We Climbed before the Klimb 4 Kim...

We Climbed before the Klimb 4 Kim...
1997's Climb

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Fall Break, the second half

              Yes, Fall break went fast and furious.  But fun.  We also made it to Viro's with Nana and Pop, Tonio's best buddy, Monsi and her parents (who watch the kids alot and cook for us!), Lupe and Manny - sadly, no photos were taken...

               ...despite it being October, it was still hotter than hades, which made the kids happy.  They spent an afternoon, running through the sprinklers out back one damn near 100 degree day.

                           Breanna hits Autumn with a blast of cold water from the hose!

Tonio's not sure if he wants to be wet!

The girls noticed that our Mexican sunflower bush had bloomed.  They watched various, beautifully colored butterflies enjoy the flowers.
Later, a fashion show, of sorts, materialized...

I'm never sure what photos I'll find when I download the camera!
What would Fall Break be without sports!?!?!  The Vamos a Tucson Mexican Beisbol Fiesta was in town again this year!  I took Aut and Tonio to the Saturday night double header.  It was a festive atmosphere - almost like being at a party where there just happened to be a baseball, excuse me, beisbol game going on!

The Obregon Yaqui's were watching the first game, Venados of Mazatlan v Tomoteros de Culiacan, waiting their turn to play the Naranjeros de Hermosillo.  The little ones were pretty excited, and sucked up their shyness for this photo.  The players were friendly and accessible, signing a lot of autographs for the kids.

                          And the live bands were fun, causing Aut and Tonio to break into dance, giggling.

                            And there were many celebrities enjoying the fiesta...

                                I may not be the most interesting man in the world, or Tucson, but I've met the Most Interesting Man in the World. And I am thirsty...but just realizing that I am tragically out of limes...
         ...The crowd did the wave.  We LOVE the wave!!  Another, festive, enjoying the moment activity!  But then, they did something that I have never seen before...the wave in slow mo!

Autumn caught a bit of footage of this phenomena.  I watched it begin in the stands down the third base line (we were seated down the first base line at the time, having become partying nomads).  I could not figure out what was happening.  It hurt my brain to watch, since, my brain, being a veteran of the traditional wave, could not grasp the wave being done in slow-mo.  Autumn finally pointed out the obvious and it clicked. "They're doing the wave in slow motion!!" She yelled.  After which, they proceeded to do the wave in super fast motion, which made us giddy.
Oh yeah, they did actually play two games!

                               Great beisbol!  The next day, we dragged Cody along, promising him he would not be disappointed!  He had fun!!

                  It was a beautiful night for baseball...the sunset was stunning...

                 The next day, we had Lupe, Manny, Monsi and Aut and Tonio's 3rd grade teacher, Jenny Rienstra, her husband, Nick and their one year old, Nathan over.  Autumn was placed in charge of photos...eeking out, maybe three.  I don't know where she saved them!  She had a cute of of Nathan playing with Tonio's Lego's.  Bella also took a great interest in Nathan and our company.  I made a lasagna...and burned both of my hands on the oven while taking it out.  It was a nice night, the kids had fun - we all did!

Autumn came through and found this one of Nathan playing with Bella!

               Next up!  Disney on Ice!!  Always a tradition in our house, Andrea started including Autumn and Tonio last year.  Lexy, Mariah, Andrea and Breanna enjoy the show.  This year, Tonio skipped it because it was a princess show!

And, can't forget Minecraft day at Lupe's!  Monsi and Tonio are sporting their 'creeper' shirts, which Manny made for them.  A 'creeper' is found in their favorite video game, Minecraft.  They spent the whole day playing the game, while I was selling books.  Lupe treated us to a great dinner!

And the kids decorated cupcakes!

They had a blast with Monsi!!!
We got them out to see Hotel Transylvania and Madagascar 3 with Lexy and Breanna, too.  They were excited for Hotel Transylvania, because Selena Gomez is in it...I was excited because Adam Sandler was in it...

             One night, I took the kids to the Our Mother of Sorrow's Fiesta.  Just Tonio and Aut.  I stopped in Cody's room to see if he would like to join us.  He was playing XBox Live.  He slid his headphones down so he could hear me. "Huh?" he said.  Do you want to go to OMOS Fiesta?  I asked again.  "Fiesta" wrinkling his nose like he smelled something dead beneath his bed.  "Uh, I think I'll have to pass." he said as he slid his headphones back into position and began furiously gaming again.

The kids had fun playing the games, eating the roasted corn and going on the inflatables.  It was actually chilly out that night!
One day, Lexy, Breanna, Autumn and Tonio, helped decorate our house for Halloween.  They did a great job, carefully choosing where to put each ghost, witch, pumpkin and spider that Kim had collected over the years. 

They had fun creating and coloring their own Halloween decorations!

We got over to Chuy's, with David, Lexy and Breanna, to watch the Yankees tear the hearts out of the Baltimore Orioles...food was good and kids had fun playing video games, but, unless you are a Yanks fan, like David, the game was not so good.
The bambini enjoyed their time.  But, it was hard to get started again, waking up early...and tonight, I closed, so I didn't get home until 11:30.  Autumn texted me "I miss you : ("
I've run out of time...will post the last day of their vacation later!





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