We Climbed before the Klimb 4 Kim...

We Climbed before the Klimb 4 Kim...
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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Who's Kids Are These?

  Last week, I received some information leading me to suspect that the bambini were not mine.  I know, I know - how could Kim do this?  I've asked myself that question...this week, I received the final damning piece of evidence...
   First, Tonio's progress report found its unsolicited way into my hands...straight A's.  Anomaly.  Next, Autumn's oozed its way out of her back pack.  Straight A's...Coincidence?  Finally, via the U.S. Mail, Cody's progress report came to me.  A report so heinous, that you cannot deny its existence! 
    All A's, except for an 89% in Language Arts.  Ok, so I have one slacker.  Cody even pulled off a 95% in Algebra - the prickly thorn in the side of my school career.  And a 9th grade level course.
    I have to say, it's all Kim...I never even sniffed an 89% average in anything but P.E., which, when I was going to school, was called gym.  And we had gym in the gym...not the MPR.  She was so smart - you've seen one of her report cards somewhere a few blogs ago or so.  And she was so patient to be able to help the bambini with their studies.  I don't have the focus.  Or the patience.  I am extra thankful for the help of their teachers, with that, this year - and the progress reports show the results of their efforts!!
      Where did it all begin?  In a magical place called Kindergarten...this morning, I received a nice text, from Ami Bunch and her sister Mary Montes - Cody's kindergarten teacher and Autumn's and Tonio's kindergarten teacher, respectively. 
                 They stopped by Kimmy's Smiles Grown Here Garden and wanted to let me know they were thinking of her...Today was jersey day at Cottonwood and Mary honored Kimmy by sporting her Mike Piazza jersey!!  What a nice tribute.
                The kid's were provided a great start and strong foundation by these two creative, tireless (I think Mary works a minium 12 hour day at the school daily), patient and nurturing.  And the bambini continue to receive great support and have been blessed to have outstanding teachers the rest of the way!

               I'm not sure about Antonio.  Well, maybe I should say I'm pretty sure he is my kid.  He got the classroom ability from his Mama, but...let's just say, when he threw the remote at the flat screen t.v. the other day, cracking it...it threw a shadow of doubt over my conspiracy theory.  Today, he came to me in a full out panic "Something bad happened Dad!" he cried, tears jetting from his eyes.  I could still hear the t.v. in the sports room, but, none the less, figured he managed to break it somehow, so I took off for that room, asking him to explain.  "Somehow....well...I...".  T.V. was fine, so I turned back to Tonio.  'What?'.  "I was playing with a Lego and somehow I swallowed it."  "Are you choking?".  "No."  "How big?"  He held up a tiny connector.  "Don't worry, you'll poop it out."  And I went back to cleaning...yep.  He probably is my kid.  Poor Tonio! 

                 Just picked up Autumn and then headed to Desert Sky to pick up Lexy and the girls wanted to go to Eegees - they were hungry from packing in so much knowledge today!  Today, if you say 'Happy Cinco De Mango', they will give you a free mango tango Eegee!!  I had no problem doing that - I felt that I got off pretty easy for a free Eegee!!!  I thought I'd post early, in case there was still time - get out there and get one!!  I may have to swing back down later after I pick Cody up from track.  It is hotter than the depths of hell today - I sure hope he drank enough before practice today!

                 Anyways, these little bambini are a blessing.  Lego eating or not, I love them so much and they keep me going!  I'm so very proud of all that they do!



  1. Glad he's okay, because I'd feel horribly guilty for laughing as hard I just laughed about Tonio pooping out a lego. And yes, I am totally and completely loving Kimmy's Garden...we think about her daily, even when it's not jersey day, but that garden is just such a nice place to stop, breathe in the fresh air and start the day with thoughts of Kim. And WAY TO GO kiddos! You should be proud!

  2. I'll tell you, that boy does worry me - but it should make for a colorful poop!
    That garden is so special...

  3. I was so happy to be able to wear Kim's jersey today : ) As I sat this morning watching the talent show, I had one of those "I can't believe she's gone" moments. I was looking at the decorations on the wall remembering all the times that Kim stayed after school making props, or signs for one of our many events at the school. Cottonwood was so blessed to have her...I love that I get to walk by her garden numerous times every day!

    Ami and I were the lucky ones having your children in kindergarten, because we got the "Concas" in our classroom : )

  4. I have those 'can't believe she's gone moments' often...
    That's so nice of you to to say that you guys feel lucky having us a part of your wonderful classrooms! You both are amazing!!