We Climbed before the Klimb 4 Kim...

We Climbed before the Klimb 4 Kim...
1997's Climb

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

More Kimmy's Journal

         I had a few ideas, a few more memories that I wanted to add tonight - and I apologize - I'm tired...Today at work, I burned out.  I had the opportunity to deliver books to the good people over at Ellie Towne Community Center, not too far from my store.  Catholic Social Service operates some incredible programs there for seniors, teens and children.  They provide free or low cost meals to 75-100 seniors per day.  They have doctors, a dentist, art classes, games, etc for seniors.  They have a pre-school for disadvantaged children and a youth center for after school, so these kids have a safe place to go and hang out.  Most of the people who work there are volunteers or work for near minimium wage.  They do it for the love of people and their community.  It is so inspiring and I always feel blessed on the days I get to go there.

        But, for different reasons...it wore me out, too.
       And, I found myself, around 2:00, sound asleep at Jaimelyn's (Asst. Store Manager) desk.  I was reading her developmental plan she had prepared for me...and then I wasn't.  I was out.  Deep.  Mary, another A.S.M., walked in and asked 'Are you asleep?'...at the sound of her voice, I was like a diver, coming up to the surface, way to fast...the benz!  My brain was sluggish...yeh, I guess I was...So, they kicked me out.  Mercifully.

         And, I got my second wind as I scooped up the bambini from school (thanks Jenny and Casey for keeping these guys and helping them with homework!) and ran home to cook up some of the wonderful chicken stir fry that Andrea taught me to make - the kids eat a ton of it, and tonight was no exception!

        But here is the next entry in Kimmy's journal:

       February, 25, 2004

          "Today is my Dad's birthday.  We are all remembering the wonderful dad, friend and person he was to eeryone.  We went to the Mission this evening to light candles in the sanctuary (Mary's, the same on that I go to each Friday to light candles for Kimmy) and to say a prayer.  Thank you Dave for your loving words for him.  Cody had 'Rodeo Day' at school and Autumn, Tonio and I saw the white bird overhead as we watched the festivities.  Autumn said a prayer to 'Granpop' and blew a kiss to the sky...she's a sweet little honey.  Tonio lightened the mood of the day by waing for the first time : ) . Dave ended the day by getting me a special dove charm for my bracelet (from Italy!).  Dad will forever remain in our hearts."

        We feel the same way about Kimmy...she's in our hearts...


Here's another photo of Autumn and Lexy on the day of their dance recital!

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