We Climbed before the Klimb 4 Kim...

We Climbed before the Klimb 4 Kim...
1997's Climb

Saturday, October 22, 2011

A Night in Italy for Kim....

           The bambini and got home close to 10...lit St. Jude and Mary of Guadalupe candles for Kim in the Nitcho and talked about the night...

            "Do you think Mama liked the dinner we did for her tonight?"  I asked them.

             "Yeah...I think she did." Tonio answered.

              "Uh-huh!"...Autumn.  Cody is spending the night at his friend, Jesus' house - his parents, Joe and Monique put in several hours in the kitchen serving dinners tonight!!

               "What was your favorite part?"

               "The slideshow."  said Tonio.  My neighbor, Brian, put together a nice one - I'll see if I can figure out how to post it later.  Thanks Brian!!

                It was a nice night to honor Kimmy.  There were so many people involved, who worked hard, gave selflessly and smiled the whole time - just like Kim.  I felt that the night's MVP was Cindy Petersen - Desert Sky Middle School's office manager - she helped plan the event, chaired decorations and really ended up directing the whole evening, arriving around 3 and we left together around 9:30.
                There are countless people to thank - Micah Mortensen, principal at Desert Sky, for offering his school as the venue, helping to plan and to promote and helping to clean up and take the extra food back to Viro's.  And to his Student Council, for volunteering to help work the event and their generous donation of $250!! Vito and Rosa Croce, owners of Viro's, who also helped to plan, made some incredible food and at a loss to help Kim's Foundation.  The Perrini family, who helped plan, rounded up volunteers and worked from set up through clean up (Kirk won the Derek Jeter autographed baseball during the raffle - which was great payent for his hard work, as he is a avid rabid NY Yankees fan.). Cheryl Devitt - for helping to set up, clean up and manage the kitchen!  The LaPlant family - worked the entire event and went wherever needed.  Lupe and Manny Barrios - who sold raffle tickets, 'Rando Acts of KIMness' bracelets and pre-sold 'Kimmy's Kitchen' cookbooks (Due out first week of December!).  Monique and Joe Longo, for their kitchen help.  Casey Rudzena, for helping with set up and serving while 8 months pregnant!  Angie/Andrea/Janene/Kim for help with raffle prizes, clean up and moral support!  My neighbor, Amy, for taking care of the 'Random Acts of KIMness' bracelet orders and promoting the event.  Lydia Crain, principal of Rincon Vista, for promoting the event.  Bobbi Mayeux, principal at Cottownwood for promoting the event.  Deb Bryson, principal at Desert Willow for lending us the inflatable projection screen, which was way cool, so we could show Lady and the Tramp (how Kim is that?), Melissa and Greg Grossheim for their help with said projector, ticket printing, placemats thanking our sponsors, promoting the event, helping get PTSA to make a donation of $100, etc.  Matt Donaldson, principal at Empire High School, who allowed us to sell tickets at his school. And, of course, all of the wonderful people who donated raffle items and who came out to eat and support the event (and those of you who just donated!!).  My apologies to anyone who I may have neglected to mention - you are appreciated, not forgotten!

            The food was incredible, the music complimentary (Vito put together five discs of Italian music!).  We had jumping castles, a giant slide and obstacle course for the kids, in addition to the movie.

            Thank you Nancy  Kirk and John Gimmler, from Carondelet for coming out tonight and speaking about the foundation, handing out literature, etc.  Nancy administers Kimmy's Foundation and John is in charge of the new chapel project.

             The night went by so quickly.  Everyone was so wonderful.  I felt Kim everywhere, but managed to not break down (well, a little during the Student Council check presentation, but I ducked behind the big screen showing the slide show Brian masterfully put together).  Everyone was very supportive.  It was a perfect night.  For Kim.

            And I never got a chance to take a photo...but, people who did, will email the to me and I will post them so that you can see...

             Thank you all,



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  1. I walked in the room looking forward to seeing all your hard work and was not expecting tears! The rush of emotions came over me as I looked at the room and saw the people, the decorations, the pictures of Kim...so many people love her! You all did a fantastic job : )

    I can't wait for the cook book!
    (Ami took some photos)