We Climbed before the Klimb 4 Kim...

We Climbed before the Klimb 4 Kim...
1997's Climb

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Breakers Water Park

              We've always loved a good water park - Dorney Park built a great one.  Wild Water Kingdom.  Disney World had River Country, back in the day.  When we moved to Tucson, we liked to go to Breakers.
                There was one summer, where, we would go out to Breakers once a week.  We only had Cody and Autumn.  And Autumn was so little, we had to keep her in the little kiddee section...Kim would pack a nice lunch, like a big sandwhich, snacks and drinks for us all and we would spend the whole day there soaking up the sun and letting the bambini enjoy splashing in the water.
                Some times, Kim and I would get to go down the raft ride together - her laughing the whole way down and me just enjoying the sound of her laughter.  And, other times, we'd sit together at the edge of the wave pool, letting the wave rush over us, keeping us cool and watching Cody and Autumn play.
                The times we went, the bambini were so little, or could not swim, so we spent a great deal of time in the kiddee zone...taking turns with Cody on the bigger slides and tube rides.  And holding onto the kids as we ventured into the wave pool.
                 I remembered it all today, as we took the bambini out to Breakers with us.  Brendon slept over at our house last night.  He and Cody played Guitar Hero until the wee hours of the morning.  I went to bed after 1 and they were still going strong!  We met Janene and her kids, Bryson and Brad's kids,  Taylor and Tanner there around 10 and Karen, Kallie and Matt met us there soon after.
                Janene smuggled in many snacks and drinks for the kids, to keep them going...and the kids had so much fun riding all of the different slides and tube rides.  Janene, Karen and I sat in the surf, keeping cool and relaxing.
                   The wave pool, so cool and relaxing letting the waves run your over...
                       Cody enters the pool at the bottom of the tube ride.
                   Here comes Tonio!  His first ride down the slides!!  He was hooked!
                I was so proud of him.  He quickly oriented himself, gathered up his mat and raced for the top to do it all over again!!.

                               Bryson and Tonio enjoy the double tube, as Janene and Karen pull them through the wave pool.
                   Tonio's the tiny speck at the bottom of this killer slide...
                  Here comes Janene's step -daughter, Taylor, racing down the slide!
   Check out this video of Cody cruising down this slide!  He actually gets air for a brief moment, before reconnecting with  the water and having a great slide!

             And Autumn!  Oh my gosh, last July, when Kim and I took the bambini, we had to literally be with Autumn and Tonio the entire time...this year, they can swim and had so much fun exploring the freedom being able to swim brings...I still can't believe they both went down this slide, and here is Aut cruising down!!   I almost had to hide my eyes, fearing she would fly off of this thing...but who would have taped her then?

              Thanks so much Janene, for setting up this fun filled day for us....!

PS, and right now, only Autumn and I are awake to say goodnight to Mama...but, Autumn points out, there are clouds covering the Big Dipper...'but they sure are pretty', she told me...

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  1. Dave, we just love the video of the kids going down the water slide! It looks like so much fun! Enjoy the summer and try to stay cool. This week the temperature got to 115 degrees here in Phx. Take care and God bless