We Climbed before the Klimb 4 Kim...

We Climbed before the Klimb 4 Kim...
1997's Climb

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Barnes & Noble

   My Barnes & Noble @ Foothills Mall

       Kim and I spent many hours at Barnes & Noble over the years...we loved to go to the Foothalls Mall location, a big, two story spacious building...it started out as a Goldwater's Department store, then was a Dillard's.  Kim and I would get a cup of coffee and sit and talk in the cafe, or stroll around the stacks looking for something that interested us.  It was always calm and relaxing.
      When I worked at Toys R Us on Broadway and Craycroft, the Barnes & Noble used to be right across the street on the southwest corner, where Kinko's is now.  I'd get off of work, and we go over to Barnes & Noble and hang out until they closed.
       Once we had kids, we loved to take them to the wonderful children's section, and sit with them on the stage that they have and read to them.  The kids have always loved books.  When I saw that Barnes & Noble was looking for a store manager for the Foothills location, Kim and I looked at each other and said, I can't believe I never thought to apply there earlier in my career!
       Obviously, I feel blessed that I am with Barnes & Noble - they have taken such good care of me and my family...this week, I started back to work and the store looked great and felt great.  Everyone was excited to show me their departments and what they have been doing to drive sales.
             We begin our day by having a morning meeting.  Here's Jaimelyn, getting everyone fired up for their day!

          I always start my day with a Cafe Americano - Chris makes an excellent one (and later made me a great venti black iced tea, with two pumps of sugar!).  It sure is convenient having the cafe right in our building!  Our cafe ranks in the top 10 busiest in the country!  The team, led by cafe manager, Jon, does a super job.

        Next, we get the books to the shelves!  Jaimelyn is working on putting out all of the new releases.  I love Tuesday, new release day, it's neat to see what new is coming out.  Jaimelyn creates a visually impactful display to attract passerbys.

             Paul, Devon and Susie are poised to assist customers find the books they are looking for.

              The escalator to the second floor!  Always reminds me of the 80's band Robert Hazard and the Heroes, who were a one hit wonder with 'Escalator of Life'.

               Dan diligently shelves books...notice his technique.  He is a book ninja!

                  My District Manager, Tom, came down to spend some quality time with us today!  He's crunching numbers with our Receiving Manager, Devon and Eric.  Jaimelyn and Mary are engaged in serious book discussion...

                               There are three, big windows on the second floor....
And here is the view of the mountains looking out of them.  It is so incredible during monsoon, as the black clouds and lightning come over the mountains.

              Elizabeth (on left), the Children's Lead, provides expert advise to a customer.  She was instrumental in selecting books for the bambini's to read while I was out on leave.
              It is good to be back, with the great people that I am blessed to work with and I appreciate all that they did for me and the family!!!

            On the way to work, I noticed a stray Christmas tree sitting, lonely and abandoned, in front of the Good Will on Valencia Rd.  There is some unwritten law, that, this is where you come to dump your dead Christmas tree.  Kim and I would pass by and rubber neck, with fascination, over the mounds of trees that would accumulate beginning 12/26.  When the mound got high enough, the city would come by and take them away.  The very next day, the pile would commence growing again...as if by some sentinel force.  It was eerie.
            Just the other day, Cody and I were passing that spot and I commented 'I keep looking for another tree to show up'.  Cody thought it was way too late for that to happen...and yet, when I passed this morning, there it was!  I quickly texted Cody 'Dude, passing Good Will and there is a lone, stray tree in front!  Love U'  He hit me back: 'Awesome! Love u too. Bye!'...he's a sweet kid.
               Not a great shot, but, a Christmas tree, nonetheless...treat yourself and drive by, before it's gone!

             The bambini's had a good day in school...and talked me into In & Out Burger for dinner...I remember, when I busted Kim out of the hospital one time, all she wanted was to stop there and eat.  We went through the drive thru and sat together in the parking lot enjoying our burgers and each others company...I'll always have a fond spot in my heart for In & Out Burger...




  1. I loved that post! Seriously Dave, I've lived in Tucson for about 31 years and until the babies had their first dentist appointment which is practically in the same parking lot as Foothills mall, I couldn't have told you how to get there! But now that I know how to get there, I'll SO shop at your store! I love Barnes and Noble! (Especially the children's section!) And that is actually a really funny story about the christmas tree! Glad you had Cody to share that with! That's kinda how we feel when we're teaching and a kid says something really funny, you immediately want to tell someone else about it! I'm sure he totally smiled when he got that text from you! :) Have a great week!

  2. Dave the 3 little kids and I went to Barnes and Noble just last week! We had a Groupon - buy a $20 gift card for $10...and it was burning a hole in my pocket! We spent all our time in the kids section. I haven't been in there in so long - and now that my 3 year olds can be somewhat trusted, it was nice to go! I love the books and it was fun to browse! (set aside we have hundreds of books already - LOL). Love that we found some wonderful books and a dot to dot :). Of course, thought of you while we were there :)