We Climbed before the Klimb 4 Kim...

We Climbed before the Klimb 4 Kim...
1997's Climb

Tuesday, November 8, 2011


           Dammit.  Four nights in a row.  Nightmares.  Can't remember the lines from "Fight Club" about having insomnia, but they were brilliant!
           But, I do have this one:
             "I was living in a state of perpetual deja vu. Everywhere I went, I felt I'd already been there.  It was like following the invisible man..."

            On Nov 8, 2010, at 7:34 PM, <conca5@cox.net> <conca5@cox.net> wrote:

> Today, Kim had a trying day. She had hopes she would be released
> from St. Joseph's today, but is really having a difficult time
> breathing, due to blood loss from surgery, chemo and the drain to
> relieve the abscess where her gull bladder was removed. She will
> remain on oxygen through the night. She was given two pints of
> blood to try to relieve the anemia. A pulmonary Dr. was called in,
> Dr. Riley, who feels the tumor/clots in her lungs also make it
> difficult for Kim to breath and her heart rate has been increased as
> her heart tries to replace her blood and work to keep her lungs
> going. So, she is understandably tired today. Dr. Atkinson stopped
> in and told her he did not want to remove her drain today - it is
> better the blood come out, rather than pool up inside of her. He
> ordered the blood to be tested so he can decide if he needs to be
> concerned with internal bleeding. Dr. Leon, the vascular surgeon,
> checked on Kim's arm today, following the successful thrombectomy he
> performed yesterday and said she was doing nicely. She says her arm
> is still tender, but not painful like it was yesterday.
> Kim is now totally converted to the blood thinner Loverox. I
> gave her an injection in her stomach this morning and will give her
> another shot tonight. She said it didn't hurt, but as it was the
> first injection I ever gave, I know she was just being sweet.
> Tonight, I brought my laptop with me to St. Joe's, so Kim is
> helping me remember her day. She wants you to know she is trying
> her hardest to get healthy, but it seems that her body does not want
> to cooperate. She will be given lasix tonight to get rid of any
> fluid around her lung and heart and Dr. Riley ordered new x-rays
> over Kim's chest in the morning. Kim is overwhelmed by the support
> and prayers pouring in from the community - she says it really keeps
> her going.
> Special thanks today to the hard working team over at Barnes &
> Noble!! I spoke with my District Manager, Tom, today, who has done
> so much to make sure that I can spend this time with Kim and my
> family. He is so impressed with how well the team is keeping the
> store looking great and preparing our store for the holiday
> season!!! I cannot say enough good things about everyone over there
> - it is so great to work with all of them as partners in that
> operation and to know that the store is in great hands is such peace
> of mind.
> Today, Autumn stayed home sick and slept on our neighbor's,
> Brian and Betsey's couch. Antonio's teacher, Mrs. Schrantz,
> reported that Tonio had a 'sad' day and he told me that she did so
> much to make him smile. Cody keeps going strong, as the wear and
> tear of the last three weeks catches up with the little ones. Our
> neighbor, Amy, just brought the bambini's down to visit with Kim -
> they love to see her and have made her some adorable cards and
> pictures.
> So, we are spending some quite time now that the kids have gone
> home with Amy, who does such a great job getting them dinner,
> showered, lunches packed and to bed for us...and we're watching a
> little Monday Night Football - Emilio, I know you must be glued to
> your set, looking for a Bengals comeback and Brad and Janene are
> happy that the Steelers are winning! We're right there with you and
> we know that you are all right there for us! Thanks again for
> everything,
> God Bless,
> Dave

            Our Tuesday night 'therapy' session with Lupe and Manny Barrios was a hit, as usual!!  We look forward to the wonderful meal and conversation...



            "I know why I'm in this hell...I just don't want to believe..."


  1. Dave...what I canI say? It just plain stinks that you're having nightmares. It really does. I'm so sorry that you have to be plagued by that...Hoping for some restful, peaceful sleep for you!

  2. Why is it that we remember our nightmares and not always our good dreams!

    That's great that you have a Tuesday date with the Barrios, they are wonderful! And I'm sure they look forward to it just as much...

  3. Mary, I have had some great dreams, too, that have not faded. It's just that the nightmares rob you of any hope of sleep and leave you feeling shattered and jittery later into the day because of it! Better night last night...and hopefully, tonight! Yeh, Lupe and Manny have been fantastic. Thanks Mary!! Dave