We Climbed before the Klimb 4 Kim...

We Climbed before the Klimb 4 Kim...
1997's Climb

Thursday, March 17, 2011

St Patrick's Day

            Ahhhh, St. Patrick's Day...what a festive holiday...he was quite the guy, too.  Born in Britain, so not even Irish, to very wealthy parents, he was captured by a group of Irish raiders, at the age of 16 and sold into slavery in Ireland. He was able to escape back to England, after 6 years in captivity and found God.  About 15 years later, he was assigned to ministry in Ireland...popular legend has him driving snakes from Ireland, although scientists today have evidence that there were never snakes in Ireland...still, today, St. Patrick's Day is the day where Americans consume the largest amount of beer than any other day...what a tribute.

           Today is also Nana's birthday!  The bambini's called her up to serenade her...what a festive holiday to have a birthday on!!

            And, looking back, it was the beginning to a dark 2010 for our family.  You know, Dr.Karen Burrows, who Kim helped open Ventana Animal Hospital with over 13 years ago, said it best at Kimmy's celebration, when she said to me, as she gave me a big hug, '2010 has been a crappy year' - Dr. Burrows lost her 24 yr old son, Steven in an auto accident just a few months prior to Kimmy passing...and St. Patrick's Day started it all...
           In our kitchen, Kim had a black board.  Not an ordinary black board, but, one she made.  She found a frame that she liked, found a board to fit the frame and painted it with blackboard paint.  Kimmy kept track of our busy lives via this board.  It foretold birthdays, weekend events, appoinments, and the occaisonal, off beat message.
          One year later...our black board has seen little change...I could not bring myself to erase what Kimmy had wrote...
          One year ago, we had our dentist appointment with Dr. Jack - as I've said, Kim had not seen a Dr. in over 6 years, but insisted on twice yearly dental visits!  This was a huge tribute to Dr. Jack and his wife, Jane, who Kimmy adored.  Last year, Kim was not able to make our dental appointment...Zona, our ten year old lab/aussie pup, was very sick.  Kimmy was so concerned - this was the pup she had wanted to get rid of, who had torn up our irrigation, back yard lighting, couch, carpet, etc., etc, etc,.  The first six years of Zona's life, she spent in contention with Kimmy...I wasn't sure who was going to win, but, gradually, Zona worked her way into Kimmy's heart...they were inseparable.   She had written that Zona had an appointment 3/22, but she would not make it that far.

          I explained to Jane, that Kimmy would have to reschedule, Zona was very sick.  After our appointment, I rushed the bambini's to meet Kimmy up at Dr. Burrows.  This day, Zona was not going to get to go home with us.  She could not move.  She was very bloated, a result of internal bleeding we were told...as we prepared to put Zona down, we all said our tearful goodbyes...she was such a good pup, never bared her teeth at our children, allowing all of them to ride her, use her as a pillow, and was their best friend.  Well, the bambini could not bear to stay...we had to make a decision, who would stay with Zona?  Who would take the bambini outside and comfort them?  Of course, Kimmy came up with the decision - I was a mess and could not think.  She told me, 'You held Cajun, on our kitchen floor, as she passed away...I will stay with Zona.'   I never argued with Kimmy.  I knew how far she had taken me.  She asked for so very little.  When she suggested something, anything, I was behind her.  I reluctantly left, to console the bambini...they were crying so hard...bringing up every instance that they mistreated Zona, beating themselve up...I began to tell them to cling to the good memories and recounted how we found Zona, that spring day, on a desert street corner - how crazy she was, how her and Mama fought, strong will against strong will...all of the good times...'Remember...'  I told them.
        When Kim emerged, red eyed and soaked with tears, she said she had asked Dr. Burrows for an autopsy - something she typically did not agree with - but, Zona had passed so quickly, with little warning, she just had to know.
        Later, we found Zona was riddled with cancer...the other night, I related one of my more bizarre thoughts...did Zona pass this on to Kimmy?  What if I had chose to hold her as she passed?  What if?  Ok, I know that this has no basis - but, put my shoes on for a minute...these things come to you, believe me.  It's not logical, but, tell me, what is?
       Anyway, we had a fun day (Aut and Tonio wore green - Tonio proudly wore the green shirt Janene had just bought him.  Aut warned Cody and I that if we did not wear green, she would pinch us - we took the pinching and wore black, which is better than orange, a symbol of IRA support).  Mario dropped Breanna off to us in the morning to play and we picked up Lexy at soccer camp around noon and headed to Viro's for some lunch.  They actually had corned beef and cabbage, in homage to the holiday - we all avoided it like the plague, this must be an acquired taste!  Tonio opted for calimari, and even Breanna tried this delicacy!  Lexy got a bowl of pasta, Autumn, the wedding soup, Cody, the pesto sandwhich and I got the panino Sciliano, my favorite.  Rosa and Vito had gotten back from Italy last night and we were anxious to see them.  'Mi manchi' Tonio told them..."I'm missing you", in Italian.  It was cold in Italy and Rosa and Vito were glad to be back...Vito Jr. and team did a super job in their absence.  We'll be there Sunday for the buffett!! 
        Then, it was on to the mall, where we went to see Rango!  I may have been more excited to see this one, than the bambini!!  I love Johnny Depp, and, don't get to see any adult, first, run movies.  But, seriously, this movie has been all Tonio can talk about since he first saw the trailer.  And it delivered!
Autumn, Lexy and Breanna are GLUED to this movie!!
 It had great cameos of Hunter Thompson, hurtling across the Vegas desert in his cadillac, from Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Clint Eastwood, as the man with no name and a scene from Apoctalypse Now...among others...the kids LOVED it!!  And they are always so polite, so well behaved together...

                                     Autumn, Lexy and Breanna are riveted to the movie!

      Then, we took them all to Justice, and got them new BFF bracelets, before meeting Andrea to take Lexy and Breanna to David's basketball game.
         We spent the night with Betsey, Brian, Amy and Tom, in the driveway, watching the kids playing, in the sunset, another gorgeous one! We lingered...and imbibed...and enjoyed an incredible evening...
         The moon appeared full, as we went outside tonight to say goodnight to Mama...Tonio said it was so bright tonight...we all wished Kimmy a good night's sleep...and thanked her for a beautiful day...together...

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