We Climbed before the Klimb 4 Kim...

We Climbed before the Klimb 4 Kim...
1997's Climb

Friday, February 25, 2011

Sabino Canyon

          We had a big day today...I wanted to take the baminis to Sabino Canyon.  Kim and I spent so much time there while on vacation here, when we moved here and right up until we had Antonio...about that time, there seemed to be so much mountain lion activity in the canyon area that Kim no longer felt comfortable hiking there...
             There are several ways to get in and hike the canyon - Kim and I had tried each one many times.  There is a back door at the end of Bear Canyon rode, that is a neat hike and brings you out by Bear Canyon.  There is a path from the southeast corner of the parking lot that takes you to the path leading to Sabino Dam, or you can split northeast and catch the main path into Sabino Canyon.  Then, there is the paved, main path, which you can walk on or take a shuttle ride to the top.  We chose to walk the main route and here the kids are at mile marker 0.
             As you hike up this main path, a small trail called Esperero trail, branches off to the northeast.  Kim and I hiked this one on many occaisons.  It was especially beautiful in early spring when the wildflowers were in bloom and there would be so many butterflies.  I stopped at the trailhead to tell the kids the stories of Mama and I hiking this trail...
        Here is Tonio, at the trailhead, beneath a sign that warns that there have been recent mountain lion sightings...the way I feel, the mountain lion should be scared of us...but, we stick to the main trail.

Near mile marker 1, we spot water!
                       At mile marker 1, Autumn sits down to get some water out of her Ramona and Beezus pack.
    And, I tell the kids, how next time we will take the tram.  I've forgotten how that first mile is always the hardest.  It is uphill most of the way, before sloping downhill quickly to the mile marker.  It is also the least scenic and seems to take forever.
             A lot of these paths were created during FDR's administration by the WPA and CCC.  Later, President Nixon had the main road paved...the bambinis were happy there was a bench!

            A large earthquake in Mexico, back in 1887, moved large boulder like this one into Sabino Canyon.  There is water running around this boulder and it is a wonder neither Autumn or Antonio fell in!

            This is one of the areas Kim and I would frequently stop and relax at.  There is a bit of a sandy beach that I am standing on to take this picture.

            We hiked another mile, or so, and came to this water hole...Kim and I would often pack a lunch and make a day of our time in Sabino Canyon.  When we'd come to a water hole, like this one, we'd swim and hike alongside of it, finding hidden waterfalls and places to lay on the beach or rocks, soaking up the warm rays of the sunshine.
And finally, our all time favorite swimming spot - stop # 6, about 2 1/2 miles up the main trail.  We would spend hours working on our tan, eating, swimming, hiking.  Once, we were swimming and I saw a tiny head swimming just between us...'Kimmy...look!' I whispered.  'What?' Kimmy asked...'Snake!' I whispered back.  Kim got out of that water faster than I've ever seen her move!  We took all of our visitors to this particular piece of beach.  The day after our wedding, we took everyone on the shuttle ride and stopped here for a picnic lunch.  When Kim's niece, Niki, came to visit, we swam here.  Cody and Autumn both splashed and froliced in these waters.  And today, finally, Antonio had his chance to skip stones and throw sticks into the water.  I promised him we'd come back when it was a little warmer.  This water is frigid right now, the result of snow run off from Mt. Lemmon towering high above us to the north.

            This is another little beach we always had fun at.  The kids enjoyed skipping stones here.  Kim and I would hike a little ways back along this water way and hang out together.

           And yet another sandy stretch of water!  It was so good to see the bambini enjoying their time here so much, just as Kim and I did so many times!! 
          We were blessed with a beautiful day (about 70), and with flowing water in the canyon and the sunshine, of course, the sunshine warming our hearts as we hiked together...

           After our 5 mile hike, we were starving!  So we went to Viro's!!  Vito came out and had lunch with us - Autumn scarfed an immense plate of pasta!  Tonio ate a ham sandwhich and Cody had the panini Italiano and mozz sticks.  I went with the fish burrito...I'm telling you, it's good! 

          We weren't done yet!  We had tickets to go see the Univeristy of Arizona Icecats versus the Arizona State Univeristy Ice Devils...Amy, Tom and Alex came with and we picked up David, Andrea and Mario's son, too.  We first went to eat at El Minuto, right across the street from the TCC.

                        David, Cody, Alex and Amy enjoy a huuuggggeee cheese crisp!  Tom had the huevos rancheros, Tonio had rice and beans, Aut ate the topopo salad and I had beef flautas.  Pretty filling!
              Autumn enjoys the game and looks stylish...Cats up 3-2...

             Here's a view of the rink...Cats up 5-4...

          Alex, David and Cody enjoy the action, but alas, the Cats let sloppy play, lack of discipline and lack of fundamentals spoil there lead...in fact, their wheels absolutely fell off in the 3rd period and we left when it was 10-5...and there were still 8 minutes to play!  ASU was ranked #9, coming in.  This is not NCAA sanctioned hockey - it is club level, so the play is not as sharp or crisp, but the fan enthusiasm and the effort the Cats put in, makes up for their lack of true skill.  And I was wearing my newest Flyers jersey, #13 Dan Carcillo, the 'enforcer' of the team, who sometimes can get some goals, too (4 on the season).  I saw one other fan wearing a Flyers jersery tonight, and he also was wearing Carcillo's jersey!  Carcillo was my favorite for the Phoenix Coyotes and I was delighted when the Flyers traded for him last season.
          When we got home, well after 10, we spotted some javelinas eating our neighbor's flowers!

                  Oh, wait a minute...these are clown fish from Scripps Aquarium in San Diego (thanks for this wonderful shot Lexy!)...
               It is hard to see, but just to the left of the Saguaro cactus, is the mama.  She had two little babies in tow, that were pretty cute.  These things can be pretty dangerous when they have babies.  Kim worked on many a dog that got torn up by a javelina that it tried to tangle with when she worked as a vet tech at Ventana Animal Hospital.
              It was so good to go back to Sabino Canyon and share the memories I have of the special times Kim and I spent there...and to give them a new memory of a great day we shared together and to get Antonio there for his first visit!


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