We Climbed before the Klimb 4 Kim...

We Climbed before the Klimb 4 Kim...
1997's Climb

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Better than I deserve

            I get lost sometimes.  At my bookstore...I don't do it consciously.  It's just that, sometimes I find myself walking down a row of books, looking at each one, without seeing them...I guess it's kind of like sleep walking, but during the day. 
            Today, I was lost in Science Fiction, when I heard someone say "Are you finding everything allright?".  It was one of our finest Booksellers, Paul, walking towards me with a grin.  "Uh, hi Paul...sometimes.  Sometimes,  I just like to look at the books to see if one of them speaks to me."  "Are you OK Dave?"  he asked.  Sure.  "How are the kids?"  "Everything."  I told him.  And then Paul hit me between the shoulder blades - "You know, I don't know if Kim ever told you this, but one time, I told her how much you mean to us.  How much you inspire us and keep us upbeat.  We never see you down.  But, I told her, if you ever see Dave down, you please tell him this."  I thanked Paul.  He went on.  "You know, I have a better relationship with my wife, because of you and Kim."  My heart.  "Paul, thank you.  When people tell me things.  Like that. It, well, it...it just helps me know she is still here helping people, as she always did."  And, it also makes me know that she did not die in vain...I pray there are people still feeling as Paul does.  And I can't tell you how blessed I am - to have someone tell me that, especially when, there I am, wandering, lost...doing nothing...

             Earlier in the day, I had the pleasure of speaking with Sister Jeanette over at Our Mother of Sorrows.  When I called, I asked her how she was doing today.  "Better than I deserve to be doing!" she answered enthusiastically.  "Sister, would you mine if I borrow that line?"  I asked  begged her.  "Please do.  You know, we spend so much time worrying about little things - what ails us, what we must do, what people might think, what we don't have - and we fail to see just how blessed we really are.  How much we really have.  So, I thank God for all He has given me and blessed me with -I'm alive!  I can do so many things that others cannot! and I realize, I am better than I deserve to be!!".  I am that. I love her! 

              And, I am too.  Lupe cooked up another incredible dinner for the bambini and me, after picking them up from school, helping with homework and engagin them in a stunning array of arts and crafts!! She truly cares for the bambini and makes time to be there for them...for us.

            So, thank you Paul...Sister Jeanette...Lupe/Manny...Angie...for boosting me up today, so I could feel better than I deserve to feel!


PS Oh, and to Aunt Becky, for her hilarious post about 'foodies' - Kim would have absolutely loved that one!  She always said "I am NOT a foodie!  I just like to cook!" 


  1. That was a great story! There are SO many people who feel just as Paul does. I'm so glad he shared that with you!

  2. A little something I learned from a Facebook friend...it's called sleep working. Unfortunately something I have succumbed to once or twice!