We Climbed before the Klimb 4 Kim...

We Climbed before the Klimb 4 Kim...
1997's Climb

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Pinnacle Peaks

       Pinnacle Peak, Trail Dust Town - can't remember if I wrote about our times there or not - I've written well over 250 posts, so, please bear with me...or, stop me if you've heard this one!

       We lived about a mile or so east of Pinnacle Peak steak house, located in Trail Dust Town.  A replica old west town, complete with General Store, panning for gold, gun fights and an old fashion train that circles the town's perimeter.
       Kim and I found it almost immediately and liked to go there after a long day at work.  We'd stroll the grounds, visit the shops, ride the train and then stop at the Dakota Cafe to have a drink.  They have a nice little out door seating area and we'd look at the stars, talk and unwind.  It was so relaxing!

                  We loved it so much, we had our wedding rehearsal dinner there!  We also attended a number of parties and wedding receptions here over the years - great place to have an event.

                  Tonight, we went there to celebrate Janene's birthday (21st?  or 41st, I can't remember...).  It was a lot of fun.  The kids all had a blast, the food was great, as was the company, of course.

One candle?  Wait a minute!  Brad looks amused at this oversight!  At least making a wish was easy!  Janene had a red velvet cake (Kim and Autumn's favorite!!) - it was incredible.

Kason is quite the ladies man!

Finishing up dinner, as Janene prepares to cut her birthday cake.  She is the consummate cake cutter!

"It's all about the cake"  Kason says.

After we ate, sang and had cake, we got to see the gun fights.  Kim and I used to love to go watch them.  Once we had kids, they enjoyed it to.  It is pretty loud though!

                         These guys sat on the top row of the bleachers for the show.  We could hear them belly laughing at the jokes.  The shows have come a long way since Kim and I first watched them, much funnier and better executed.

                         Finally, the train!  Kim and I would ride this each time we visited Trail Dust Town.  When we had Cody, he really looked forward to it.  I think one of his first phrases he could speak was "All aboard!".  There was an older gentleman, who engineered the train most days for many years and he would narrate the whole trip making up tall tales about each section you past as the train circled Trail Dust Town.  Autumn and Tonio loved taking rides on it too.  It had been a long time since we last rode the train, and they were all very excited.  Even Brandon and Cody!


The girls wanted to browse the gift shops when the train ride ended.  They are pretty good shoppers!  There used to be a lot more shops when Kim and I first moved here.  We both really enjoyed the General Store, that has an assortment of old toys, gag toys, magic tricks and nostalgic candy.  I had the kids choose some candy - they got Candy Buttons, with a modern twist - sour flavors!  And Chuckles, those fruit flavored jelly candies.

It was a great visit back to Trail Dust Town and good to eat at Pinnacle Peaks.  Especially being there to celebrate Janene's special day...Happy Birthday Janene!!


PS Today, St. Vincent De Paul is the featured 'Saint of the Day'.  He was an amazing man, who's life was best known for his charity.  Today, there is a society, in his name, across the country. This organization does so much for the needy in many communities.  It caught Kim and my attention many years ago and was another cause that Kim cared for and worked to help.

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  1. More traditions of the the Conca family! You and Kim and the kids did so many things together...I will work at making sure Brinley has traditions like you guys : )