We Climbed before the Klimb 4 Kim...

We Climbed before the Klimb 4 Kim...
1997's Climb

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Lucky 13

          Sometimes, you need to go back to the beginning to get to the end...
          This morning...dark, cold, rainy.  I asked the bambini, specifically, what they would like for breakfast.  I wanted to start their day special.  We turned south on Houghton, the rain pelting the windshield, the gray/dark clouds swarming the area...I glanced east.  Towards the slowly sloping Rincon mountains and caught fire - there was the rising sun, framed by clouds and earth.  I shouted out "Mama's saying good morning!" Over top of Eminiem's "You're Never Over", Cody's new favorite and to be able to make myself heard to Aut and Tonio, arguing in the back seat.   They whipped their heads in unison.  Just the music playing and all of us staring...

             ...How do you begin to commemorate a friendship that lasted 33 years?
                    Well, after last night's delivery from Andrea of the poinsettia and angel night light, I received a text this morning from Ami and Mary that said "Look outside"...on the doorstep was a basket filled with candy, movie tickets, a starbucks card and a bag of rice krispy treats!

What a great way to begin the day.

Angie came by after I dropped bambini at school...

Angie told me this angel reminding her of Kim..I had never, in all of the years I have come here, noticed this angle!!!  I lit a candle below her for Kimmy.

  This little, Indian made manager, was at the front of the church.

                                We went to 8:30 Mass at San Xavier.  Angie got to meet Toni and Ivan, who take care of the Mission and keep Kimmy's picture clean.  We lit candles in the church and Mary's chapel, too.  A stray reservation dog wandered into the church, reminding me of our wedding day...
                                 Then, we had breakfast at Bruegger's and ran some errands. 
                                  I was contacted by Phoenix Publishing - Kimmy's Kitchen Cookbook has arrived! 

I hustled to deliver as many copies as possible before making a 3:00 appointment I had with Dave Williams of Tattoo Artistry.
                                  Dave and I worked together for at least 5 years at Toys R Us.  He had a desire to be an artist.  On his breaks, he would be sketching and drawing, instead of eating.  Finally, he saw his chance, to become a tattoo artist!

                             Coneniently, Autumn's birthstone is the emerald (5/10), Cody's is the diamond (4/23) and Tonio's is the ruby (7/11).  Coincidence?  Perhaps...Nonetheless, here's my tribute on this special day.
                            Lupe and Manny had picked up the bambini for me from school.  When I was done, I met them for dinner. Lupe made a wonderful tostado and green enchilada's!!  It was an incredible feast and a nice dinner on Kim's night.
                           A busy day, with great support!!

                          It's been a ride.  I guess I had to go to that place, to get to this one.
                          Now some of you, might still be in that place.
                          If you're trying to get out,
                          Just follow me.  I'll get your there...

                   That day, a year ago, went so quickly...I remember Kim going under, for the lung procedure...I remember sitting in St. Joseph's garden and Janene bringing me iced tea...and Wendy, hospital chaplain, staying close.
                   I remember saying our goodbyes, not thinking it could be true...losing touch with reality...I remember having to tell the bambini and Tonio immediately vomiting...in grief.  And poor Brian, our neighbor...it was his birthday - but now, looking back, what a great day to celebrate!  Kim was phenominal.
                  We had so much support that day, as we did this day!  Thanks Ami and Mary, Angie and Andrea, Lupe and Manny!!  And all of you who texted me throughout the day!
                 As she left, it occured to me that Kim was my miracle.  I had been praying for a miracle to save her, but didn't realize that she actually was my miracle!
                 I'll never forget her.  And how special she was.  How she made us all feel amazing.  I remember her telling me, as I gave her her Lovenox injections, that I was her knight in shining armor!  Only, I did not save the day.  I do not get to ride off into the sunset.  And, I do not get the girl...



  1. But you did get the girl! And a true love that is so rare. You still have her through your beautiful kids and she is watching over you all.

  2. I thought of you all day yesterday. Hoping and praying that the day would be...well, that it would be. Be whatever God had planned it to be. Praying that getting thru the day would be easier than the anticipation of the day.

    Something that resonated in my Bible study this week... Many of the great men of the Bible - all the ones who are remembered for the amazing things that happened to them...well they only came into those amazing things after great trials (Joseph, Moses,Job - to name a few). Some of those men of the Bible endured many years of trials, all wrapped up in a few paragraphs, although Job - he has an entire book ;). But what came to them was a very large blessing from GOD, that was only attained by experiencing the trial.

    You. You got to have sometime amazing in your life, and now God has you enduring a great trial. I can only believe that God has an even GREATER plan for you Dave. I truly believe that with all my heart. Your great trial is now, but I know, you will be greatly blessed (more than you are now).

    Look for the Blessings. I know you do. You are an amazing figure in people's lives - even though you keep thinking that it was only Kim. Maybe it is her too - but you Dave are shining brighter and changing lives. I've seen it. I've read it. You can do this. You can do HARD things.

    Sorry so long - I should not drink so much coffee so early in the morning ;)Or God should not instruct me to be so wordy, but I had to give you all of this, at His urging.


  3. (sometime in paragraph 3=something. Seriously, too much coffee :) )

  4. I know Laur...I 'did' get the girl, past tense though. I don't want to appear ungrateful, because I truly am thankful...but...
    Thanks Stacy, apparently, my own spelling and ability to string together my thoughts last night was greatly impaired...

  5. Definitely doesn't seem fair that you don't get to make new memories together.

    I was just on the phone with Elaine (who you taught classes with at St. Pius for Antonio) and we were talking about Kim. She never met her and I was trying to describe her. It kind of seems unrealistic that a person can be that genuine, that kind, that caring...but she she was...

    honestly the best person I have ever met...