We Climbed before the Klimb 4 Kim...

We Climbed before the Klimb 4 Kim...
1997's Climb

Sunday, November 6, 2011


         "The greatest weapon any warrior can carry into battle is absolute certainty of her eternal soul."

          I read this today and thought, how appropriate for Kim.  The situation she was facing this time last year.  And although her resolve never wavered, her body just was not cooperating.

          Sundays.  They've always been the sticking point.  Seemingly more so, now, as the calendar flips back around at astonishing speed, but with horrendous slow motion in the moment feeling.

The morning sky today was beautiful and the air chill over the De Grazia Gallery in the Sun...

It was cold, but not so cold that I could see my breath...this chapel so beautiful and peaceful...

I had to work today and I got up early so that I could stop by the De Grazia chapel and pray...for Kim...the bambini...our family and friends...to try to be more humble and to be able to stand up, on my own, and put this month to rest...and then the next one...

The bambini were so cute today, as I prepared to leave...they send me off in style, making sure that I have my lunch...check...my briefcase...check...my large Phillies cup filled with ice water...check...keys...check...and Autumn yells "sell a lot of books and Nooks today!"...they stand  leap about in the driveway, like Lord of the Flies castoffs, waving wildly, blowing kisses and shouting "have a great day!"   "drive safe!"  "Love you!"

Andrea picked them up around 8:30 and took them to their C.C.D. classes at Our Mother of Sorrows with Lexy and Breanna.  Afterwards, she took them to breakfast at Viro's, where they had the buffet with Rose.  I got a funny text from Micah Mortensen, principal of Desert Sky Middle School. "Dave, your kids are here at Viro's."  "Tell them hi for me Micah" I texted back.  "Well, who are they here with?"  "Andrea."  Long pause...."Oh, I see her!"  It's nice to know there are others looking out for the bambini! 
They had a fun day, watching movies, drinking hot chocolate (yes, it is getting cold here!) and then going to Lexy's dance performance.  Andrea kept them busy and well fed!!  She even brought some penne pasta and meatballs home for Cody and I to eat for dinner!!
I was glad and grateful that they had a nice day...I'd love to hit the lottery and just be able to be there for them all of the time!

           Autumn and Antonio watched the Ravens v Steelers game with me tonight (well, between packing lunches, doing wash, dishes, floors, etc.)...Autumn was very enthusiastic and asked a lot of questions.  She thought that the Steelers, James Harrison, had too much energy, as he seems to be in on every play.  And wondered why players like Troy Palalamu of the Steelers and Torrey Smith of the Ravens, let their hair grow so long "won't somebody pull it?".  She rooted hard for the Ravens, because her Pop is a fan, living just north of the city of Baltimore.  And thought she had 'jinxed' them, when after the third quarter ended, with the Ravens in the lead, she wondered out loud 'Wouldn't that be awful if the Steelers came back in the last quarter and won?'  Those two added some great color commentary...Cody and his buddy Alex decided to play out front instead!

           I apparently did not send out much last year this day...sometimes, it's just too hard.  You just want to lay down, give up. Kim, she kept us going...  But, I did send this one:

  "Hi Tom, Kim had a bit of a setback, as her body rejected the cumadin blood thinner. She'll undergo a procedure this morning at 11:30 a.m. to try to correct clots and protect her from them. They are trying her on a different blood thinner. I hope she can be re-released on Monday. Thank you.  And my family thanks you, Dave"

             The clouds were spectacular tonight, as the bambini lit their candles and placed them carefully in Kim's Nitcho...


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