We Climbed before the Klimb 4 Kim...

We Climbed before the Klimb 4 Kim...
1997's Climb

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Kim's 40th

                                                                                  March 3rd 2005

         "Mom's here for my 40th birthday with her dear friend Jim.  I still cannot believe that they're here - it's like a wonderful dream to me - it's their first time here!  Dave set up a special event for me...we all celebrated my 40th at Pinnacle Peak steakhouse with good friends - Angie, Mark, Kim and Mariah Williams, Andrea, David and Lexy Castillo, Kristie and Trinity Verduzco, Rachel, Mike, Elly, Sarah and Luke Franzen and, of course, Mom and Jim.  The whole restaurant section sang to me and we enjoyed cake afterwards.  Dave got a red velvet cake from Cold Stone Creamery and Rachel brought a white cake with raspberry filling.  They were both wonderful.

           We saw the "Heffalump" movie with Mom and Jim the afternoon of my birthday and got to show them our first home that we used to live in and Cody's school.

            The next day, we got sandwiches at Subway and ate lunch in the desert on our way to the Desert Museum.  We also showed them the San Xavier Mission where we were married.  It was a beautiful day (70 degrees).  We all had a wonderful time.

            Mom's lost luggage finally arrived after we got back from the Desert Museum - apparently they had sent it back to Allentown!  It all worked out.

            Today (March 3rd), we are going to a spring training baseball game.  Diamondbacks vs. White Sox.  It will be another 70 + day, so it should be beautiful again.  I'm so happy they're here."

            That game was a beauty.  Jim had been excited to see the White Sox, who had just acquired Jim Thome from the Phillies, his favorite player.  Thome did not disappoint, hitting TWO monster home run shots over the huge green wall in deep center field.  One of them landed on Ajo Way!!  It was a great week for them to come, with the mild temps, which were much warmer than in Pennsylvania, a great first impression of Arizona!  Aside from her Mom losing her luggage, it was a nice visit, really making Kim's 40th special.
            And I remember Kim's 40th celebration clearly.  It was so much fun. We had an incredibly long table to fit all of the people that she mentioned at her table.  It is hard to believe that was 6 years ago...She had such a good time and for me, it was fun to do something like that for her.  We always liked going to Pinnacle Peaks, as I wrote about the other night.  After dinner, the whole party lingered for train rides and to watch the gun fight. 


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