We Climbed before the Klimb 4 Kim...

We Climbed before the Klimb 4 Kim...
1997's Climb

Sunday, December 8, 2013

5 Days

                 5 Days.  A great drinking game, perhaps.  'if you knew you only had 5 days to live, how would you spend them?'  Or 'what would you do?'  or any number of scenarios....

                  Kim knew.  She would spend them with friends and family.  She would give us all peace.  And a sense of hope.  Set our minds at ease and giving us memories to last a lifetime.   The poise she had...amazing.

                   That was Kim.

                   Coming home from the hospital, we were elated.  There were banners hung from our garage.  A chalka Estrada (sidewalk chalk) display on our driveway.  Our friends, and Arizona family, were here to visit, cook, and enjoy Kim's smiles and kind words.


                  Today, at Mass, I remembered all of this...as if it was right now.  Kim, with such dignity, providing all of us with smiles, all the while knowing what lie in store for her.  Getting ready to give us the best 5 days of the last 50 days.  Remarkable.

                  This weekend, I was thankful.  One of my friends, facing tough circumstances and putting forth a great effort and attitude.  Leaving me feel very thankful for those 5 days of peace and hope that I shared with Kim.

                  I am even more appreciative of the time I was blessed to have with Kim, when I compare my situation to that of others.

                  I could have had infidelity in our marriage.  We did not.

                  I could have lost Kim suddenly, in a car crash or violent crime, but did not.
                  I could have Kim, as an ex, hating me, not loving me....

                  ....but I do not.

Here we are, on Thanksgiving, enjoying a family breakfast...the bambini have been like concrete!
Those 5 days...an absolute gift from Kim.
"I cried because I had no shoes...until I saw the man that had no feet"
Kim's 5th annual Pancake Breakfast and 5K is this Saturday.  She thought up this idea.  She planned and ran the first two events, complete with classic car show.  She had planned the third event, when she was stricken with cancer...the 3rd event was held just days after she passed.  Rincon Vista Middle School has been so kind, thoughtful and generous to keep Kim's vision alive and apply her name to this fun event.  This Saturday is the 5th Kim Pancake Breakfast.  5th. 
The bambini and I would appreciate if you could find a way, in the midst of your busy lives, to attend this event.  All Kim wanted to do was give back.  To a community she loved.  Please honor her this Saturday, a day after the 3 year anniversary of her gaining her wings and becoming an Angel...We'd love to see you there!!!

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