We Climbed before the Klimb 4 Kim...

We Climbed before the Klimb 4 Kim...
1997's Climb

Sunday, October 30, 2011

October 29th...

October 29th 2010...
   “Hello everyone, today was Kim's 11th day at St. Josephs and was a more challenging one. We met with her Oncologist, Dr. Taetle around 8:30 and he has chosen a chemo called alimpa for her treatments. This will allow the kidney, rather than her ailing liver, to filter the treatments. She will take steroids (MLB, here she comes!) the day before, day of and day after alimpa treatments that will help prevent a rash, that is a common side effect of this treatment. After 6 weeks, the tumors can be measured to see if this treatment is right for Kim. She received a vitamin B12 shot and folic acid today to strengthen her body.

The pain in Kim's side where her gall bladder was removed persists and her blood values were elevated again today, so the CT scan was scheduled. It showed she has an abscess in this area, which explains her pain and fatigue. Dr. Taetle said that as long as the abscess drains well, her chemo can begin Monday. If the abscess persists, treatment will be bumped back at least a day. Either way, we're praying the draining of the abscess will help Kim get over the pain she is in. We were able to take Communion today with the hospital chaplain around 2, which was nice. After being her usual strong self throughout the day, Kim finally accepted dilaudid around 6:30 and was sleeping comfortably within 15 minutes. I told her nurse that when Kim says her pain is a 5 on a scale of 1 to 10, that would translate into a 7 or 8 for the rest of us mortals.

The kids came down this afternoon and Tonio read a funny Halloween story to all of us.  They were relieved it is Friday and they have two days off from school. Our neighbor, Amy took Autumn grocery shopping tonight - Kim's co-workers at Rincon Vista have been working on chipping in for a Fry's grocery card for us - an effort led by Amy, who works alongside of Kim there. They truly miss Kim and have been sending some inspirational messages our way - we appreciate all that their team has been doing for our family. Autumn had a great time and made some great choices, mostly fruit.   Tomorrow, Betsey will take Autumn, while Tonio and Cody will go to Amy's so I can get down to the hospital to be with Kim for her procedure. If all goes well, we're hoping to take a stroll around her floor and watch a little college football.

Her spirits remain high, despite a painful day and she is ready to get going on her treatments and get home to family. Again, she is so amazing...reminding me today of some writings from Mother Teresa, who feels that in today's society, we spend so much time trying to avoid or buffer every form of pain, and tells us 'Rather than asking ourselves how to eliminate pain, the real question must become, what are we going to do with our suffering? What are we going to do with the pain we cannot avoid?' I can tell you, Kim is using her pain as a springboard and asking 'OK, what is next?', also, looking beyond to how she can turn this experience into something positive for herself, our family and our community. Amazing.

Thank you for the continuing happy thoughts and prayers!!

God Bless,


                 You know, as crazy a time as this was, it was Kim's absolute strength and high spirits that allowed her and I to have a little fun, as weird as that sounds.  I do have some good memories of this time...
                 And, it seems, that the 29th was so full of inspirational well wishes:
From the Knights of Columbus...
Dear Kim and Dave,
I continue to marvel at the strength you both have and how your positive attitudes and the prayers we are all sending to you are bringing Kim back to health. I know the chemo may be a bit frightening but it has not dealt with Kim and the Conca clan yet. I am sure with the love and couragee you are both displaying along with God's watchful eye you will eradicate this terrible thing and be back soon.

God Bless You All and All Our Love and Prayers Are With You,
LIane and Fred Falgiano, Knight of Columbus

And our friend Rachael...
Thank God she's headed in the right direction! We will be in touch about dropping dinner off Dave. We'll try to call you (or maybe you can email again) to figure out when your neighbor or anyone will be at the house to drop something off ok!? Also, if the kids need anything I know they don't know us as well as they should, but I'm sure they'd have fun w/our kids and we are here and happy to help anytime. We are praying still and sending you strength please don't forget that you need to take care of yourself as well ok? Lots of love and god bless you guys,Rachael

From Niki, our niece;

