We Climbed before the Klimb 4 Kim...

We Climbed before the Klimb 4 Kim...
1997's Climb

Sunday, July 17, 2011


This morning, I woke around 6...Bella incessantly telling me it was time to run in the desert.  She does not understand the term 'rough night', so I thought it best to just humor her and get out of bed. The sun was already heating things up as we ran, and recent rains has the neighborhood green and flowers beginning to bloom.  The rangers in front of our house are in full bloom.  Kimmy would always have me wait to trim them until after the last blooms had fallen off the bush.  She loved them full and bright.  She would tell me each time, how she wanted them trimmed.  Flat on the bottom, rounded from the top.  Kim was unable to trim them herself, as, each time she tried, her eyes would itch and water for several days.  I had no problem trimming them to spare her that.
In these early morning hours, I miss her.  Today, when I realized this, I thanked God for everytime I lumbered out of the bedroom, bleary eyed and hating morning, to have Kim ask me how I slept and give me a sweet good morning kiss, her brilliant smile lighting up the room. And thanked God for the enthusiasm with which she faced the new day, eventually rubbing off on me to get me started.  And thanked God for how much she appreciated the chai tea I would make for her to take with her to work.  She'd always offer to make me something, but I'm strictly a water person in the morning.  Ice water.  She was really good at mornings...thank God.

Today was the last day of the bambini's summer vacation - well, Tonio and Autumn's.  And the last weekend.  It turned out to be a good one...
We spent some time Saturday with Angie and her bionic knee.  She graduated from walker to cane, when Mark presented her with a brand new one he purchased for her.  She deftly navigated through the kitchen with it.  Her resolve to rehab her knee is strong and it shows in her progress - she's a hard worker!
Then, we went to see Janene, who really helped make our summer great, including us in many family outings, planning them, bringing everyone snacks, etc, etc.  It was amazing!  She was able to give me a haircut, bringing me back to respectability, and then we went next door to Az Pizza for lunch!

HUGE slices!!

Sunday, we made it to church at Our Mother of Sorrows and then to Viro's to eat some breakfast with Autumn's teacher, Casey, her husband Jack and their friend Tara.  Rosa and Vito joined us (Happy 33rd wedding anniversary!) and presented us with this:
 A WHOLE case of Lupini beans!!  The bambini wipe out a jar in minutes, like locusts in a wheat field.  What a great, end of summer gift!  Immediately, Autumn and Antonio asked if they could take some in their lunch tomorrow!
After filling ourselves with food and enjoying good company, Andrea picked up Autumn for a girls day out of shopping (she bought Aut a beautiful shirt for the first day of school and an owl watch!), movies and dinner at Applebees.
Meanwhile, I took the boys to Toys R Us and met Kim, Rashon, Mario and their kids at Wild Wings and Things for dinner.  The kids had fun playing video games.  Afterward, we all met up with Andrea and the girls at Baskin Robbins for ice cream.  As we all walked out into the a light, falling rain, the kids started going crazy...

A double rainbow spanned the sky...the kids were delighted that they could see it from beginning to end.  A beautiful way to end our day together.
 Autumn was glowing after her day with Andrea, Lexy and Breanna.  And the boys had fun with David, Mariah and Micah.  Once again, Angie and her daughters, Andrea, Janene, and Kim made our weekend!  And, as I'm typing, her daughter Kristie, in N.M., texted best wishes to the bambini for their first day of school!  We are blessed.

We were blessed with a great summer together...Autumn and Tonio do not want to go back to school tomorrow, although, once they are there, I know that between seeing their friends and having wonderful teachers, that they will settle in quickly.  I will miss them.  Cody and I have until Friday together when he starts high school!

When we stepped outside tonight, the rain had begun again.  The bambini love the smell of the creosote bushes after the rain...we opened up the house to bring it inside...They craned their little heads towards the cloudy night sky, letting the cool rain kiss their faces and wished Mama a good night, sweet dreams and blew their kisses in the general direction of the Big Dipper...


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  1. Glad you had a nice last summer weekend together! I'm sure they had fun today at school : )

    Last night I'm trying to remember the thought process I was having, but I just got to thinking about Kim. I had one of those feelings of "I can't believe she won't be at school tomorrow." I know you must have those thoughts all the time, but last night, it just hit me hard...

    I miss her...but I know she is watching over me though as I go through these last couple months of pregnancy!