We Climbed before the Klimb 4 Kim...

We Climbed before the Klimb 4 Kim...
1997's Climb

Monday, December 10, 2012

Soapy Snow

                      La Encantata Mall...Tucson's northside.  This was our first 'outdoor lifestyle' mall.  Kim loved that they often had free events for families.  She'd take us up there during the summer for movie nights, and they served free popcorn and sodas.  Her favorite stores were Williams-Sonoma and Crate & Barrel.  When we'd have company, we'd typically end up a AJ's market to grab a sandwich and sit outside on their patio.  The bambini love the toys store there, with all of the nostalgic toys and their assortment (Autumn goes for the mood rings and Tonio the tiny rubber dinosaurs).  I love the Bose store, but know my economic limitations...

                     Someone told me that they make snow up there during December...I thought I'd take the kids up there to check it out and help them get some of that Christmas spirit going!  We even stopped in the toy store and Autumn got a star fish shaped mood ring and Tonio got himself a tiny rubber dragon and a rubber horse for his best buddy Monsi.  There was an employee blowing bubbles around the store and the kids jumped as high as they could trying to catch them.  Fun store!
                     The mall was providing hot chocolate while we waited for the snow to fall. 

                                                                   And soon it did!! 

They had several snow machines strapped high up on the upper deck and the snow falling looked so beautiful.  Especially since it was 70 degrees.

Tonio did a joyous snow dance...Autumn, caught a bunch in her hands...rubbed them together and declared "I think this is soap!".  She said it with the same tone one might use upon discovering the diamond they cherished was glass.  Or the Oakleys they owned were merely Oakeys (we bought some in NYC for only $5.00!).

Autumn had seen enough.  "Dad, can we go check out Crate & Barrel?".  Why?  I asked her.  "Just because Mama liked it so much..."

                                 It was a pretty night, and after laughing at ourselves for getting scammed, we walked the mall, ended up at AJ's and I got the kids some big BLT's and lupini beans.  So the evening was not a total loss.
This would make a cool album cover.

Riding turtles...
And more from the memory vaults!

I remember reading one of our friend, Ami's, posts not to long ago (see the link to her blog down the right hand side of Kim's blog - The Best Things in Life are Three), about the Bunchkin triplet's first visit to the dentist.  While sorting through our life together, I came across these pics of Cody's first cleaning and little Autumn, wide eyed with that same beautiful blue of her Mama's.  And Dr Jack (Alexander), beaming after a job well done! 
Dr. Jack's wife, Jane, is the receptionist/office manager.  They are such a neat couple and we've been going there since we moved here in '94.  It feels more like going to visit a favorite aunt and uncle, instead of a dental visit! 

Kim and Cody get ready to ride the Haunted Mine Ride at Old Tucson, back when you rode through it.  They couldn't keep the little train maintained, so now it is a walk through, but still a bambini favorite!

Kimmy holding Autumn at Old Tucson on Main Street, where, in 1987 Kim was called upon to 'punch out' some bad guys in a skit.

Proud Mama (yes, she had a kiva ladder in our entry way!)
Another of my favorite photos, for her smiling eyes...

And love this look - Mother's Day at Agua Caliente park - must have been '99.

At the Albuqurque Zoo - another great laugh.  Cody's got it too!
Things are speeding up here some...we are nearly through it.  More great pics to come!

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