Hello Dave,
I am so happy to hear that Kim is doing better with each day. Grammie is keeping me updated on everything that is going on. It's so wonderful that you have such caring people in your lives to help you out through all of this with the kids and food and emotional support. You are very blessed with such great people. I'm happy to hear that Autumn's interview went well...she seems to be so mature for her age...well all 3 of them are just such great kids (I hear a lot about them from Grammie). You guys are doing a fantastic job!! I continue to pray for you all each day and for the team of doctors that are caring for Kim. From what I hear...she is in great hands out there. I hope all goes well with the blood work so she can come home and you can all be together again...I'm sure that will help to raise everyone's spirits even more. Kim has always been a very positive person so I am not surprised to hear that she is in such good spirits. That's the Kim I've always known...and that's what is so great about her. The close bond that you all have together as a family can get you guys through anything. If there's anything more I can do...besides continuing to pray, please let me know. I'm usually not too good with checking my e-mail, but since last week, I check it at least twice a day and I will continue to do so. Please tell Kim I said hello and I'm always thinking of her. We love all of you!
More Rincon Vista staff!
Hello Family Conca and Kim,

The Inclusion Dept. is letting you know that our thoughts and prayers
are with you.
We are missing you dearly.

and Yan

Hi Kim,
You are in my prayers. Please let me know if you have any specific
prayer needs and I would love to lift you before the Lord.


Stephanie Abeyta

Hello to the Dear Family of the Amazing Kim!

After reading the email from Mrs. Crain about what your family is
enduring, I am sitting in my classroom in tears. I had no idea. Please
know that I just prayed for you, and will continue to do so.
I am the 8th grade SS teacher, and have been blessed by Kim's
kindness, warm beautiful smile, willingness to help with any
fundraising event for our DC Club, and her constant professionalism.

Words seem so inadequate, but I wanted to send a note anyway.


Karen McCurdy

Artist, Neil Myers, an Arizona favorite;

Hi Dave,
Thanks very much for taking the time to write. I can only imagine
that your days have been hectic and draining, but of course i know you
are giving it 110 percent, as most of us would in such a situation.
Anyhow thanks for the info regarding Kims procedure tomorrow. I may
try to get by in the afternoon as you suggest. Rest assured that if
Kim is not feeling up to it, i will just try to discreetly leave what
i have for her and skedaddle. I thought that if i can put a smile on
her face for 5 minutes with my gift ( oh gollie, what could it be?)
then it would be worth it.
Much love and prayers are with you guys, tell Kim hello and good luck
to you guys,
Best always
          Neil painted Kim a bouqet of flowers, telling her he wished it would give her a smile every time she needed one and that it never needed water, and never would die...

   Friends Theresa and Ed, who's son Nick has been in Cody's classes since kindergarten and son Andy, who has been in Autumn's classes since kindergarten:

Hi Dave. Ed and I want you to know that we're thinking of you and Kim, and you have our full support while she's getting better. If there's ANYTHING you need, I don't want you to hesitate to call us. I'm not working, so I'm available if you ever need someone to pick up the kids, run errands, etc. If there's anything that will make Kim's recovery easier on the both of you, please consider me at your disposal.
 Warmest regards,
Theresa Mercurio-Sakwa
     So, you see, support helped me keep things together then, as now....
     Today, we celebrated our friend's, Lexy and Breanna's birthday at Rolling Hills Park - it is a beautiful park, with plenty of space for the kids to really spread out.  The grass was freshly cut and it was a beautiful 84 degrees.  There was volleyball, baseball, soccer, basketball being played.  Andrea had a craft tent set up with three tables of clay, stickers, beads, bracelet making - I don't think Autumn and Tonio left that area!!  We went with our neighbor, Brian, and Hadley and Mitchell spent a great deal of time there, too.
       There were two pinata's, and so much food, highlighted by Guero Canelo making us tremendous sonoran hot dogs!!

             The bambini had a wonderful Sunday....



                                          "Breakfast with Breanna"...gotta love the alliteration there...
                      And the bambini insist on Italian Wedding Soup with breakfast!  Two bowls each!!

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  1. Well she succeeded in finding something positive in the situation for her family, friends and the community! She inspires all of us to live life to the fullest, to love our families, and that a smile and laugh can brighten up anyone's day!