, but is functional.  Kim was big on 'functional'. When she looked at bringing in a piece of furniture into our home, or if there was something I wanted, she would ask 'Dave, is it functional?'...it couldn't just look good, it had to be somehow useful beyond aesthetics.

         Wanted to share some more of Kim's journal and here's a couple of entries from November, 2003, when Tonio would have been all of 4 months old, we were sleeping in Cody's old room, in our old house, after Kim converted our master bedroom into the boys room, even though Tonio slept with us!

     November 18, 2003
                Cody met me at his gate at school with a little treasure box carrying his other front tooth!  He lost it during Megan Thelan's birthday party at school.  Tooth fairy visit tonite!

               -And you can bet Kim took plenty of photos of Cody without his tooth!

     November 27th 2003
           Happy Thanksgiving!  We spent the holiday with our friends and neighbors Courtney and Shawn Hoffman.  Shawn cooked the turkey and everyone brought the side dishes.  We made corn pudding casserole, pumpkin pie, pumpkin roll, cranberry sauce and brought wine.  Tonio enjoyed his first Thanksgiving and all the attention from our friends.  Cody and Autumn played with Hope and Noah and enjoyed stealing whipped cream and pumpkin pie when no one was watching!

           -I can tell you, Shawn was a fabulous cook!  When ever they asked what we were doing for dinner, I would drop everything and get over there!  Kim made the best pumpkin roll and cranberry sauce!!

          You know, I have a good commute to Barnes & Noble at the Foothills Mall - it's about 36 miles each way...so I have plenty of time to think and reflect...some days, I can't remember anything...nothing...and it's not a good feeling - as if there is a void, a chasm that has opened up and swallowed the life I shared with Kim...I was having one of those mornings, flying down, or up, I-10 at 75 miles per hour - when, all of the sudden, I heard Kim say "I watched for you on the news today and waved at you!"...
         I would always call and talk with Kim on my way to work and on my way home - it sure made that drive very pleasant - and seem so quick!  During my first two years with Barnes & Noble, I-10 was under construction as they added lanes in both direction.  They had several camera spots that they would show on the news, so you could get a sense of traffic flow (reminded us of the live cameras they put at watering holes in Africa that you can watch on .com's to see wildlife!).  And Kimmy would watch the news religiously, hoping for a glimpse of my truck going by on my way to work...she was so sweet.
          In fact, sometimes she'd just want me to call out for the day so we could spend it together.  And when I'd explain that I really shouldn't do it (I sure wish I had!), she would say, 'OK, but don't tell me that you are going to work...just say you are going to run a couple of errands and will be right back.'  She told me it wouldn't seem that I was gone so long if I told her that...
         So my drives now are mostly quiet...I turn up the music to drown it out...

          A full moon as I tailed the bambini parade out back to say goodnight to Mama...always makes things interesting...Tonio ran to the side of the house to get a better look and jumped up and down with delight over the beauty of it and insisted we all come over to see - it sure was beautiful...


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