We Climbed before the Klimb 4 Kim...

We Climbed before the Klimb 4 Kim...
1997's Climb

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

15 part due

             Ahhh Cody...turning 15 on me.  Where did that time go?  I look at him and I am amazed at how far he has come in such a short time.  It has been 15 months, one week, 5 days and 3 hours and 17 minutes since Kimmy passed...but who's counting?  I can still tell the days he is thinking of her...the songs he chooses to play "You're Never Over" by Eminem...The Prayer by Kid Cudi...sad and soulful.  But mostly, he has done an amazing job transforming himself into a helpful, conscientious young man.

           Helping his old man get the back yard up to Kim's standards...

              Working hard to excel in Track while maintaining honor roll grades, with two honors classes.  He had a fantastic track season.  First of all, to get into top shape, he enrolled in 'zero hour', getting to school by 7:20 to lift weights for an hour before school and then attending grueling running practices until 5:45 each night.  He improved his PR (which I found out did not stand for Puerto Rico, but Personal Record!) in each of his last 4 track meets in the 100M, his best event.  In the above photo, Cody is the 2nd runner from the right. 
               It was inspirational to watch Cody run.  He spent time in the infield, stretching, practicing his starts, focusing...and when that starting gun would go off - it felt like the whole world would pause...for the 13 seconds flat that it took Cody to jet off of the starting blocks and make it 100M down the track to the finish line...as he crossed the finish line - BOOM! - the world's busy-ness would instantly start again!

                 I think my favorite thing about Cody, well, there are many favorite things, but I love that he still wants to hang out with the family, no matter what we are doing...he hasn't become 'too cool' for things like a rousing round of mini golf with the bambini!

               He has not forgotten the face of his Mama.  She spent so much time preparing him to have good values, make good decisions and choices and to be thoughtful.  As he turned 15, I spent most of the day reflecting on that...I'm so proud of Cody.  And so thankful for Kimmy.

               During his big day, I felt her guiding me - making the brownies that Cody loves, decorating the house with streamers, banners, etc as she always did.  Even remembering to buy a # 1 and #5 candle to bring to Mama's.  And I brought plastic baggies, as my southwest family has taught me, so everyone could take a brownie home with them!

And there was Kimmy smiling down on her boy on his special day...

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