We Climbed before the Klimb 4 Kim...

We Climbed before the Klimb 4 Kim...
1997's Climb

Sunday, July 24, 2011

I have writer's block

          I do.  Have writer's block.  Sometimes the memories, the ideas just flow...sometimes they get stuck...I have an idea what the trigger is, but I do not have any control over it...
         This weekend has been one of those times.  My catalyst hasn't come through.  I can't find the thread on my own right now...so, I turned to the bambini.

          'Kids!  I'm stuck!!  I need some stories...about Mama!'...Tonio said, "you could write about how I always asked you guys to sleep with me."  Ok, done.  He is sweet, and I know there are two trains of thought on this.  Some people say 'don't do it', some say 'it's ok'.   We've always leaned towards the latter.  As I know now, life goes way too fast to worry about wether or not a kid wants the security of sleeping with his/her parents...before long, they not only don't want to sleep in your room, but they also no longer want that hug or kiss in front of their friends...or to hold hands while taking a walk...or go on family vacations...

           Autumn had a zillion ideas...

         She loved the time Kimmy surprised her with tickets to go see the My Little Pony Tea Party.  A live performance at the Music Hall down town.  Just the two of them.  Girls night out.  Kim wanted to do more of these...but, as I pointed out above, sometimes life really does go too fast, and she did have the time. 
          Kim did not tell Autumn where they were going...they parked at the cathredal, across the street from the music hall and Autumn thought they were going to church.  As they entered the music hall, a man handed her a My Little Pony coloring sheet and then she knew!  She loved the show and the time to share with her Mama.  Afterwards, they had dinner together at Little Anthony's diner.

          Another of Autumn's fondest memories (and Cody seconded this one), was, the last time we went to Disneyland, six years ago, we did not tell the kids where we were going - just pulled them from their beds, at 4 a.m., loaded them into the car in their p.j's and kept them comfy with blankets, pillows and put blankets up in the windows to block the rising sun later and took off.
          They woke when we were already in California, but still had no idea.  In fact, we were able to maintain the element of surprise, all the way to the Disneyland parking lot, when, as we approached, they spotted the brand new ride "Tower of Terror".  Cody saw it first, but did not recognize it for what it was - he shouted "Omygosh!  That hotel is on fire!!!".  Autumn and Tonio strained in their car seats to see and began shouting crazily.  Then, we passed beneath the Disney archway and it hit them...we were at Disneyland and they began squealing with delight.
          That was a great time.

          I knew the bambini could help.  They always do.  Everyday!


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