We Climbed before the Klimb 4 Kim...

We Climbed before the Klimb 4 Kim...
1997's Climb

Sunday, February 20, 2011


  Our Sunday routine has become pretty complete...church at Our Mother of Sorrows...Tonio is so happy to be in his friend, Monsi's class, thanks to Lupe...the kids played with Breanna after church for a bit - poor Lexy has had the flu all week, Autumn misses her so much...then, off to Viro's - big crowd today, and, as usual, I ate too much (veggie omelet w/ hot peppers, thanks Kristina!, two deviled eggs, two bowls of seasoned home fries, chicken and potatoes, mashed potatoes and a Pope's pillow for dessert (flaky pastry with strawberry filling and cream topping - Rosa makes these soooo good!) plus, a cappuccino - Erika makes a great cappuccino!  Kim always wanted to get into the bakery on a slower day (like they have any of those) just to work along side of Rosa, to learn some of her baking technique and secrets.  She loved all of the incredible pastries that Rosa is so good at making.  Her, Vito and Rosa actually talked about it several times, but, as you know, time has a way of slipping through our fingers...
     After this incredible meal, we went out into the desert into Fantasy Island again...our 4th week in a row.  We had a smaller crew, as Brian had to work and Mario has a chest cold, so it was Tom, Alex, Cody and I...I knew I was in trouble - they all have one gear - fast and Tom and Alex just got new bikes, so I knew they'd want to test them and Cody was hell bent on getting back to the Fire Trail, where I renamed the Elbow Jammer two weeks ago - time to get back on that horse!
     Sure enough, the boys took off at their usual break neck pace - by the time we hit the Fire Trail I was hurting...I picked the wrong day to forget my iron lung.
     And soon, I had to reface my nemesis, the Elbow Jammer (I'll keep it at that, as this is a family blog!).  I went down first, so these guys could clean me up if I bit it again...and so I could take a photo.  Cody's ready to come down, followed by Alex and then Tom.  I can't believe the speed that Cody takes this hill, and then smoothly takes the transition into two quick up and down hills.
              Alex gets ready to go down The Slide, which is nearly straight down, as Cody watches from way below.  I literally slid down this sideways, as I over applied the brakes, but survived the descent.
             Ahhhh, the fabled troll bridge, and I'm hoping that the boys remembered to pay for me before I cross...and realized that they had lost me for the rest of the ride, as I struggled to catch back up, my legs feeling like over cooked penne pasta, and my lungs burning...I saw a lone coyote, limping, several yards away - he sensed I was a little too scrawny to eat, thankfully...I saw two bikers resting ahead, thinking Tom and the boys were waiting for me, I started to tell them about the coyote and realized that I did not know them...'Where am I?'  I asked...one of them said something to me in German, and I just waved and told them to have fun...as I neared the final 100 yards, a slight up hill run along the air force base fence, I decided to remove my helmet, and let the steam rise out of my head, thinking I'd never crash going up hill....and, at the end of the trail, there were Tom, Alex and Cody, already loading their bikes to head home.
          To end our day, Jaimelyn and Scott came over, bringing homemade pesto (I'll have to get the recipe to post) that we put over some penne - it was incredible!  Jaimelyn also makes her own bread and brought a fresh loaf that was still warm!  Cody went to dinner with Amy, Tom and Alex to Daglio's, where, as I mentioned yesterday, they have the finest cheesesteaks on the eastside of Tucson!

            Here's another entry from Kimmy's journal:
     October 23, 2003

            Autumn went on the potty today!!  We tried everything to get her to try and she was simply not interested.  Today, I was talking to my mom on the phone, when I heard Autumn scream 'I pooped!'.  I ran to see what happened and sure enough, she had gone on her little potty all by herself!  She was so proud.  I was so proud I cried!  And Grammy even shouted over the phone!  As a treat, we went to Kohl's to tell Daddy and Autumn picked out a Dora the Explorer gift set.  Three cheers for Autumn!

       Again, the proud Mama - she delighted in every accomplishment of her bambini's and encouraged them to do their best at everything that they tried or had to do.  She taught them well!



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  1. Cute POOP story. You can tell that story at Autumns wedding!! :) jk