We Climbed before the Klimb 4 Kim...

We Climbed before the Klimb 4 Kim...
1997's Climb

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Babies everywhere!

             Another great day.  I always love Thursdays, going into the little one's classrooms and trying to help out where I can...today, I was in Autumn's class, where her teacher, Casey Rudzena, continues to amaze me with her integration of technology into her learning plan and the delivery of her teaching, the enthusiasm - I know she is giving Autumn and her class a huge edge on the learning curve!  I got to see Autumn deliver her current event on last week's earthquake on the east coast - wide eyed as she told her classmates that all of her relatives live back there, careful to disclose that Cody, Antonio and myself live here, though.  Her bright blue eyes sparkling as she let the class know about the magnitude of the quake, but, thankfully, there were no fatalities...it was priceless...
             Now, Casey has about two more months to go before she has her baby, but she is not slowing down, having recently joined the Vail Choir and working on her second masters degree, while continuing to work at least 50 hours a week teaching!!  Amazing.
           Tonio is adjusting well to Mrs. Stevens taking over for Jenny Rienstra, who had her baby the day after our home visit on Monday and is doing well...
           So, the big thrill and honor for us today, was going to meet Brinley Montes!!  Mary (Tonio's and Autumn's kindergarten teacher) and her family have been so inspirational to ours since we started at Cottonwood with Cody 10 years ago.  Her sister, Ami, had Cody all those years ago and Kim and I enjoyed that year so much (washing away her fears of the public school system!).  They have been like extended family to us, encouraging, upbeat, and so good for the bambini.  Mary sure had a lot of patience with a young Antonio who needed to get his wiggles out!!  Why, they even volunteered to help with opening day at Kohl's when I opened that building back in 2003!!  What a crazy day that was!
          Kim really enjoyed the year she got to be a parapro assistant with Mary the year Tonio was in kindergarten.  She'd always come home, so impressed with Mary's patience and teaching abilities, giving me specific examples to clarify her point.  Mary has said, during her whole pregancy and birth of Brinley, that she felt the calming presence of Kim, her angel.  That has meant a lot to me...I know Kim would have been  is so happy for Mary and Emilio.
         Mary remembered that first day we brought Antonio into her classroom, how we were gushing that it was the first time we'd be alone since Cody was born and that we were going to lunch together.  A date. We were so excited, but it sure felt funny not having the bambini with us.  I told her that we went to Mama's Pizza, not far from Mary and Emilio's...it was such a nice lunch - we talked the whole time, but, I swear I never took my eyes off our Kim's face the entire time we were there...what a great memory that is...
         You know, Mary and Emilio are not your typical first time parents - these two look like seasoned pros.  Mary immediately offered to allow Tonio and Autumn to hold Brinley.
                    Tonio looked a little apprehensive, but Mary was able to help keep him calm and Brinley sure didn't mind!
                                  Autumn was thrilled to have the chance to hold Brinley!  Again, Mary and Emilio did not at all seem like your typical, nervous, first time parents!  Look at that gorgeous head of hair on little Brinley!  She is such a beautiful bambina!!
                                Emilio let us know that he had ordered some Bengals onsies for Brinley so she'd be ready to root for his favorite team come kick off of the regular season!!  He had the Bengals/Colts preseaon game on (I envied his flat screen, wall mounted t.v. with all of its high def glory!) - cool as a cucumber.

Emilio and Mary have such a great, positive attitudes - they are going to great parents!!  Even their english bulldog, Rocco, has that parental instinct, being so careful around the baby and protective.  We made sure to give Rocco plenty of loving while we were there, too.  And Mary hooked the kids up with some of her favorite blonde oreos - did they eat half a bag of them??

It was a nice way to end our day and we were glad to see Mary doing so well and Emilio having instantly adjusted to fatherhood -I can't say enough about how special they are and how happy we are for them -  they are always great to see and we look forward to having Mary back at Cottonwood!

Who's next?  Anabelle Pearson, another kindergarten teacher who was there when Cody started kindergarten is pregnant, too!!  Lots of blessings coming the way of our Cottonwood family and we have Angie's daughter, Kim's, baby to look forward to in just about a month!!  Wow, where did that time go (although it probably seems longer to Kim than for us!)?

After Kim and I had Antonio, I realized that if we had started having kids younger...we'd probably have ended up with five or so!!  They are so fun!!  It is true, the kids keep us young...


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  1. It is hard to believe how time flies...looking at cody today remembering him in kindergarten and now he's in high school!

    thank you for the little Pumas, I can't wait till she can wear them :) and thank you for the comments about our parenting...it really has been a team effort that has made our marriage even stronger, I know the kids were always your and kims priority and if we could model our family after yours we will be very lucky :)