We Climbed before the Klimb 4 Kim...

We Climbed before the Klimb 4 Kim...
1997's Climb

Friday, May 13, 2011

'Random act of KIMness'

               It's going to be a busy weekend...for Kim.  My morning began with a text, from Mary Montes:
         Mary helped get these t-shirts designed for the Cottonwood team for tonight's Relay for Life cancer walk!!  Thanks so much Mary!!  The sea turtle captures her love of the beach (as immortalized on Amy's and Betsey's tatoos!).   Thank you Dale Hoffner, who I believe coined the phrase 'Random acts of KIMness'!  Thanks to Renea Woolridge for getting them produced - you know, once again, there are so many people involved, it is hard to list them all and thank them all - so thank you all!
       Next text, from Andrea "U are slacking on blog? What up with that?"...Well, I've been a little fried...and, apparently, the blog was down last night for maintenance!  Ami Bunch posted a photo of the 'down for maintenance' sign on the blogsite where we do the actual posting - she said she could post it to mine, if need be, as further evidence...Ami also reported that, during 'maintenance', her Wednesday post had dissappeared - they promised to bring it back - but, I noticed, that our friend, Rose, had posted a comment on Autumn's birthday blog Wednesday and it has dissappeared!  Rose, got your message, that you so much!!
        There will be plenty to blog about for Kimmy this weekend, I promise!
               Autumn squealed with delight when she noticed Mama's pot man scarecrow was back in the garden!  The garden looks so good right now - just as Kimmy would have had it looking.  I texted a big thanks to Jenn Bell, who texted back that it 'it's not Kim's garden without him...'.  Mrs. Schrantz took Tonio out to look at the garden and the scarecrow this morning...he enjoys that...
              I had the pleasure of working in Mrs. Rudzena's and Mrs. Schrantz' classrooms today - again, these teachers work so hard for our children - they are amazing!  And, once again, I picked the right day to volunteer as Mary Montes and her sister Ami Bunch fed me a great lunch...pasta!!  Thank you guys!!
          More on the Relay for Life later....

          And, today it's been 5 months since we lost Kimmy...and I realized that I have no warm weather #13 jersey to wear for her today...I'd wear the Carcillo Flyers jersey, but it's going into the high 90's today (already 94)...I'll have to work on that...We miss her so much, but, each day, try to do something special to honor her and we talk about good memories we had with her.  Last night, after the bambini went to sleep, Bella and I slipped outside and I had a beer at her favorite little table, where she would bring her chai tea in the early morning, look at the flowers and watch the birds...I tilted my head back and had a view of the Big Dipper, with the moon just behind me...



  1. It was great to see all 50 of those shirts around campus today...she is one that we will never forget...

    I can't believe it's been 5 months...you know she is probably looking down on all of us this weekend and thinking it is all too much...she was never one that wanted the attention. But too bad Kim : ) We are honoring you especially this weekend and miss you everyday!!

  2. Dave, I just love the t-shirts! I think Kim loves them too. She is such a amazing person with so much love to give. What a wonderful way to honor her. She always was so giving of herself, and always had comforting words of encouragement. I miss her..We all have such good memories of her. I hope you have a blessed weekend and our prayers are with you always. Much love to you and the kids.

  3. Thanks Mary and Rose! You're right Mary, Kim would have been overwhelmed by the ceremonies...it was pretty nice.