We Climbed before the Klimb 4 Kim...

We Climbed before the Klimb 4 Kim...
1997's Climb

Monday, November 28, 2011

Stabler Arena

                 Lehigh University...if you are at all a college basketball fan, you've heard of this school.  Nestled in the hills of South Mountain, Bethlehem, PA, it is an oasis of trees and stretching grass fields.  Where I spent many a Saturday morning, as a youth, from second grade on, playing soccer.
                When Kim and I began dating again, when we were 17, we spent a lot of time there.  Walking, kicking a soccer ball, running the cross country paths...

The above photo was long one of my favorite photos of Kimberly...she was so natural.

 Today, a million years ago, last year, Kim was readmitted to St. Joseph's.  Her legs could not go on.  She cried.  She cried the whole drive down to St. Joseph's.  She did not want to go back.  I was beyond numb, trying to be supportive.  Trying to be encouraging.  Trying to pray.  Trying not to lose my happy thought.
This was the day I parked her in the lobby of St. Joseph's.  Small and huddled she sat, far enough inside to avoid the cold wind from the opening and closing of the sliding doors of the front entrance.  I almost could not leave her to go park the car.  Fearing she'd be gone when I came back.  Just gone.
Instead, I came back to find her beaming.  Glowing.  Speaking with Monsignor Tom from Our Mother of Sorrows church.  The feeling emanating from that man that day gave me strength...I could see Kim's recovery.  It was amazing.  Kim was re-energized and ready to fight.  Gone were her tears.

Looking back, I believe that was one of the days and times she got a glimpse of Heaven....
And it gave her comfort...

“It’s not that our plans are bad, but that God’s
plans are better.”

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