We Climbed before the Klimb 4 Kim...

We Climbed before the Klimb 4 Kim...
1997's Climb

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Vail Pride Day

     Vail Pride Day is a magnet for bad weather...and today did not dissappoint!  The winds were fierce, knifing across the Pima County Fair grounds, carrying more dust than seemed possible.  But, at least it wasn't raining!
     Kim loved this event, as I've told you.  She just thought Vail School District was fantastic to host a day to celebrate our children and all of their academic accomplishments.  So, as you can imagine, she worked hard helping to plan, organize and work where ever she was needed the day of the event.  Last year, we helped sell pizzas with the PTSA.  The stand was situated next to a doorway, and a portable pizza oven in a truck was parked just outside making fresh pies!  The rain was coming down sideways and we were soon standing ankle deep in water and it was rising.  I was running the cash register and Kim was frantically trying to get me away from it, fearing I would get electrocuted.  I finally fished the extension cord out of the water and strung it high along the wall, so she could relax and enjoy her work!  We ended up having to put sand bags around the entrance, as the water got deeper and deeper.  But, we sure sold a lot of pizzas!
                                      Mary Montes gets help from her niece  (sister, Ami's, daughter), Hunter, running the cash register!  If you haven't visited Ami's blog about her triplets (!), you need to check out her last post in which Hunter is the super hero 'Statica Electrica' - cute photos! (I have the link to her website posted down the right hand side of Kimmy's blog). And Sherri Rodriquez and her son Caleb sell beverages.
                          Alyssa Perrini, Mrs. Murphy, Jenn Bell, Tammy LaPlant and Annette Perrini sell pizzas!  A little ironic for the Perrini's, as they brought pizza to our house last night after we went to see Gulliver's Travels (a classic Jack Black movie!  The kids enjoyed it, and of course, plenty of laughs for us grown ups!).

                         I had the honor of helping judge the Math Bowl, thanks Mr. Edwards!  Along with super volunteer/mom/education advocate, Kristi Hill and Mark Breen, who Kim worked with over at Rincon Vista.  Kristi reminded me that she met Kimmy way back when she was pregnant with Autumn and Kristi was pregnant with her second child.  Cody and Kristi's first child were in swim lessons together.  Mark reminded me that he saw Kim and I at Daglio's (best cheesesteaks in town!) just two days before Kim went into St. Joe's.  He was there with his family enjoying cheesesteaks.  While I was judging and to stave off total anarchy, Ms. Bryson (Cottonwood's prinicpal) sagely snagged the bambini's and took them all around the fair grounds, buying them snacks and treating them to a fantastic time!
                                 Ms. Bryson let the kids play in the playground bus....
And bought Tonio a chicken!  Oh, no, he tells me she did not buy it, but let him hold it...

               When I was done with the Math Bowl, she brought them back and they took me to proudly show me their art work...another Kimmy favorite.  Kim always loved Mrs. Peck, our art teacher at Cottonwood, and all of the technique she took time to teach the kids and her use of various mediums.  She'd always tell me, 'Mrs. Peck is such a treasure for our children...she actually teaches them so much about art, instead of just doing crafts'.  She loved Mrs. Peck's teaching style and the patience she had with the children.  Cody, Autumn and Tonio thrived in her class and would always be excited when it was their day for art class!
                                  Autumn's dolphin graces the 'peaceful' waves...we'd often see dolphins off the shore in San Diego and Laguna, and Kim and I saw them at Long Beach Island, NJ and in Florida, too.
                            Tonio's assignment was to scribble, and then 'find' animals within the scribbles and bring them out...
                             The bambini's are obviously excited with their work, especially Cody!
                   And he should be, here's some of his work, showcased......I know Kimmy's proud - he is definitely following in her artistic footsteps!
                  It was pretty crowded today, as Vail parents came out in throngs to see their children's work.  I remember that Kim used to get a little overwhelmed, and sometimes tried to melt into the background or just want to leave...of course, we'd want to say hi to everyone, but she'd call me the 'friendly bastard', because I'd just keep chatting...today, though, I was getting a little overwhelmed...but had no one to bail me out, so, I turned to Cody...'Cody, I need to leave, I can't breath...find the exit and get us there!'....And I'm sorry if I didn't get to talk to you, I wanted to...We beat a hasty retreat out of the building and towards the fair ground's exit....where we were literally stopped dead in our tracks...
       Oh, how pleased Kim must be...to have finally got to say thank you to many, many of you who helped us...and that sweet, smile on her face...we ran through the debris filled wind tunnel that was the parking lot to the safety of our car, Kim's Expedition.  Cody quickly cranked up some tunes, as we could not talk...and we hurried home.
        Cody went to Alex's to watch the Arizona Wildcats game (they won again!!) and I made rolled chicken tacos (thanks Andrea, although I could not keep mine from falling apart!)...Tonio and Autumn were soon turning the living room into a battle ground...so, pulling out another Andreaism, I left the room...to relax and find soothing thoughts, to avoid exploding...caught the exciting end of the Cats game and then found some Super Liga soccer - Guadalajra Chivas versus Atletica Pachuca...soon, Autumn snuck in to sit and watch with me...followed by Antonio....GOOOOAAALLLLLLL!!!!!!!!  Famous announcer, Pablo Ramirez intoned, to the delight of the kids.  Chivas won easily 4-1...and I had regained my mojo, without raising my voice.  Kimtastic.

          "You touched my heart, you touched my soul.
           You changed my life and all my goals..."
                                                           -James Blunt



  1. I think I saw you guys driving out of the parking lot. :) Glad you had a good day. I saw Cody's art yesterday when I chaperoned rehearsal for the DSMS band and choir. He is very talented, no doubt. Your blogs rock, Dave!! Keep smiling!!

  2. i'm so glad you got to enjoy VPD.....the artwork was fantastic! We spent alot of time in the art area. Dale and I also stopped in our tracks when we say beautiful Kimmy smiling at us as we left the Fair grounds. Thanks for the update!
    Take care

  3. Obviously like everyone else, I also paused when I looked up as we were about to exit the fairgrounds, and there, smiling back was Kim. Immediately, tears filled my eyes and all I could do was think about how much she loved life. She's such a positive presence she is...I miss her so. It was good to see you out at VPD. You're doing a great job Dave. :)