We Climbed before the Klimb 4 Kim...

We Climbed before the Klimb 4 Kim...
1997's Climb

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Red Chair

Hi Dady! How was your day today? Love you!

 Love, Autumn : )
        Autumn, emailing me as there'd be long stretches that we did not see each other....
Ok, thanks Mrs. Rudzena! So..............I don't do my homework today?

Sent: Tuesday, November 09, 2010 10:27 AM
Subject: Re:

Sure! The math is from this week. It is EASY it's just adding and subtracting decimals. You should have no problem but if you do, let me know.
I will put the spelling words on the moodle soon. Autumn! You should be resting! Don't worry about this stuff! We will catch you up :)
On Nov 9, 2010, at 7:17 AM, <conca5@cox.net> <conca5@cox.net> wrote:

Dear Mrs. Rudzena,
I'm still feeling yucky today, my stomach still hurts but I think I'll be back tomorrow. I was wondering if you could e-mail me the spelling words so I can go on the moodle and do the spelling homework. Also, for the math on the moodle, is it stuff we learned last week or stuff we learned this week? I haven't looked at it yet and I don't want to do it wrong and if the math is stuff we learned this week then I won't know how to do it. Could you e-mail me the spelling words, if the math is stuff we learned this week or last week?
Your Student, Autumn
          Autumn was beginning to feel the strain...and it manifested itself as stomach pain...

Team Barnes & Noble,

Where do I begin to express my gratitude? I can tell you, this past 3 weeks has been a surreal blur for my family. It has been like one of those bad dreams that you just cannot wake up from. Kim now has pneumonia and will have a scope of her lungs tomorrow to see if they can determine if it is the cancer in her lungs, the blood clots in her lungs or complications from the drain for the abscess where her gall bladder was removed. We appreciate all of your positive thoughts and prayers!

           Also, I appreciate all of the extra hard work you have done to allow me to be at Kim's bedside. Tom calls me and tells me how great the store looks and how everyone has stepped up nicely. And the basket of fun for my family was awesome! My kids and Kim had a nice time picking through all of the surprises you included (nicely done on the soccer and Mother Teresa mags!). We will enjoy it for a long time to come. We hung the happy thoughts chain from Kim's ceiling - great mojo! We really appreciate all that you guys have done.

I miss you all and hope to get Kim well enough to come home so I can return to work. Until that time...keep up the great work and keep sending us your positive thoughts and prayers!

God Bless,

       What would I have done (what would I do?) without the wonderful people at B&N??
        Today, a special visitor!
                       Brinley and Mary Montes (Autumn and Tonio's kindergarten teacher)!!  Brinley let me hold her while Mary checked out the Nitcho and danced with Bella...and she made us rice krispy treats (my kryptonite!)!!
                      Later, we found a photo of Mary, in that same red chair (different house, though) from a Christmas party we had 8 years ago...

Mary and Tonio! (See Mary?  Not too much hair on Tonio!)  He fell asleep in Mary's lap a little later on!!  Those red chairs have certainly gotten a lot of mileage over the years...

Andrea had a connection to bring Santa to our party...Here's Angie having a little dinner with Santa! Her whole family came, a yearly tradition. All of the kindergarten teachers (Mary, her sister, Ami, who Cody had and Anabelle Pearson (then Rios). It was a full house. All of the kids had so much fun that night.

And still later...I took Autumn to Pier 1 to see if they still had any Halloween left on clearance.  She wanted to buy a ghost, if they had one 'with good eyes'...
...what strikes you when you walk in, is the Christmas merchandise...remember, Kim helped set it last year.  Look at the displays...

And the amount of product on them!  Kim was perfect for the display factor in this set up!  You know she must have worked so hard.

Here's one with all Venetian ornaments - Kim always chose ornaments made in Italy and loved Pier 1's selection!

Another memory occurred to me today...a small one.  I had to run from Barnes & Noble to the Ellie Towne Community Center, where I take books, games, etc and help talk to folks, etc.  I used to always call Kimmy as I left to make these runs to say hi.  When she'd answer, I'd tell her that I was loose, a double entendre, as I meant I had escaped...but...  And she'd giggle "Yes, but where are you?"...

Bella was upset that I never posted a photo of her in her pirate costume from Halloween. 

And at the end of the day, we are counting our blessings....


From the B&N parking lot



  1. It's so crazy that you blogged this today! I actually have about 3 or 4 photos from that Christmas Party night of Cody and Me putting together that toy (train?) I've had them on my desk at school all week and keep forgetting to give them to you!

  2. That was a great Christmas party...of course Kim had gifts for us! She was the ultimate host : ) It just shows how long we have been lucky enough to know your family...I can't believe how little Tonio was! It was great visiting with you and look forward to many more in the future : )

  3. That Christmas party is one of my fondest Christmas memories of all time! So glad you both were a part of it!! Dave