We Climbed before the Klimb 4 Kim...

We Climbed before the Klimb 4 Kim...
1997's Climb

Saturday, May 14, 2011

"Today was a good day"...

                That is what Autumn just said to me, as we waited for Cody to go say goodnight to Mama, just moments ago...Tonio has already fallen into a fitful sleep...he played hard today!
                After the Relay for Life, and the love poured upon us, I think we all slept well - for me, it was my first 8 hour night of sleep - you know, I tried to remember how long it's been, but could not.  Tonio slept until nearly 11 a.m., which is the latest he has ever slept!!  When he woke up, we walked up to Jerry Bob's (Let's Eat!) and had breakfast at the crack of noon...we sat next to Dawn and Sean Ball and their sons, Alec and Nathan, good friends of Cody and big supporters last night at the Relay for Life!  Dawn, I've kept your secret!  Jerry Bob's...one of those hole in the wall places that Kim absolutely adored!!  She loved the hash browns!  I think our favorite Jerry Bob's was over on Prince and Campbell, where'd we go following Tonio's soccer games over that way.

               It was a day to relax...we spent it at Purple Heart Park...after our breakfast at Jerry Bob's, to celebrate Kim and Rashon's son, Micah's, 2nd birthday (Angie's youngest daugher and RN on Kimmy's floor at St. Joe's).  I am so thankful for Kim and the love and care she gave to Kimmy while on her floor at St. Joseph's!!  And she did such a great job putting together some great food and fun for Micah's birthday! 
             There was a jumping castle for the bambini:
                               Breanna, Lexy and Autumn play with two other little girls on the jumping castle slide.

Tonio and Breanna prepare to slide down together, with Bryson waiting on the side...
And then, the pinata ceremonies began!  They had a giant Elmo for a pinata!  No wonder the kids wanted to hit it so hard!

Bryson gets ready to take his swings...

                                                               Tonio whacks Elmo!
                                                             Followed by Lexy...
 And sweet, little Breanna...well, she literally took Elmo's head off!  Sending a cascade of candy onto the playground, followed by a mad scramble for the flow of candy hitting the ground!!!

                    Soon, Elmo burst onto the scene!  Much to the delight of Micah, who ran after Elmo to catch a hug.  Rashon, Mariah, Micah and Kim hang out with Elmo...
                                   The 'sisters' Lexy, Breanna and Autumn (wearing her owl shirt that Angie's cousin Jack, airbrushed for her birthday, and Sandy presented to her!).
Angie, Andrea and Sandy love Elmo!

Micah dances in a bucket of ice while Breanna, Lexy and Autumn...'help'?

It was a nice, leisurely, party...good food, great company, nice weather...we were out there having fun for about 5 hours in the beautiful sunshine...Kimmy loved these outings for the people, but, also to watch the children have so much fun and play so nicely with each other...we had so much fun.

And that was what prompted Autumn to say "Today was a good day"!!!


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