We Climbed before the Klimb 4 Kim...

We Climbed before the Klimb 4 Kim...
1997's Climb

Thursday, January 3, 2013

The Second Day of '13

LOVE these shots that Ami got of Aut and Tonio!!!

  It has been one of those holiday seasons...and the bambini have found various and creative ways to stabilize me...Autumn, as usual, the point.  Today, she cooked a breakfast of pancakes, bacon and oatmeal, by herself.  Knowing I was hurting, she put on her brave face and dug in.  Deep.  She burned the pancakes and her brothers lined up behind her, saying they were great.  Cody...taking on a bigger role, around the house, keeping his little sister and brother in line and chipping in around the house as we consolidate the garage...taking down the Christmas lights from the eves that he and Brendon had hung.  Did I mention achieving Honor Roll at the last possible moment, after a particularly challenging quarter??  And Tonio, the sweetest of them all.  Offering to help out where he can, taking a break from 'Skylanders', which Santa brought him for Christmas.
   Tonight, we went out to help out a friend in need...who tried to turn the tables and do me a 'favor'...the bambini were amused, and a little taken a back, but satisfied with how I resolved the nearly embarrassing situation and Autumn playing it over and over, laughing, imagining....

    Yesterday was Bella's 3rd birthday...and the bambini presented her with a Flinstone's bone!  She took it everywhere with her all day!!  This girl has given them so many smiles, especially Cody, which warms my heart.  How did Kim know??  I ask myself that, and her, often.  Bella was such a terror, that even Kim second guessed herself.  Until that last time she came home from St Joseph's, and I proudly presented her a reformed pup...she couldn't believe how loving Bella was becoming!  This girl is so excited, each morning, to greet each kid as they awake.  She will play with them constantly, until they tell her it's time to stop, and they move on to other things.  The warmth and love that Bella brings to them is immeasurable.  Happy Birthday girl!

        Post traumatic stress syndrome.  Applied to a lot of things these days.  Soldiers returning from the middle east.  Survivors of shootings.  People involved in robberies, etc.  The reading I've done, and how I feel...well, I've had post traumatic stress syndrome a Dr told me, as it relates to the events of losing my wife, mother of my children and best friend of 33 years...
         I've lost some 'help' or 'support' along the way...and that is ok.  Again, the reading and what friends tell me, is that following a traumatic event, most 'support' gets back to their daily life after about 6 months.  That is consistent to our experience.  Again, that is fine.  Talking to others, who have lost a spouse through death or divorce, they typically do not hang out with the same crowd that they used to...which makes sense.
          When something like this happens, most people say 'I understand'.  And I believe that.  But, after awhile, they want you to get back on track and move on.  It is not hard to believe that everyone is busy and have different agendas. So, to keep the good people that might still be around, you find the right smile to let them know everything is ok.
           The 'blessing' associated with post traumatic stress syndrome, is a loss of short term memory.  I resemble that. Mine is shot. So if I ever start to tell you the same Kimmy story that I have told before, have mercy on me and smile and nod at the right places.  I don't mean to bore you with a duplicate tale, I sometimes, blissfully, do not remember telling it before.
            The other night, I dreamed that Kim called me, on my cell, to ask me how I was.  In this dream, I knew Kim was in Heaven, and I assured her that I was doing OK and trying to carry on her legacy.  Her spirit of giving and keeping the bambini first.  I took time to ask Kim how she was doing...and she told me, unequivocally, that she was doing fine, she was in a beautiful place...taking care of business...no surprised there!! 

Bob Marley was always one of our favorite artists...I'm sure Kim has met him by now.  The bambini, especially Tonio, adore his music and Tonio and I have read a recent book of quotes from Bob...
Keeping us focused...


  1. Seriously, Tonio looks so grown up in that first photo! Crazy!! And you know you'll have our support until the end. As for your dream about Kim, I believe it. I believe she really IS in a beautiful place :)

  2. Ami, you have a great photographic eye! Thank you guys for all you continue to do for us!! We believe, too - how can we not? Kimmy told us!!