We Climbed before the Klimb 4 Kim...

We Climbed before the Klimb 4 Kim...
1997's Climb

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Who to Call?

May 25, 2005

         "Today, Cody and his friends Wyatt, John and Mathew sang in a talent show at Cottonwood!  They sang "Purple People Eater" as Mathew danced around in the Purple People Eater costume.  It was very cute!  Dave snuck away from work to watch.  We were all very proud of our little performer : )"

         Here in today, we pulled down the Halloween boxes from the attic.  Well, crawl space, above the garage.  There's not enough storage in these homes, so, when we moved in, I cut a hole in the garage ceiling and laid down some plywood to be able to put all of our Christmas, Halloween, Easter, etc decorations and other misc keepsakes, etc.
         Now the hole that I cut is no longer where I had originally cut it.  And again, I'm at that point where I cannot remember what I've told you and what I haven't - so.  Stop me if you've heard this one before.
         When I went to place the hole in the ceiling, I had the foresight to climb up through the attic access that the builder put into our house to access the furnace (yes, it's in the ceiling.  Don't know why.).  I crawled towards the garage and scoped out the best place to make my cut, based on the electrical wiring running across the ceiling.  Then, I made my cut.  I'm not very handy.  It was a slightly misshaped rectangle of a hole.  But, it worked.
          Now, the only problem with the placement of the hole I created, was, you had to have the garage door down to be able to put up your ladder and climb up into the attic.  No problem.  Right?  Well, one day, I'm pulling decorations down and I'm half on the ladder and half in the attic, when I hear the garage door going up!  I yelled to Kim, who used her automatic opener from her Expedition, but I wasn't too worried, thinking that once the door hit me or the ladder it would stop and go back down again.  Right?  Wrong.
          The door began to crush my hip against the ladder, which began tilting crazily, while I tried to pull myself up into the ceiling.  Poor Kim.  She began yelling, no, screeching for help screaming that she was killing her husband!!  Finally, the door came off the track and stopped and I was able to push it back enough and wriggle down the ladder.  Badly bruised, to comfort Kimmy who was sobbing uncontrollably, squeezing me harder than the garage door had!!
         After that, my neighbor, Brian, came over and assisted us in relocating the hole to a safer location.  And, it was a perfect rectangle this time!

          I had Lexy and Breanna over, and Lexy and Autumn climbed the ladder to look upstairs, amazed at the space.  Once the boxes were down, they had a great time dressing up in the various old costumes we have accumulated over the years.  Some of which, Kim made.

                              Breanna actually has cat ears on and a tail.  Tonio is sporting a dinosaur costume that Kimmy made years ago for Cody.  Those two had a blast!!  We all had a good time unwrapping Kim's ghost collections (oh, look up Christopher Walken's SNL 'Ghosts Under my Bed' skit on YouTube!!) and  placed them around the house.  She liked to get a new ghost every year.  Autumn has reminded me that I need to take her back to Pier 1 to find one for this year...

                             Later, at the kid's swim lessons, I suddenly had the urge to call Kim.  My left hand actually reached for and picked up my cell to do that.  It's been awhile since I've felt that - it used to happen several times a day...

The javelinas have been wreaking havoc on the portulacas and hearts & flowers in our front yard.

                     They won't even let St. Francis alone!  I've been unable to find javelina traps or repellent.  And I haven't been able to talk any of my hunting friends to sit up in the olive tree and wack them as they dine.

                   What better way to end our day than at Viro's?  I picked up Vito one of those glass cutting dealies at Michaels and he is going to make vases out of wine bottles to use as center pieces for Kim's dinner!  His son Joe and wife Deanna were there.  Vito just got in some new raviolis that he made for me.  There are two different mushroom kinds and one that has four cheeses and a hint of pear.  They were amazing!
                  We were joined by Andrea, Mario and Breanna and sat around eating for two hours!!

                  Great food.  Great company!


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