We Climbed before the Klimb 4 Kim...

We Climbed before the Klimb 4 Kim...
1997's Climb

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Into the Desert...

"Hi Kimba, It's just me...it's been so long, since I saw your smiling face...and felt any sort of warm sunshine..."


Whew! Another loooonnnnggggg day for Kimmy!! We had our prayers answered this morning, when, after being rolled downstairs and prepped for her vascular embolism procedure, to stop the bleeding in her lung, Dr. Zaetta, who was scheduled to perform this surgery, examined Kim and found that, in her opinion, the surgery was premature. She consulted with Kim's pulmonary guy, Dr. Riley, who ordered the surgery and let him know she was not going to play 'look see' and since Kim has not been coughing up blood, she wanted to let the natural healing process take care of things. Dr. Zaetta did reposition the drain for the abscess where Kim's gall bladder was removed to make it more productive and that was successful. Our neighbors, Betsey, Amy and Tom sat with me in the waiting room for hours to keep me sane...'I feel like I'm on crazy pills!' Will Farrell, Zoolander.
Anyway, it has been an emotional few days and I met with Dr. Taetle, oncologist and Dr. Atkinson, surgeon to let them know that we needed them to make sure that any new Drs. brought on board to help Kim had as high a level of communication with them, as they do with each other. All of the Drs. have been top notch, best in Tucson for Kimmy, but, we have started the process to have a new pulmonary Dr. brought in. Dr. Atkinson, at my request, sent over a thoracic surgeon to review Kim's case and examine her and he agreed with Dr. Zaetta's assessment and that Kim should be allowed time to heal, without the vascular procedure and that he and Dr. Zaetta are on hand with an 'emergency net' when and if needed.
The bambini's wanted to skip school today to meet Grammie and Grandpa Jim at the airport, but I would not support such truancy. So, when Betsey picked them up and dropped them off, they literally burst through the door and smothered them with hugs. We all went to the hospital and visited Kim, who was so excited to see Carole and Jim. The kids and I dined in splendor in the hospital cafeteria (Tonio loves the cheeseburgers here!), and then they all left for home. The kids are looking forward to a Target run tomorrow!
Kim is a little exhausted and will need extra rest this weekend what with all of the medication changes, extra Dr. consultations (again, to keep me sane!) and the visits...to keep fighting. She is tired, but her eyes...her eyes still sparkle and she has strong resolve...which is fueled by all that you do! I cannot begin to list every incredibly thoughtful and generous thing that you all have done...word cannot express our gratitude. And the prayers help!
Tomorrow's another day and we are thankful for this one!
God Bless,
Love, Dave

                  And this was where it started getting pretty scary with Kim's bleeding lung.  She shared a few moments with me, which she called 'pity parties'.  It was good having Carole and Jim back in town - I stayed longer with Kim and ended up at Viro's later and later to regroup.  And, as you might be able to read between the lines, a lot of 'back seat' doctors were offering 'advice' on Kim's course of treatment.  Believe me, I was up all night researching, making calls and speaking with the team that worked on Kim.  Kim and I believed we had the best right where we were. 
                Dr. Atkinson was unbelievable.  He had given me his cell phone number to call anytime I needed to talk.  Even if it was not medical related.  He was from Bristol, PA where my Dad grew up and I'd call and we'd talk about cheesesteaks, the Phillies, etc.  I called him about Kim's lung, because the only Dr. who seemed completely unstable was Dr. Riley.  He answered the phone while at a party and sent over the thoracic surgeon.  I wanted him to operate immediately if not sooner...but, Kim's condition was not good and I worried that she may not be able to pull herself back up from such extensive surgery.  So I ran steps.  And prayed.  And we watched back to back to back to back episodes of Law and Order together.  And told each other how much we loved each other.  My rosary collection grew.  And I wore them out.
                I don't know.  Sometimes, in the deep of the night, I think 'what if I had done this?'  'Or that?'...but I don't know.  I suppose that I never will.  And it has to be OK.

               On a gray day, rain threatening, the bambini and I ventured deep into the desert.  6 miles for Aut, Tonio and I - more like 11 for Cody - in Fantasy Island.  Someone had vandalized Kim's bike.  The memorial that the bambini lovingly painted.  They were visibly shaken, in fact, Autumn vomited, poor little dear.  We fixed it best we could, prayed, and continued into the desert, the skies darkening, winds picking up and the first droplets of cold rain splashing our faces...


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  1. Poor Autumn : ( Why are some people so cruel!! I hope it doesn't ruin future bike rides for the bambini...