We Climbed before the Klimb 4 Kim...

We Climbed before the Klimb 4 Kim...
1997's Climb

Monday, July 4, 2011

July 3rd...

              The circus is in town.  Kimmy loved a circus.  We'd go every year.  And, like Easter, it is hard to predict exactly when the circus will be here.  We've seen in in June, for Father's Day...and for my birthday.  We've gone there on Tonio's birthday, on July 11th...today, it was today. July 3rd.  And it was fun!
               I told Tonio, this was an early birthday present for him...he was so excited - and to go with his buddy Bryson and Janene, Brad and their family, was a huge bonus!  We got there early, to see the circus animals close up.
                                Antonio and Autumn were excited to be this close to the elephants!
                                    The tigers were having a good time rolling around!
                                  This was a cool horse/zebra looking thing called a 'fjord'.  I can't even pronounce that!

                     After we all previewed the animals, we headed over to the main hall to see the peformers close up in the 'pre-circus'.
                         Tanner, Brendon, Cody, Tonio, Bryson, Autumn and Taylor sit front row to watch the clowns perform!

                                                          The elephants were awesome!!
               As I said, Kim loved the circus, and we tried to go every year.  She particularly loved the clowns.  So much so, that she once considered going to clown school and joining the circus!  She did her research and found the Barnum and Bailey Clown School in New York and actually requested literature about the school!  She considered going to it...her favorite part of the circus was always the clowns - their carefree ways and she loved how they made others smile, just like she did...

                   Autumn took both of these shots, she remembered that her Mama was a big clown fan!

               Kim would have loved Brendon and Cody as clowns!  They had their clown noses on for most of the show, enjoying the circus!!

               Last year, on July 3rd, Kim wanted to go to the Tucson Museum of Art.  It is open free, to the public, every first Sunday of the month.  She had done her research.  July 3rd was a Sunday last year, too.  And the final day to go see the Andy Warhol exhibit.  They would also have Keith Haring, a Kutztown Univeristy grad (where Kim had studied art), on exhibit.  She was excited.  
              The bambini ended up loving the Warhol exhibit, especially Cody.  These little ones have Kim's art talent...so they enjoy seeing art and making art...it was a nice exhibit - I'm glad we had a chance to go - we had been meaning to see our Tucson Museum of Art for years, but, never seemed to make it downtown to do that.  Kim had done her research on this one and we were able to enjoy the final day of the Warhol show for free.  She had that magic. 

                 When we left the circus today, I asked the bambini if they had enjoyed themselves.  They thanked me for taking them to the circus and said that they had fun. What did you like best about the circus, I asked them 'the tiger show', Antonio told me - me too!, I let him know.  Cody was dissappointed that they did not have the motorcycles this year and that they sang more - seemed more Broadway musical than circus acts.  But, he said, he still had fun.
                  We all headed out to go to a little diner that Kim had found years ago up Broadway called Chaffin's...only to find that it had gone out of business!  We ended up at a great sandwhich place called Kenny D's...and it worked out fine.

                 Later on, I sat out back and watched one of our early monsoons whipping through Tucson.  The lightning was incredible, spreading out across the sky and shooting bolts down to earth.  The thunder ripped its way throught the night sky, the sound booming from the east and rolling to the west.  The rain made the creosote bushes in the desert emit a wonderful, clean fragrance.  It was so nice...
               When we went to say goodnight, around 11:30, the bambini commented on the beautiful smell of the moist air...and the beauty of the clouds moving overhead...and thanked me for their day, as they said sweet dreams to their Mama...

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