We Climbed before the Klimb 4 Kim...

We Climbed before the Klimb 4 Kim...
1997's Climb

Monday, October 3, 2011

Zona 78

               Today nearly mirrored our day last year...It was a beautiful day, didn't get much over 90 degrees with a sky that was so blue, you did not want to look away from it...we had a great breakfast of fruit and vanilla bean dip (thank you Andrea!!)...
               ...we drove to my Dad's hotel to go swimming, taking Golf Links, wincing past Bonanza...

Nana and Pop were amazed at the transformation of Autumn!  She has grown, and they marveled over how Kim-like she is.  And, of course, this year she can swim!  Last year, I literally had to get into the pool with her and Tonio.  And they literally hung on to each of my arms.  This year, she showed them how well she can swim freestyle, side stroke and back stroke!!  Her little arms neatly cutting the water, propelling her forward with ease.  My little mermaid.


And Cody, well, he's bigger too and more muscular.  His swimming stroke has become more refined and he's always looking to do new tricks.  Here, I caught him in mid-360.  They had fun swimming for several hours today, never leaving the pool!

Where's Tonio?  Poolside.  Reading a book.  He's got strep throat!!  He woke up, saying he couldn't swallow and he had a 100 degree temp.  I had a gut feeling, called his Dr. and asked for a throat swab.  Poor Tonio, he has a weak stomach.  He threw up his lunch right after the swab! I told Dr. Radomsky, you'll probably be hearing from Kim and Janene (they go to the same Dr.!), because we had them over last night - a total of 12 children!!  After our appointment, I went down the phone tree calling Andrea, Janene and Kim to tell them the news.  Kim nearly had Tonio hold Maleah last night, but she decided to feed her first and when she was done, Tonio had run off to play with Breanna and Bryson.  He's a good patient though - he read his whole book in the cool shade of the umbrella, and later, when the sun shift, the shade of  a palm tree!

After swimming, just like last year, we got cleaned up and went to Zona 78.  Last year, we celebrated my Dad's birthday.  His actual birthday is on Halloween, but, we thought it would be neat to have a little party here for him and give him his gifts now.  I'm so glad we did so Kim could help celebrate.
This year, we invited Angie and Mark to join us.

I did such a lousy job taking photos last night, that I made sure to take a couple of shots today.  And, with so many people at the house last night, I sure had some great opportunities!!

                           It was a nice dinner - we sat there for nearly three hours and it is amazing how far the bambini have come.  They played together so nicely, starting with hangman, tick tack toe and then playing a game on Cody's phone. 
                          We remembered, that, the day Nana and Pop left, they had a 9:00 a.m. flight, just like they do this time.  They wanted to get heading towards the airport at 7:00 and planned to take a taxi.  Kim literally put her foot down and said she would be there to get them. 
                         Couple of factors here - when my Dad and Vi visit, I lend them my Toyota Tundra.  Typically, they would drive out to the airport and we'd meet them there in our Expedition to say goodbye and I'd drive the truck home and Kim the Expedition.  But, last year, they dropped the truck off to us the night before they left, because I had to be on the road to Phoenix for meetings by 5:30 a.m.   They wanted to take a taxi, because they did not want to make Kim get three kids ready and be at their hotel by 7:00.  Kim had also had a history of running a little late.  In fact, when she worked at Alphagraphics back east, her boss actually changed her schedule start time to 8:15, instead of 8:00 so he would not have to fire Kim for chronic tardiness.  The problem was...he told Kim!  So, she'd show up at 8:30...She surprised everyone last year by arriving at their hotel around 6:50!!!  This year, Angie has graciously 'volunteered' to drive me to the airport to pickup my truck.  I've tried to drive both vehicles at the same time, but have not been successful yet.  Besides, I promised her a Starbucks along the way!
                           When we are at Kim's favorite restaurant, I cannot help but wish she was there.  Physically.  And I glanced at the empty seat at the end of the table wishing things could have been different, yet, thankful for each and every time we were able to go to Zona 78 - remembering how much we enjoyed the atmosphere, the food, the happy hour pricing, the experience, and, of course, each other...
                     Like the beautiful blue sky today, the night sky tonight is stunning.  The moon is about a quarter full, shrouded with clouds and a kaleidoscope of stars fill the empty spaces...The candles in the Nitcho look all the more beautiful, flickering and shining light on St. Francis.

                                          Tonio works against the cool breeze to light his candle tonight, sporting Spiderman pj top and dinosaur bottoms.  Best of both worlds!

                                            Goodnight Mama...sweet dreams....we love you!


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