We Climbed before the Klimb 4 Kim...

We Climbed before the Klimb 4 Kim...
1997's Climb

Monday, August 15, 2011

Survived the Weekend!!

                    Ahhhh, Monday...It was nice to see we could hit the curve ball, to a certain degree...although, there were some minor meltdowns this morning - some tears...some fears...we all stayed up too late - it was my first close at Barnes & Noble since Kimmy got sick back in October and the bambini were anxious to tell me about their day!  Thanks to the multiple folks who helped with the little ones!  Cody and I stayed up until after 1 a.m. - riveted to http://www.80smusicvids.com/ (thanks Tom, my old District Manager, for sending us that link!).  Laughing at some of the 'hair bands' that I thought were so cool in the 80's (many of which, Kim and I had actually seen!  Like Britny Fox) And, reminiscing some of the 'better' bands, like Bauhaus and their David Bowie cover of Ziggy Stardust.  Cody couldn't stop talking about the fantastic cookout Janene and Brad treated him to at their house - steak, potatoes, etc, as we searched through the videos...Thanks guys!   Overall, the kids had a fun weekend!  We even got in a Starbucks run and grocery shopping trip with Angie, who brought her can in case she needed to whack somebody with it, but is doing so well, she doesn't really need it to walk.  The kids stayed up until midnight Saturday watching 'Soul Surfer' with Breanna and Lexy and still got up in time for 9:00 Mass and Viro's!

                   I came across Kimmys planner, from Rincon Vista Middle School, as I hustled to get the three kids out of their comas and ready for school...I always loved her handwriting - it makes me smile...so neat, yet care free and, well, happy.  The extra large loop on her lower case g's, the soft, double swoosh of her w's.  Cute side notes to herself.  Two years ago, she had been planning Vail Pride Day teacher/staff and volunteer luncheons with Amy Smith.  She had lined up a lot of information for an event that wouldn't take place until February.  She was focused!  The theme that year was "Making a Difference".  She enjoyed the work and would take over as chair to plan the event in 2010...
                 Picture day was this week two years ago...it is this week, this year, as well...She had begun planning the Spirit Assembly for September and an upcoming dance.  She had organized coverage for the school's snack bars, for all events - what was needed, who was supplying it, how many volunteers.  It was interesting to see, that the number one provider of donations to Rincon Vista, was Wendy Anderson, manager of our Safeway in Rita Ranch!
                 There were notes about Book Fairs she was assisting with.  Entertainment book fundraiser (hey, that's this week, too!). Donation letters that needed to be written (I was her 'ghostwriter' and Cody and I were put in charge of knocking on business' doors! 'Because I'm a behind the scenes girl', she tell me!). Notes about taking care of National Junior Honor Society's community hours, and a golf tournament at Santa Rita Golf Course she was working on.
              She was busy.  Everyday.  We used to joke that she was her own best volunteer, as she was only paid for 15 hours, but worked at least 40 per week to keep the events rolling smoothly for the kids!  AND still did so much around our home, cooking, decorating, etc!!
               In her planner, I found an old school newsletter tucked neatly in the rear flap...Kim had a full page 'Thank You Parents and Volunteers!' in it.
          " December was a huge month for our volunteers!  Nicole Delgado and Nancy Niemer rock the band room!  The holiday performance was amazing with the help of these wonderful ladies.  Classroom volunteers include Gina De La Ossa, Louise Rempfer, Kathie Lorenz, Donna Mysak and Della Ellis.  Our teachers couldn't imagine their day without these valuable team members.  Sports registration ran smoothly with the awesome help of Ana Huizar, Shelly Urias and Rita Sassone.  Lorraine Faoro and Veronica Marcantonio continue to give their best with all their PTA hours!

               Fieldtrip chaperones for the "Shyann Kindness Project" included Chris McDaniels, Deborah Caufield, James Upsaur, Jinnifer Lugo, Martha Figuera, Gail Herr, Dan Godwin, Wendy Anderson, Amy Jo McCarty and Jennifer Sidoma. 
              A huge thanks to all our 'Cruise-In for Pancakes' volunteers, including, Gina and Juan De La Rossa, Dave Conca, Jenna and Brent Edwards, Amy and Tom Muszynski, Brian and Betsey Deevers, Grant Taylor, Marcus and Jennifer Gonzales, Veronica Marcantonio, Lorraine Faoro, Aubry Wilkes, Joan Sturgis and Bradley Warnack.  Thank you a million times over for your help with this event!  We served over 450 people in this great event and had nearly 20 cars on display. Going from  to car show to recruit classic car owners, acquiring donations, setting up volunteer coverage, etc, etc.  It was a lot of fun!).

              If you would like to be a part of our Volunteer Team, please stop b for a volunteer packet!  We'd love to have you join us!
                                                         Kim Conca, Volunteer Coordinator

               Wow, she was motivated and motivated so many to help out at Rincon Vista - for a 'behind the scenes girl', she sure had great communication skills, too, as everyone knew what their roll was and where they were supposed to be.  I loved working with her on these events - she was a fantastic team player, making you feel appreciated, important and necessary!

               Her smile brightened the day... : )


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  1. Thanks for sharing, Dave. I'm glad Cody enjoyed the BBQ. And although I've only met Kim a few times, her smile alone was encouraging!