We Climbed before the Klimb 4 Kim...

We Climbed before the Klimb 4 Kim...
1997's Climb

Saturday, November 5, 2011

A Dream

    I had one of my worst dreams yet last night (no tidal waves, thank God!)...and felt so blessed as I clawed my way up, and out of it, to see the morning light streaming through my bedroom window...

     Rattled, and still in the grip of my dream, I went to hug the bambini and wish them a good morning.  Tonio helped me make pancakes, hashbrowns and dippy eggs (as Kim fondly called them).  He's getting to be a good little chef!
     Autumn was working on a poetry project..."Who's your favorite poet Dad?"  "Thoreau."  I told her..."No, wait.  It's Edgar Allan Poe."  I told her the story of Poe, who lived out his life in Baltimore, and how the NFL team chose it's name from his famous 'Raven' poem.  She got busy googling and came up with 'A Dream'...
       "I really like this one Dad...what does it mean?"

A Dream by Edgar Allan Poe

In visions of the dark night
I have dreamed of joy departed-
But a waking dream of life and light
Hath left me broken-hearted.

Ah! what is not a dream by day
To him whose eyes are cast
On things around him with a ray
Turned back upon the past?

That holy dream- that holy dream,
While all the world were chiding,
Hath cheered me as a lovely beam
A lonely spirit guiding.

What though that light, thro' storm and night,
So trembled from afar-
What could there be more purely bright
In Truth's day-star?
I struggled to tell her, without telling her that it reminded me of her Mama...

   This was a tough one...as Kim was back in the hospital, so quickly - poor little Antonio's head was spinning and nearly broke my heart...

November 5, 2010

   "Hi everyone, Coming home tonight from St. Joseph's, I thought this was going to be a tough update to write...but when I opened up email, there were so many inspirational messages...well, I wanted to say how much they all help. This one in particular, from a friend of ours from Rincon Vista Middle School, where Kim works, gave me the boost I needed to do this.
After I emailed the last update, Kim had awoken and could not fall back to sleep for some time. The percocet was not managing her pain. We contacted the Dr. in the morning to see what could be done. While I was helping her clean herself up, I noticed her right arm, where her pick line had been while she was at St. Joe's, looked swollen to me. I called the Dr. back and he urged me to bring her back...so less than 24 hrs. after she had been released, Kim was admitted back into St. Joseph's. While she was home, Antonio would not leave her side. Kim told him he could go play, since she was home for good. Antonio said 'Yay! I thought you were just visiting us!'. Still, he took the news very well when he came home from school and found her gone. It was a busy Friday night at St. Joseph's, so Kim was given a room...unfortunately, her pain med had expired and it took me a little while to find the right person to get the OK to get her some. Dr. Baeg finally made it to see her around 9 P.M. He ordered a ultrasound for her right arm, which they did this morning at 6 a.m...finding a series of blood clots from her elbow to her shoulder.
So, here's where we need your help - we need your prayers around 11:30 a.m., Arizona time (we don't mess around with daylight savings time!) when Kim will under go a Inferior Vena Cava filter placement (IVC) to prevent clots in her legs from reaching her heart/lungs and a right upper extremity venous thrombectomy (do not be impressed with my use of medical terminology, as it is only my note taking that has improved significantly during this process) performed by Dr. Luis Leon. He will actually enter the affected vein in Kim's right arm and implant a temp filter and a balloon on each end of the affected vein. The vein will be filled with a potent blood thinner called TPA. The Dr. will use a trellis device (30 mm wire) to enter the vein and break up those blood clots. Kim will then be switched to lovenox blood thinner, since, it seems the cumadin was not effective. Lovenox is an injectable, so I will be trained in the art of shot giving, as she will be on this long term.
Bambini's had a half day yesterday...Autumn and Antonio went with friends, Lupe and Vonda, to Peter Piper Pizza (which is a new, 25K sq ft funarama that was put into the old Linen's 'N Things building where I once was store manager, before the company closed)...Cody went to lunch at McD's with some friends, Dawn Ball and her boys Nathan and Alec, and had a nice time. Betsey and Brian saved the day when Kim had to return to St. Joe's and watched the kids until I got home around 1:30 a.m. We woke up early and made it down to the hospital to eat breakfast with Kim and they were great for a visit of over 3 hrs!! These kids are incredible.  Andrea picked them up for me around noon and took care of them the rest of the day, entertaining them, feeding them and getting the kids to bed before I got home. We'll do the same tomorrow, so they can eat breakfast with Mama and visit prior to her procedure.
Annointing of the Sick Sacrament for Kim and hung a brand new Crucifix in her room, as she noticed her room was missing one. He asked her how she was doing, handling all of this and she said 'well Father, every day is truly precious. Every day is a blessing. You never know what is going to come your way. There are no guarantees for anybody.' Beautiful Kim...continuing to inspire and touch the lives of those around her!
Thank you all! Love, Dave"

Speaking of breaking hearts - the beautiful words that flowed out of Kim's mouth, even as she suffered.  Even through her fears...I am constantly amazed at her strength!

And here was the email that I mentioned above, that gave me the strength that I needed...

"Dear Kim and Conca Family,

We pray so that the merciful, loving, and Almighty Eternal Father and our Savior Jesus Christ grant you the strength, patience, and understanding to take one day at a time focusing in the now, witnessing everyday miracles through every moment that you get to spend time with each other and all your loves ones.

God wants us to put our complete trust in Him and for us to know that He cares for us and provides for us what we need. God invites us to cast away from our hearts doubts and fears that imprison us for He says:

"Do not be afraid for I am always with you...

I will come to you in the silence

I will lift you from all your fear

You will hear my voice

I claim you as my choice

Be still and know that I am here

Do not be afraid I am with you

I have called your name

Come and follow me

I will bring you joy and peace

that the world cannot give

I love you and your are mine

In the shadows of the night

I will be your light

Come and rest in me for

I am the strength for all who despair

Healing for all who are ill

I'm embracing all your pain

I will turn your pain into a flowing

river of endless joy and peace

Come and follow me

I love you and you are mine."

With much love,

Veronica & Abby

         So you see, with encouragement like this, we were able to keep moving forward...

         And to take the edge off today, we went to see Puss in Boots with our friends, Lupe, Manny and Monsi, and Tammy LaPlant and her daughters Emma and Sarah.  Tonio had the added bonus of bringing along Janene's son, Bryson.  Very funny movie! We were able to get over to 12th Ave and eat some excellent carne asada at BK and then, back to our house where the little ones played with Bella, did arts and crafts and played Legos...while Cody escaped with Janene's oldest son, Brendon and Andrea's son, David to the skate park!  It's getting chilly out and I know the boys appreciated the cool air as they road hard.

         Good night,




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  1. Very Kim-like to say every day is precious and a blessing...when she could have complained about the pain she was in...

    We are the ones that are blessed to have known Kim, I thought about her today as Brinley slept on the bed with me this morning. I want to be a mom like Kim and make sure Brinley feels the love I have for her, just as the bambini know how much their mom loves them...