We Climbed before the Klimb 4 Kim...

We Climbed before the Klimb 4 Kim...
1997's Climb

Monday, November 28, 2011

The Rotozip

                               As the 'handyman' in our home, Kim loved tools...I'd buy her drills, Dremmels, jig saws, sanders - what ever she needed.  The rule was, I was not allowed to use power tools without supervision.  For my own good.  This worked well over the years...
                              I can't remember how many years ago it was, but it was before we moved into this house, so more than 8 years ago,  at least, Kim came to me, very excited - her big, blue eyes even larger than usual with excitement..."DAVE!  I just saw the coolest tool on T.V!!!  It was called the Roto Zip!".  She went on to explain to me, in high speed, hands gesturing, all of the things she would be able to do with the Roto Zip around our home.
                              Back then, we didn't order online and not from the T.V. (except one time, after a fun night out, around 1 or 2 a.m., we bought a greatest hits of the '70's collection after seeing a commercial...).  I figured it would be easy enough to find at the Home Depot, Ace or Lowe's and suprised Kim for Christmas. 
                            Wrong.  It was still only available on T.V.  After much scrambling, I was able to purchase it for her...

She used it often for various projects and absolutely loved it.  It cuts through wood, metal, stone.  You name it, equipped with multiple, exchangeable bits.

A couple years ago, Kim decided to rearrange Autumn's room.  She moved her dresser and T.V. that sits on top of it, to a wall in the room with no cable.  Kim improvised by stretching the cable across the doorway to the wall where the cable connection was. I got Kimmy's apology, as soon as I realized it - you may remember, this was not the first time Kim had done this, resulting in a new project to be added to our list.  As you might imagine, the cable being stretched across the floor of a little one's room led to some Dick Van Dyke or Chevy Chase type falls (I realize that I am dating myself with these comparisons!). 
               I could never get upset with Kim when she worked so hard to make a room look so special.  AND apologized for any inconvenience resulting from it!  So....I thought I'd pop a hole in Autumn's closet and put a splitter on Antonio's cable, which shared the same wall...I even bought all of the things that I needed for the project, but I never got around to doing it...You know how it goes, something else always seems to come up and since I had everything we needed to get the job done, the urgency just wasn't there. 
...until today!  Under Autumn's watchful supervision, I cut a hole using the Roto Zip, simultaneously apologizing to Kimmy and asking her to watch over me.  Closely.  That tool cut through the drywall like butter!

And it was good.  A new cable connector in Autumn's closet and no more trip hazard!!  The bambini were amazed and excited, showering me with praise and hugs.

Thank you Kimmy!



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